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What Types of Research Papers Do You Know?

There are two types of research papers – argumentative and analytical:

  • An argumentative essay focuses on convincing your reader of your point of you. You need to have a clear idea of the possible arguments you can make and the way you’re going to support them. That’s why you need to try to find some reliable evidence to make your argumentation convincing. The topic you choose is also very important. Try to pick a controversial and debatable one. Choose the one you find to be interesting to write your text with excitement.
  • Writing an analytical paper starts with a research question. Through detailed research, this question has to lead you to some fresh ideas for looking at a familiar literary piece or scientific report from a new perspective. The thesis statement will present this question and you’ll be providing supporting evidence in the rest of the paper. There’s no need in persuading a reader that your point of view is the only plausible one. Your task is to introduce one more possible interpretation and join the rest of the people presenting their viewpoints on the discussed issue.
    The preparation process of this type of research paper also requires conducting a research. Use primary and secondary sources of information to support your thoughts and conclusions. Your paper has to consist of logical information presented in an appropriate order. A well-structured analytical paper will attract the attention of your instructor and guarantee you a good grade.

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