Relational Comparative Analysis Assignment Help

Relational Comparative Analysis Assignment Help


Relational Comparative Analysis Assignment HelpThis research study is aiming to identify, investigate and critically evaluate the impact of hot beverages being carried in plastic containers. A literature review will be done for secondary research while primary research will be done by conducting semi structured interview with manufacturers, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officers and health care professionals. This research is qualitative in nature and it will use thematic analysis and co relational comparative analysis to answer the research questions. Research study will be done in a time line of 10 weeks and each mile stone of the project is pre planned. Moreover, different measures will be used to avoid incorporation of subjectivity.


This research proposal is aiming to identify and critically evaluate the harmful impact of packaging hot beverages products in plastic containers. It will specifically focus on the usage of plastic containers such as plastic cups, containers and plastic bags for holding hot beverages like coffee, tea, soups and sauces…etc. It is often observed that consumers carry these beverages in disposable plastic containers/bags as they are in a hurry to go to offices or home. Many academicians and health researchers proves that hot temperature of beverages can leach the harmful chemicals out of plastic and mix with beverages which can cause many harmful effects on the health of a person. In this research we will academically review and research these effects and its severity along with possible alternatives which can reduce the risk while maintaining the comfort of a plastic container. Moreover, it will be a qualitative research study with both primary and secondary research component in it (Blaxter, Hughes & Tight, 2006).


According to an article published on website of American scientific association, a chemical known as Bisphenol A which is present in all plastic products and it is a carcinogenic chemical in its free form. This product can leach easily in plastic containers especially when hot products and beverages are put into them. According to author it has been proved through evidence based research that Bisphenol A mimics the structure of estrogens hormone and cause problems in endocrine system of human body making it very difficult react against it and it would be absorbed in human body. This chemical once reached in human cells can cause mutation in human genome and give rise to uncontrolled division leading towards cancer (Bello, 2008).

US centre of disease control conducted a research study in year 2004 to assess the level of Bisphenol A in human body and on analysis of urine sample it was observed that all the samples had traces of Bisphenol A in it. This indicates the severity of problem and ineffectiveness of current solutions and regulations to take care of the problem.Another medical research study done by Harvard medical school and published it in their family health guide. According to this health review foods which is wrapped in plastic and take away is generally re heated on a stove or in microwave which might cause leaching of plasticizers from plastic products which is mixed in food products. Unfortunately, there are no measurements to assess how much time a food or beverage would be reheated or on what temperature for how much time. Therefore, there is a need to understand these risks and develop alternative solutions which can minimize the exposure of such chemicals to people (Family health guide, 2006). 


This research project is a qualitative research project which will include both primary and secondary research approaches. Secondary research projects will be done through an extensive literature review while primary research will be done by collecting data from the sample population which will be in three different categories. These are manufacturers of plastic containers, officers of food and drug safety and third category will be health care professionals who are treating such cases of toxicity from plastic containers in food (Babbie, 2004).

A simple random selection technique will be done and will include all people who are meeting the criteria of samples irrespective of any other differences. In case, sample size in will be very less, preferred tool of data collection will be semi structured interview. The questions will be asked concerning the measures taken by different departments related to public health and safety and measured developed by them to be imposed on entire industry. This entire will focus on assessing the viewpoints of different officers and gaining information from their experiences and opinions (Corbin & Morse, 2003).

Once the data collection is done, itwill be recorded on interview scripts and then it will be sorted. Any irrelevant data will be discarded from the research project. Once the data is collected and sorted, it will be analysed using different data analysis tool. One of the tools which can be selected for this analysis is SPSS. Data analysis and results will be interpreted to answer some research questions. This will result in finding out which measures and regulations are not effective and which type of plastic containers are most likely to cause harm to human health (Saunders, 2007).


 Week No.
No.Planning Tasks12&345&6789&10
1Title, Aim and Objective development       
2Literature review       
3interview preparation       
4Data collection       
5Data analysis and interpretation       
6Final draft and review       



Data collected from literature review will be assessed and analysed to analyse research questions such as identifying the harmful effects of packing hot beverages in plastic container and different chemical reactions which can lead towards leaching of chemicals in beverages.

The data collected from primary research will be qualitative and interview in response format. All the responses will be coded from different numbers which will then be inserted in the suggested software (SPSS) to process it (Bryman & Bell, 2007). This process will provide information of general theme developing among different groups (manufacturers, FDA officers and health care professionals). A comparative evaluation between the responses of different groups will be done to assess the credibility of the claims made by each group. A thematic evaluation will provide us different solutions and alternative ways which can be used for hot beverages without risking leaching of harmful chemicals in beverage.


In conclusion, this research project will address one of the rising issues in food safety and human health. Almost every country in world is facing problems due to harmful chemicals leached by plastic food containers. Through this research, some alternative solutions and different methods which can be employed by regulatory bodies will be discussed along with participation of general population in controlling this problem.Order Now

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