Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

For this assignment, you will analyze the complexities of the interview as a qualitative research methodology complete an interview to address your mock research question and transcribed your interview to prepare for this assignment.
Once you have completed and transcribed your interview, please follow the steps in analyzing qualitative data. Please be sure that your paper includes your original research question, Steps 1–6, and a conclusion.
Please use the following headings in your paper:Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis
ix) Introduction of research.
xix) Research question – What Influences Black immigrants to decide to go to college?

1) Prepare and organize the data.
2) Review and explore the data.
3) Code data into categories.
4) Construct thick descriptions of people, places, and activities.
5) Build themes and test hypotheses.
6) Report and interpret data.
7) Conclusion.
In addition, include under each of the Steps 1–6 a brief reflection (1–2 paragraphs) of the process that you went through, what you learned, what was difficult, easy, interesting, et cetera, when addressing that specific step. Finally, in your introduction and conclusion, articulate more about this data collection strategy and how it can be used to answer research questions in qualitative research. Be sure to include in-text citations and references as per APA style to support your ideas.

Your paper should be 7 double-spaced pages, not including the title page, appendices, and references. You should follow the APA guidelines for the format and references of your paper. Also, you must include your interview questions and transcribed interview as part of your appendices.

Interview Questions: 


Black immigrants I believe are hardworking individuals who came from a background that lack adequate education. As a result of coming to the United States, they had no choice than to take their education seriously and go to college. Most of them come from where they can’tafford to go to college. They come here, do well on state test and exams, and work their butt of to earn a full scholarship. Numbers of reasons why black immigrants decide to go to college can be traced back to wanting better future for themselves and laying down the legacy of education to their relatives. As a result, the number of Black immigrants in the United States has more than doubled over the past decade, increasing from one to eight percent. More Blacks immigrants are now climbing the ladder of the educated elite. For example, nearly 20 years ago, a friend of mine left a farm in West Africa and came to America alone. He worked his way through college by doing manual labor and acquired a few ivy-league degrees. Today he works at a hedge fund and is a member of the illustrious 1%

Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

Why do Most Black Immigrants Earn More Than Their Parents?

The fact that black immigrants earn more than their parents is not a surprise editorial to me. I cited an example earlier of a friend mine who left a farm in West Africa and came to America alone. He worked his way through college by doing manual labor and acquired a few ivy-league degrees. Today he works at a hedge fund and is a member of the illustrious 1%. This can be the reasons because Blackimmigrant’s kids are going to colleges and making money than what their counterpart are making in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Children of black immigrants are an interesting group that is still surprising to every other ethnic groups in America. It seems their economic outcomes go one of two ways: They either out-perform their parents, or lay the legacy down for their children to follow. Black Immigrants typically have higher rates of employment and earnings.

But there is a lot of good news, too. More students are attending the school of their parents’ choosing, thanks to school choice programs. The abortion rate and violent crime rate have decreased in the United States. When we focus on these important issues through policy reforms and in community efforts across the country, we can make a difference. Sometimes data do not equate with individual destiny, but each every one of us must make choices that will either benefit us or affect us.

Do you see America as Land of Opportunity for all? 

America is a land of honey. This is the melting point of all culture and anyone can make it if they did their best. Some people failed to utilize their best opportunities even though, there is still inequalities. The number of Americans dependent on food stamps has grown dramatically over the last decade. Significant student loan debt burdens college graduates at just the age when young people have typically gotten married and started a family. But if anyone works hard, things can be better for him or her.

Why are Black Immigrants likely to attend top colleges than whites?

You know……there was a study that stated that a larger proportion of immigrant black high school graduates always attend selective colleges and universities than either native black or white students in America, according to a study by sociologists at Johns Hopkins and Syracuse universities. I don’tknow why they do so, but I believe your study will shed more lights on that. One reason I believe is that maybe they are trying to change the history that Black Immigrants can attend Ivy League schools as well.

The number of Black immigrants in the United States has more than doubled over the past decade, increasing from one to eight percent Consequently, there has been a substantial increase in the number of Africans attending US colleges and universities in the past several decades In fact, currently, 10.9% of all post-secondary students are foreign-born During the 1990s, between 17,000 and 18,000 Africans were enrolled in college each year, and there have been over 30,000 African students enrolled in college each year since 2001.

While research shows Black immigrants tend to be more likely than native Blacks to attend college generally and selective colleges in particular, there is little understanding of why this occurs. Minimal research has been done on the success and access of Black immigrant students however there continues to be little work on when and what influences Black immigrants to decide to go to college.

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