Research Project Assignment Help

Research Project Assignment Help

. Executive Summary

Research Project Assignment HelpThis report will talk about Research project. What is research project and how to conduct one? Report will start with our understanding of how to formulate specification. Every research project needs specification. First part of report we will start by formulating possible specification. Continuing with identification of factors which contributes to process of selection. Following with critical review of key references. How to produce research project specification, we will try to present, to conclude first part of report we will provide plan and procedure for previously agreed research specification.

Second part of report will concentrate how to implement project within previously agreed specification and procedures. That part will start with matching resources efficiently with research question. Than continuing by undertake proposed research investigation in accordance with agreed specification and procedures. Finishing second part by recording relevant data, if and when appropriate.

Third and final part of report will be focused on to evaluation of research outcomes. This we will achieve by using appropriate research evaluation techniques. Following with interpretation and analyzing results of original specification. Finally report will finish by our recommendations and justifications of areas for further considerations.

Identify factors that contribute to process

Goal of this research project is to identify issue of non-existing access or lift for wheelchair and pushchair users, but also for any people in need of this kind of access at High street Kensington tube station. Aim is to implement research with practical solution which will change TFL and especially High Street Kensington tube accessibility. This research project is trying to reach voice of users and people who work in tube station. What’s their view to same question? One side is there need to build and provide accessibility on this station, do people who use undergrad and pay for their ticket have right to ask for wheelchair accessibility, and other question is there facilities for that. Can this site be refurbished? Our report will try to challenge decision to not have access by argument of how many people use station and how many people are in need of access.To do so we will present this research outcome and our advice to TFL headquarters and managing directors but also to Major of London. Reason behind this is that there is room for improvement at Kensington tube station and this research will try to prove that. We will present all key specification later on in this report.

Research is journey or process of finding ideas which lead to solution for a certain issue or problems.

(Lawson, ‘et al’ 1999, p.346)

1.3 Review of key references

This report will use variety of books, articles and publications as a reference points. As one of key reference we will use book Research methods for business students, fifth edition by M. Sanders, ‘et al’ 2007. This book is excellent guide through whole process of research projects regardless in which level are author. There is lots of lot of excellent examples, points and definition, but also a guide step-by-step how to conduct research from start to end. By using this book will help us to get confident when start to draw our proposal.Second book will be Business Research Projects, second edition by A.D. Jankowicz, 1995. This book is also significant in our research because of its more regimental approach to research mater. Doesn’t lead step-by-step but it’s very strict in following certain rules of research implementation and gathering of data. This author fill help us when comes down to drawing our proposal and conducting our interviews.One of main reference point will be Travel for London. TFL web page, its announcements and publications. Through TFL we will gather necessary numeric data which is crucial for overall research outcome. At TFL and London underground web pages we will collect all relevant information about our subject, all secondary but also plenty of primary resource facts. Also at TFL we can collect lots of numerical and quantitative data which will be crucial when we will analyse whole project. Lastly one of our key reference will be book;

Doing your research project, A Guide for first time Researchers, 6th Editionby Judith Bell with Stephen Waters, 2014. This book is more for beginners and persons to whom is this one of first research projects. In this book there is a lot of examples and simplified guides why to start and where to start. Clear pointers with explanations. Book is quite updated through its first publication back in 1987. This book will help us to properly conduct our questionnaire but also how to properly record all data, and to do all within timeframe.

Key elements

This research is trying to empathise need of people which are struggling when using public transport in London. For anybody in wheelchair, on cruces, people with kids in pushchair or just people with walking disability is very hard to go from point A to point B using TFL services. Our hypothesis is that is too many stations without lift or wheelchair access. Main focus is on to Kensington High Street underground station where we believe that station is in need of access. Our research will be based that there is condition to build access or lift at Kensington station and this report will present all factors that can contribute towards this idea. Use of 2 resources will be used by researcher in this report.

  • Secondary resources are plenty, luckily TFL and underground of London are very transparent, which means lots of information’s are available and researchers will use lots of resources. One of most important secondary resource will be TFL web page where are official information and lots of quantitative data. Plenty of newspaper articles will be considered and processed but also individual dissertation on this subject. To format actual research and collect and record data researcher will use academic references, such as books and articles.

Sapsford and Jupp, 2006 are saying that secondary source is usually something what is written in past while primary source is current investigation and data collection.

  • Primary resource will be mix of questionnaire and interview. Data will be collected at main subject Kensington underground station.Methods that researcher will use are mix of quantitative and qualitative research. Use of interviews with management, staff members and general public will give us current information from first handwhile questionnaire will give information of users.


One of common limitation is that case studies are sometimes subjective, so reliability and validity is questionable. (Lassner, 2006 page 7)

One of limitation is certainly sampling. Failure to execute probability sampling will potentially limits our ability to make vide generalisation from our questionnaire. Impact of this limitation is not big. Second limitation is station. Our collection of data, interviews and questionnaire will be conducted at private property. Potential limitation can be that our investigation needs to be done under certain conditions or even ask to leave. Impact of this limitation could be crucial, but realistic chance that this happens are not high. Third limitations is unveilings of people to talk about their disability.

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