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Research Examples Assignment Help According to a research study, “Expand your Brand Community Online”social media advertising is

Research Examples Assignment Help

becoming important marketing channel for the companies that help them reaching targeted customers and engaging them with companies’ brands (Hanlon et al., 2008). For instance, Dunkin’ Donuts (American consumers’ product company) and Audi (German automobile company) are utilizing social media as a means for direct communications and interactions with customers (Wasserman, 2011). Audi has created business relationships with their customers on Facebook. A New York based organization, Proper Cloth, has created its page on Facebook which is being updated every single minute and is using to post important as well as non-important news of their business. Pictures of clothes are posted on their page in order to keep their customers updated and enhancing their interests for their product. All its Facebook fans receive the updates about the company’s products and activities in seconds on their Facebook pages. These leading brands and many others in today’s competitive markets have collected their customers on a single social media platform that is Facebook in order to avoid advertising costs; hence keep them updated at lower cost.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising through websites such as Twitter, Facebook and other social websites enables customers to share their experiences, interests and valuable information about products which not only enhances the brand aware but also causes other people to buy that specific advertised product. Social media address easily not only few customers but the masses. The advertising through Facebook is useful in a way that it is interactively helpful in gathering demographic details of targeted consumers and their feedback which proved to be very helpful for the companies.
In current corporate environment, advertising though social media, specifically Facebook is considered to be an effective source to approach targeted customers. It is recognized that social media advertising provides the opportunities for the companies to build up and enhance the brands that to engage there products with customers a large social network.
According to Kaplan and Haenlein (2010)social media is as well known as customer-made media. Social media provides detailed information about the products provided that companies ensure that detailed information has been displayed. Smith et al (2008) also identified the benefits of social media as it provides a combination of that is being created and shared by individuals considering a number of activities done by electronic device.
According to Blackshaw and Nazarro (2004); Safko and Brake (2009), one of teh main benefist fo social media is that it it cerates a community for its users. Social media helps its users to describe the procedures, conducts and attitudes between people. It enables individuals of eth community to make use of an informal form of media by connecting to the internet so that they can present their views and experience.
The unique and exceptional aspects of social media and its massive popularity have revolutionized and developed advertising and promotion practices in a meaningful manner (HannsShneiderman and Smith, 2011). Advertising being done through social media is considered to be more attractive for the customers and interesting (Smith, 2011). Mangold and Faulds (2009) reported that social media has also affected consumers’ buying behavior; the influences are obvious in transforming the information form acquisition to post-purchase behavior.

Consumers’ buying behavior and related theories

The concept consumers’ buying behavior is laid on the perception that customers will decide to purchase a product after attracting towards the advertisement (Adelaar et al., 2003). According to Goldsmith and Lofferty, (2002) advertising is being done with special intention to influence customers’ feelings and attitudes towards brand, with an objective to increase sales and to establish a positive emotional response to advertisement. Therefore, it can be stated that the basic and primary goal of advertisement is to create awareness of product among customers and to encourage their purchase actions.

Research Examples Assignment Help

One well-known advertising theory is known as ‘Attitude-towards-the-ad’. This theory states that the consumer’s feelings and attitude are influenced in such a way that they an intention to purchase the product to be created among customers (Goldsmith & Lafferty, 2002). According to conventional attitude theory, the buying behavior of customers is different than the attitudes of customers. According to Smith and Swinyard (1983), attitude is referred as acquiring behavioral disposition while behavior is considered as the result of emotional response. The behavior is further impacted by three factors that are ‘pleasure’, ‘arousal’ and ‘dominance’. Pleasure is defined as the state where individuals feel good and happy, Arousal is referred as the state of individuals’ emotional states that is different from person to person and “Dominance is known as the state of feeling of people which are in control of them or free to act in specific situations” (Adelaar et al, 2003).
A general view point is presented by many societal members that advertising may have an unintended, negative or intended effect on customers’ buying trends. Actually advertising is considered to be a process that has a strong potential impact on altering customers’ social values, as well as their buying behaviors through influencing their buying attitudes (Adelaar, 2003). According to Golberg and Gom, (1978), advertising particularly by companies may lead their customers to prefer material objects over more socially and morally oriented alternatives.


On the other hand, the common perspective of advertising is taken as to provide something new, creative and useful thing to individuals of the society. Advertising aims at getting longer tem benefits of image building and brand loyalty among customers. Moreover, it provides the benefits to the companies by creating an emotional relationship and persuasion among customers for buying their product. In modern times of tough corporate environment, it is really difficult for the companies to be successful in effecting, molding or persuading the buying behavior of consumer (Robinson, 1997). However, with the rapidly increasing success of advertising field, it is acknowledged as a universal factor that plays an important and a very influencing role in changing customers’ buying behaviors (Beil& Bridgewater, 1990). Order Now