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Research Assignment Help | Research Paper Writing Assistance

        Research Assignment Help most workplaces, they tend to develop metrics of quality and performance according to the potential and employee or a team has. Thus it tends to be translated as their dedication, passion or association for their work or the set incorporating workplace. However, cases may differ from one employee to another due to the way individuals perform their activities depending on the balance between household and workplace (Chioda& World Bank, 2013). Therefore, for an organization to be Research Assignment Help | Research Paper Writing Assistancesuccessful, it depends on the employee’s commitment, beliefs, and principles. Since the principles tend to define the organization’s uniqueness and primary direction in which they want to operate under. Therefore, the commitment of employees to share a common vision and purpose in an organization tends to be imperative for organizations effectiveness (Dennard, 2016). For workers who tend to be committed, they possess a strong sense of integrity and self-confidence which makes them becomes willing to share the credit for their success, and continual self-improvement. Therefore, the combination of strong, positive commitment to self and set of principles tend to make an organization fruitful.

            Looking at work-life balance (WLB) it’s all about the formation, maintaining a supportive and healthy working environments that enhance employees balance life between personal responsibilities and work. In other terms, work-life balance tends to be a concept that supports employee’s efforts to split their time between work and other vital aspects of their life. Recently, studies have shown that women have competing responsibilities such as children, housework, and spouses (In Dollar, 2014). Hence, this may make them develop some stress in the way they live. Work conflict tends to be a drastic issue for a worker, and the community. For instance, in most cases of women working in multinational telecommunication firms they face difficulties in managing their work, and their personal responsibilities. Therefore, the minimization of work life balance may be significant because of stress minimization and contribution of employee’s satisfaction.

Research Background

            Numerous researches have been done on work-life balance. For instance, a Canadian study shows that 1 in 4 employee experiences high levels of conflict between family and work, all this occurs from basic work interference and care giving strain (Harvard Business School, 2000). Therefore, if the role is overloaded, then over 60 percent of the employees (women) surveyed in most multinational telecommunication companies experience difficulty in work-family conflict. In regards to all factors that influence work-life conflict, the total time spent at work tends to be the strongest and consistent factor. Therefore, the high levels of work to family conflict reported by managers often results from longer working hours. Other pity reasons may include, support from one’s supervisor, job security, support from another co-worker, work overload, work role conflicts, job dissatisfaction, work ambiguity and the extensive use of communication technology that blurs the boundaries between home and workplace (Chioda& World Bank, 2013).

            Current social trends have increased the levels of a rapid rise in the demand of having a balanced work life in multinational telecommunication organization. Therefore, with the increase in women workforce in these organizations, the social trends are highly influencing on WLB issue, and the problem seems to be increasing over time because of the high increase factors such as female labor participation rates, single parent families, the increased predominance of dual-earner family, and the emerging trends of filial duty (Paludi&Neudermeyer, 2007). Therefore, balancing tends to be the primary key to most things in life.

            For individuals who are often tied to jobs often deal with symptoms of tension and burnout. As for overworked employees, they are most likely to be less efficient or absent in work because of difficulties. Therefore, the existence of professional satisfaction for employees and personal freedom often lead to work-life balance. Therefore, it is vital if employee or employer at least try and avoid the occurrence of such pitfalls through effective human resources management.

Problem statement

            Work life balance tends to be a significant aspect for women whereby they can achieve psychological, emotional, and cognitive stability of employees with advantages such as the promotion of organizational effectiveness. Hence, many telecommunication organizations these days have developed manners in which they reward long hours and organizational commitment to women, without the view of their commitment outside the organization. Hence, this has increased the levels of high work-life conflict that result in fatigue, tiredness and employees becoming stresses which are risky, and could have negative results to women employees’ health and well-be.

            Failure to consider work-life balance tends to be a serious problem with the potential of affecting women employee as well as their employers. Bryson (2007) was able to identify the behavioral outcomes that come as a result of failure to consider WLB or work life conflict which should be included in reducing work effort, performance and increased absenteeism and low turnover. Both aspects of work to life and life to work conflict have been termed with the increased levels of stress and burnout. Degler (2009), states that the cognitive challenges such as lack of concentration, staying awake and low alertness. Paludi&Neidermeyer (2007), states that the reduced levels of general health and energy are also reduced as a result of a work conflict.

            Research conducted by Dennard& Campbell (2016), shows that work-family conflict in women can result in negative effects on their attitude, this may also include their commitment and loyalty in a domain that may negatively relate to the organization’s aims. As a result, it will be expected that the greater role demands will show a low performance of work by women working in these companies. Degler (2009) identified that the main reason for employees dissatisfaction mainly comes from stress. Stress from family, stress from personal responsibilities, stress from physical work stress and the list continue (Glover, 2009). Therefore, the failure of employees to handle the issue of stress tends to increase employee dissatisfaction and lower rates of productivity. In Lu &In Cooper, (2015) has identified that the inability of working women to have a balanced life could lead to poor productivity, increased stress and low performance. Therefore, the ability to highlight the most significance of work-life balance concerning women employees’ loyalty, satisfaction, and productivity is imperative for investigation; this is because of the ability of work life balance to impact women employees positively.

