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Raw Material Storage Assignment Help Lykke Til AS produces only one type of product and believes that the relationship between price and volume in the domestic market for Raw Material Storage Assignment Help | Assignment Solutions | Online Tutorthis product is:

P = 3 600 to 1.2 X (where P is the unit price and X – number of requested devices period).

An analysis of costs gave the following relationship between total costs and amount in the relevant interval:

TK(total costs) = 600 X + 900 000 (where X is the number of units).

Maximum production capacity is 2,500 units in the period.

  1. a) gain optimum quantity and price. Calculate the maximum achievable margin and maximum achievable result.
  1. b) the quantity and price are demand neutral elastic? Also calculate the maximum turnover (TI).
  1. c) As an alternative to selling at above market can now sell everything it produces abroad (export) at a fixed price £ 1500, – per unit. What will gain optimal amount by selling in this market, and what is the maximum achievable result?

Question 4.

Mikkel and Maria have 01.11.20X6( november 1`st 2016) started ”M & M`s Lemonades AS” with the following assets (in NOK 1000)

Raw material storage50
1000 shares of XYZ AS (course(rate) 50/share)50
PC, Printer, Telephones30
Bank deposits95
Machine for production of lemonade500
Total assets1 850

  The assets are financed with 60% equity and 40% debt (loan from a local bank)

  1. Enter the opening balance (IB in Norwegian) for ”M & M`s Lemonades AS” per 01.11.20X6 (1`sto f november 2016)
  2. Specify how the following events / vouchers will be posted on the accounts in the financial statement of ”M & M`s Lemonades AS” (the firm is within the toll area and is registered for VAT) Registrations must be done without “draw up” accounts, ie to include date, voucher number, account number and account name, and the amount to be recorded debit (+) or credit (-) in accounts. Start with vouchers 100.

Raw Material Storage Assignment Help | Assignment Solutions | Online Tutor

Take accounts from a standard account plan.

  • 11: Inserts ad in the local newspaper, 2500 nok(norwegian kroner) inclusive of 25% VAT. The local newspaper issues a bill with a maturity date of 15.11.2016.
  • 11: Sells 200 shares of XYZ for nok 60/share
  • 11: Cash recceipt: Various, stationery nok 12 500 inc VAT
  • 11: Paying ad in the local newspaper on maturity
  • 11: Fills gasolin eon the car for nok 800, cash
  • 11: Sales Journal: Cash sales of goods in November nok 100 000 inclusive of 25% VAT
  • 12: Bank Account charged with nok 6 167 in interest payments on the loan (no installments)
  • 12: Invoice from Lemon AS:
  • Appliances (for resale) NOK 50 000

25% VAT                                        NOK 12 500

Total                                                NOK  62 500

15 days credit, 2%

  • 12: Credit note from Lemon AS

Lack of delivery per 7.12                   NOK 3 000

25% VATNOK   750

Total                                                   NOK 3 750

  • 12: Bank Recceipt: Payment to Lemon AS per 27.12, see transaction of 7.12 and the ref. Credit note of 10.12.
  • 12: Builds small extensions on the property for added storage capacity and recceive the following documents:

Snekker AS

Tregata 3

6660 Skogsby

OrgNo NO 123 456 789 012 VAT

Bank account 132425768

Invoice 08/15/16                                                       Skogsby, 29.12 20X6

M & M’s Lemonades AS

Drikkegata 1

6010 Ålesund

  • Extension materials          NOK 100 000
  • Hour consuption NOK   50 000
  • VAT 25% NOK   37 500      

Total                                     NOK  187 500

Deadline: January 10, 20X7, 3%

  • 12: Bank Recceipt: Payment to carpenter AS, see transaction of 29.12
  • 12: The price of XYZ company shares have fallen to US $ 45 per share, and M & M`s Lemonades AS takes into account the change in value in the financial statements
  • 12: Bank account charged with NOK 6 167 in interest payments on the loan, and NOK 148 000 in installments (repayment of loan)
  • 12: Results, inventory- commodity warehouse empty
  • 12: Sales journal: Cash sales of goods in December, NOK 110 000 inclusive 25% of VAT
  1. What Is “M & M’Lemonade`s AS” its profit for the period 01.11.20X6-31.12.20X6?
  2. What is “M & M’s Lemonades AS” their balance per 31.12.20X6?