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Research Approach Assignment Help is of two types; deductive research approach and inductive research approach. According to Silverman, (2013) hypothesis or theory is first developed in deductive approach upon pre-existing theory and then tested through the use of different methodology. On the other hand, Bryman (2012) stated that in deductive approach, the observations are regarded as initial point for the researchers.
Research Approach Assignment HelpThe deductive approach is best appropriate for the researchers in conditions when the research projects are concerned with the examination whether the observed phenomena fit with expectations based on pre-existing research (Bryman, 2012). Therefore, the deductive approach is best appropriate for using with positivism research philosophy which allows the formation of hypothesis and statistical testing of collected results (Heshusius and Ballard, 1996).
On the other hand, in inductive approach, there is no framework through which it is identified how data is collected and research focus thus be formed after once the data has been collected (Saunders et al., 2009).Therefore, this approach is most suitable in use with interpretivism philosophy and with qualitative research where the absence of theory may be of benefit informing the researcher to reduce its potential bias while collecting data (Bryman and Bell, 2011)
Based on the information provided above, the researcher adopted deductive approach in this study because it suits the usability of positivism philosophy which has also been selected for this research study.  The general hypotheses of this research study is that social media advertising does impact on consumers’ buying behaviour, and this study will look to confirm it by covering other detailed aspects.

Research Strategy

The research strategy defines the ways that are adopted by researcher for carrying out his research work (Saunders et al., 2009). A number of different approaches are used in research strategy such as experimental research, case study research, action research, surveys and interviews.
According to Saunders at al., (2009) experimental research is referred as the creation of research process that explores the results of an experiment. In this strategy, the relationship between the factors are being studied and evaluated against the expectations of the research findings. According to Silverman (2013) case study research offers an insight into the particular example and establishes the importance of context and culture differences between cases. It is observed that this type of research strategy is effective in financial research where the experience or effects of investments of two different companies are compared in difference contexts.

Research Approach Assignment Help

Bryman, (2012) stated that action research strategy is composed of a researchz that is to be conducted practically to solve a particular research problem within a community of practice. This form of research strategy is commonly used in professions such as teaching and nursing where methods are assessed by the practitioner, those methods can assist them to improve their professional understanding and approach (Buchanan, 2011). Conducting interviews are regarded as qualitative research strategy that draws an inductive approach and the data found by interviews are coded, transcribed and then grouped to the common factors revealed between respondents (Saunders et al., 2009). According to Bryman (2012) its use is commonly found in social science researches. Surveys are generally used in quantitative research projects (Bryman& Bell, 2011). Quantitative data is produced by the surveys that are analyzed empirically. It is stated by Saunder et al., (2009) that survey are mostly used to explore causative variables in different types of collected data. In this research study, the researcher conducted questionnaire survey in order to examine the relationship between variables involved in this research study.

Time Horizon

According to Saunders et al., (2007) in research onion, time horizon is referred as the time framework within which the project is intended to complete.Bryman (2012) illustrated two types of time horizons that are the longitudinal and cross sectional. In cross sectional time horizon, the data must be collected at a certain point and is one that is already established (Flick, 2011). In a longitudinal time horizon, data is collected repeatedly over an extended period and is mostly used when a significant factor for the research is changing over time (Saunders et al., 2009). The main benefit of its usage is to study change and development.

Data Collection Methods

There are two types of data collection methods; quantitative and qualitative data collection methods.

Qualitative Data Collection Methods

In qualitative research methods, the researchers are avoided to impose their own perception of the meaning of social phenomena upon the respondents (Bryman and Allen, 2011). This research method aims to investigate how respondents interpret their own perception about the reality. In this research method, the respondents present their own feelings, ideas and perception related to the subject under consideration. Therefore, the framework presented by this method is framed by the respondents rather than researchers. According to Saunders et al., (2009) qualitative research methods are drawn from constructivist paradigm. Conducting interviews are regarded as effective means of qualitative research method where the respondents are free to response a question (Berg, 2001).

Quantitative Data Collection Methods

As the name represents, this research method is concerned with quantitative data (Flick, 2011). The quantitative research incorporates quantifying collected data. It performs the statistical based analysis concerning a set of numerical data. The key focus of quantitative research model is to guess causative relationship of variable on the basis of valid, consistent and simplified measurement (Linn and Erickson, 1990). Scientific hypotheses of value-free are a feature of quantitative technique and have researchers’ values, predisposition and partiality which are not permitted in qualitative type of research (Neuman, 2000). It is illustrated by Saunders et al, (2009) that quantitative data collection methods are involved with deductive research approach. The features of quantitative research are a highly structured approach of moving from theory to data, the application of controls ensuring validity and reliability of data, operationalization of concepts ensuring clarity of definition and independence of researcher of selecting samples of sufficient size.
The present study is consisted of two main variables that are social media advertising and consumers’ buying behaviour; therefore, in order to establish the relationship between these variables and to accomplish the task, quantitative data collection method is more suitable. Order Now