            Investigations that will be conducted in this study will be on the work-life balance of women working in multinational telecommunication companies and their productivity. The study tends to be influenced by the inability of multinational telecommunication companies to balance between global and local WLB standards. From this, it’s clear that MTC faces the challenge of balancing their employee work life by the provision of work flexibility (Chioda& World Bank, 2013). Therefore, the purpose of this study focuses on how the practice of work life balance can influence and impact the productivity of women working in MTCs. Although research has been done on WLB and women productivity in MTCs, none of the studies developed has examined the impact of WLB on women performance in Multinational telecommunication companies (Degler, 2009). Therefore, this study tends to excavate deeper through analysis of elements of work life balance which includes working hours, leaves and break, work schedule and top management commitment with the employee’s performance in multinational telecommunication companies.

Research aim

            Therefore, the sole aim of this study is to investigate the impact of work-life balance. All this will be regarding working hours, leaves and breaks, work scheduling, and top management commitment to employee’s performance. Therefore, all this will be built on the theoretical basis of the spillover theory developed by stains (1980).

Research Questions

The research questions are as follows:

  • How do the working hours impact women performance in Multinational telecommunication companies?
  • How does the working schedule impact women performance in Multinational telecommunication companies?
  • How does the top management commitment in Multinational telecommunication companies to women employees work life balance impact their performance?
  • What are the levels to which leaves and breaks make up balancing of work-life conflict and its influence on women performance in Multinational telecommunication companies?

Research Objectives

  • To identify the influence working hours have towards the performance of women working in different Multinational telecommunication companies.
  • To identify how the work schedule can influence the effectiveness of women working in Multinational telecommunication companies.
  • To ascertain the top management commitment to assist women employees in achieving their work balance and an individual’s life, and the impact it has on their level of performance.
  • To examine the extents at which leaves and breaks tend to impact the levels of women job performance in Multinational telecommunication companies.

Research Assignment Help | Research Paper Writing Assistance

?    Significance to Practice

            As work life has become more prominent in the Malaysian culture in regards to women workforce, this research will provide an in-depth level of understanding of why organizations must implement and initiate the balance work life aspect for the better performance of women employees in Multinational telecommunication companies. Therefore, to the management teams of Multinational telecommunication companies, this research is significant since it provides insights and knowledge to employers on the significance of work-life balance, as it could easily result in profits in an organization and high-performance indication by an employee.

            To the women employees in different Multinational telecommunication companies, they will benefit from this research because the indications by this research will enlighten the management teams in MTCs. This will be on how the women perceive and understand the flexibility that as provide by the individual companies that they work for, thus solving the issue of work-life conflict. Further, results attained will heighten and equip the Multinational telecommunication companies with adequate knowledge on how WLB practices affect their women employees. In a broad view, the Multinational telecommunication companies will be aware of the rising conflicts due to the inability of women employees in the firm being unable to balance their work life. Thus this research will equip Multinational telecommunication companies with initiatives to be taken to handle such issues.

?    Significance to theory

This particular study will be helpful for future researchers who will be investigating on the work-life balance. The data pertained and applied in this research will be of significance to future researchers if they use similar objectives. The study also will assist in the support and expansion of the understanding of the spillover theory of work life balance.

Scope of the Study

  1. This research works on addressing the work-life balance of women employees in Multinational telecommunication companies, and it effects on their levels of performance.
  2. The research is also applicable to full-time or part-time women employees in the firm. Hence, this is in order so that the actual results on what WLB involves can offer different practice relations to the working hours. 

Definition of Terms

Conceptual Definition of Terms

  1. Work Life Balance

            (Chioda& World Bank, 2013) defines work-life balance as the satisfactory levels of involvement that is fit between the multiple roles a person has in life. All this comes with the specification to work and individual’s life. Glover (2009), states that work-life balance is the condition of effective management for multiple tasks, at work and home, as well as other different aspects of life. Dennard(2016), reinstate that work-family balance is the satisfaction and good functioning at work and home, will minimal levels of conflict.

  1. Work-life conflict

            It is perceived as a job that intervenes with your personal life or situations where your personal life interferes with your career and ability to work. Bryson (2007), states that a work-family conflict is a form of inter-role conflict where the pressure roles for work and family are mutually incompatible in a certain manner. (Chioda& World Bank, 2013) takes work-life conflict as activities that affect one’s work life as a result of participation in activities that relate to the other side.

III.    Productivity and Performance

            Paludi&Neidermeyer (2007) defines productivity as goods and services produced per unit of capital or labor. In other words, it could be output per unit of input employed. Therefore, work-life balance is all about the creation and maintenance of supportive, healthy working environs, and that enable employees to balance between work and personal duties. As a result, this improves their performance productivity. Therefore, productivity takes the definition of the ratio between the output volume and the input volume.

Operational definition of terms

  1. a) Work-life balance

            From this study, it refers to the ability to manage and attain equal satisfaction in work as well as other life duties without interfering with any of them.

  1. b) Work-life conflict

            From this study, work-life conflict refers to work life and personal life clashes. Here, personal life interferes with work life and work life interferes with personal life.


            The main discussions found in this research chapter is the research topic, the background, and a basic discussion of the understanding of the entire research, which includes the objectives, problems, the significance of the study, scope. The chapter also provides definition based on the conceptual and operational terms.


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