Research Methodology Assignment Help | How to write a Dissertation Methodology

3.0 Introduction

Research Methodology Assignment Help researcher needs to assess the appropriate methods to conduct the research work judiciously. Therefore, in this chapter, the researcher Research Methodology Assignment Help | How to write a Dissertation Methodologywould finalise the appropriate approaches, designs, data collection procedure and sampling methods among others to conduct the paper effectively.

3.1 Research onion

The research onion has different layers to help the researchers to conduct their research work accordingly. The first layer states the philosophies, whether the second layer gives an idea regarding the decision making process. The effectiveness of the time frame has been described in the next stage to complete the research work within the prescribed time. The final layer of the onion prescribes the data collection and analysis processes to formulate the outcome effectively.

 Research philosophy

Three types of research paradigms are there to help the researchers such as, positivism, interpretivism and realism. Interpretivism deals with the material aspects of the world by stating that scientific means are insufficient to describe the worldly affairs. On the other hand, realism assumes that the universal parameters do not depend on human acuity as, the human beings can only feel the objects with the senses. The researcher has chosen positivism philosophy because it states that the scientific approach is the only way to conduct the research work effectively. The researcher is going to take the deductive approach and the positivism philosophy goes well with that approach.

3.3 Research approach

The researcher has observed that two types of approaches are prevalent such as, inductive and deductive. The inductive approach specifies that every research work be based on new theories or models. Therefore, the researchers have to think of some innovative means to come up with specific models that will be suitable for the respective research work. However, this is not always possible as, the development of new knowledge base needs wide scope. Therefore, the researcher has chosen the deductive approach to use the available data and theories to corroborate the chosen topic.

3.4 Research design

Three types of research designs are there such as, exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. Explanatory design refers to dealing with complex subjects by bringing in tangential information regarding the topic. On the other hand, the exploratory design deals with establishing connection among the variables. However, both the designs are not suitable for the research work and therefore, the researcher has chosen descriptive design to conduct the research work. In this design, the researchers work with providing definition of the chosen research topic. In order to conduct the research work fruitfully, the researcher has used mixed method. Exploratory design works with the background information and the researcher has not considered this design for that reason only.

3.5 Method of data collection

The data is collected using two strategies such as, qualitative and quantitative methods. In the quantitative data collection procedure, the researchers try to collect data from primary sources to have authentic data at hand. This data then can be assessed according to various models to conclude concretely. Survey questionnaire is certainly a big part of the quantitative data collection method. This is one of the most cost and time saving procedure to get access to the thought process of the concerned stakeholders. A set of questionnaire is formulated to seek the opinion of the respondents. In this research work, the researcher is going to take the sample size of 50 customers of BSNL to understand their pulse.

3.6 Data analysis

The data analysis process can be done through two stages such as, qualitative and quantitative process. The quantitative analysis is done through using statistical analysis. The collected data from the survey is converted to understandable figures and tables. Therefore, the researcher and the readers would be able to understand the data easily. The literature review presents the secondary data through data to sum up the chosen topic effectively.

Research Methodology Assignment Help | How to write a Dissertation MethodologyResearch Methodology Assignment Help

3.7 Sampling

The researcher has applied probability sampling methods to collect the quantitative data. Simple random sampling technique has also been used to complete the survey with 50 customers. The non-probability sampling is another important part of the sampling process. As the research paper would not include any qualitative data, the researcher would not use convenience sampling.

3.8 Time schedule

Main activities1st week2nd week3rd week4th + 5th week6th week7th week
Selection of the topic?                    
Composition of the literature review?               ?                     
Research methodology  ?                    
Collection of primary data   ?                   
Analysis and interpretation of data   ?                   
Findings   ?                 ?                  
Conclusion and Recommendation    ?                  
Final submission     ?                 

Table-3.1: Gantt chart

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3.9 Ethical considerations

The researcher has tried to conduct the research work according to the provisions of Data Collection Act, 1998. Therefore, the researcher has vowed to use the collected data from the survey in a safe manner. The collected data would not be used for any commercial purpose. In addition, the privacy and opinions of the respondents would also be maintained by respecting their decisions whether to give answer to the questions or not. They are free to withdraw from the survey at any time.

3.10 Summary

The researcher has thus assessed the appropriate research methodologies required to conduct the research work in the most suitable manner. The researcher has finalized all the required strategies such as, research philosophy, design and approach in this chapter. The data collection method has revealed that the researcher is aiming to conduct a survey by creating a questionnaire for near about 50 customers of the Indian telecom companies. The time chart would also help the researcher to conduct the work within the prescribed period. The researcher has vowed to uphold the legal provisions of protecting the privacy of the respondents and of the collected data. Therefore, this chapter is immensely important for the entire research work as, the framework based on which the entire project would be made, has been chosen here.