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Research Hypothesis Assignment Help process of research Investigation is like a route indicator which helps in staying on the right path. Research Hypothesis Assignment HelpWithout any research specification, the researcher will not be able to justify the objective of the research with makes the entire made efforts void.

Match the resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis.

The hypothesis is the solutions of the problems using which the examiner based his research and the satisfactory answer to these hypothesis will make the research more meaningful (Creswell2007). There are numerous research hypothesis come up after the detailed research made by the researcher. All the outcomes of the research are useful for the organizations health. The organization works towards issues which looks like the hindrances for the growth of the organization, the more these issues are handled carefully, hard the chances for the competitor to snatch the ground from the corporate travellers. When the organization brings the habit of right practices on their floor, the business profit seems to go up. While struggling to find the new data for the research question, the below mention questions are to be matched with the specific hypothesis

  • The review of a literature using the various sources of information which I am using for my research.
  • The methods of collecting a data.

Below listed the hypothesis or we can say the research questions come out as a result of the depth research:

S.No.HypothesisBenefits/loss in concern to Corporate Travellers
1.Increase in number of online users of tour and travel services.


·         We already have all the plans, customized plan, the online presence will not demand for more efforts from our side. We can also target those customers to whom we already have given services because they already have experienced our services and have pleasant experience with us.

·         The market size in the case online marketing is huge. The count of the customers will increases without compromising on the current count.


·         The Relationship between the organization and customer get saturated. The new customers for our services will find it difficult to go for new service provider because already numerous options are available who are providing online service (Cave2002).

·         Increase in the count of competitors and the fear that someone else create the spam site the ruin the image.

2.As per the current scenario, the customers prefer those who provide a customized packaged deal at the reasonable cost and with high satisfactory experience.


·         The sale can be increased as result revenue also increased.

·         Opportunity available with the organization to make new customer by using unique customized packaged deal.


·         The responsibility and exploration job increases for the service provider and now mere knowledge of internet cannot make you the right point for the customer rather you have to develop the geographical knowledge and the contacts with the hotels and travels groups so that customer experience will not become unpleasant.

3.Target customer group is limited


·         It is observed that the size of customers is limited as they offer their services only to the corporate houses of medium size and the small size. They can do one thing create a different team for handling the corporate clients and start catering the needs of the non-corporate people also. It will increase the customer as well and the profit too.

4.Good knowledge of customers’ needsBenefits
Plans and procedure which is created by the researcher during his research are all as per the needs of the research report can be offer to the customer. Corporate travellers have the experienced team of people who have huge knowledge on understanding the customers’ needs and creating the package accordingly.

Research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures.

The process of research Investigation is like a route indicator which helps in staying on the right path. Without any research specification, the researcher will not be able to justify the objective of the research with makes the entire made efforts void.
Introduction of the report: The corporate travellers have acquired a very big market in a short span of time but the competition increases they realises that their policy and plans are not working well and their sales is going down objective of the research is to find out the way which attracts the customer of corporate sector most in deciding their travel. For overcoming this issue they decided to introduce the online tour services for their business. This will provide them the competitive edge against the competitors and their market size will also increase as a result of this. They decided to take a survey and prepare a report under the supervision of expert present in their organization to know the customers attraction towards their business as a result of the introduction of the online business. They assign this task to one of the most experience expert of their organization who in association with his team will work towards preparing the research report on the reason in the fall of sales. He started working on this without wasting time so that the organization can be saved from risk if any and can gain a competitive edge over the competitors.
Literature Review: Literature review will include the study of the various research books, websites, Article on clients, reviews from the client on their services which will prove helpful for us and can contribute to the growth of the business. This will prove to be very helpful for him in achieving his objective. The study and information can be collected in the below mention format by the researcher:
Method of collecting the data: The relevancy of the method of data collection plays a very important role in the life of researcher and topic of research. He should have clarity on the method which is being opted for the research purpose. The first thing is the decision on the type of research which is to be conducted than which sources the data is to be collected. In our research we will use both the primary and the secondary method of data collection. The researcher also required to prepare the plan of the action for the research process. He will describe the entire task to be done during his research and the start date and the end date of that particular task.Order Now
The survey form:

Research Hypothesis Assignment Help

  1. Do the customized tour and travel packages bring more satisfaction to the customer than the fixed packaged?
  • Yes /No
  1. Would the customers prefer the travel agent of corporate affairs to decide their personal trips as well?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. What is the thing in the service of the tour and travel agent will attract the customer most?
  • Answer
  1. Does the online tour and travel services are more attractive.
  • Yes/No
  1. What matters the most?
  • Reasonable package
  • Experience
  • Both
  1. What attracts the user most in the tour and travel service?