PRS201 Public Relations Theory Practice

Public Relations Theory PracticeAssessment 1 You are required to write a 2,500-word report; outlining the PR errors made by a company in a real case from the business world; and make recommendations as to how the company should have handled the issue from a PR perspective. Your answer should draw on PRS201 Public Relations Theory Practice your knowledge of PR theory, practical considerations, and your own creativity.

Choose one of the three companies/issues listed below:

  • United Airlines’ removal of Dr. David Dao from Flight 3411, which was awaiting departure from Chicago to Louisville, and was overbooked.
  • Comm Insure, the insurance arm of Commonwealth Bank, pressuring doctors as part of its strategy to avoid payouts to ill and terminally ill patients
  • Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal

Your answer should be in report format:

PRS201 Public Relations Theory Practice

  • Cover page
  • Contents
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Main report
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • References (Harvard or APA format)

You should aim to include a minimum of 6 references (more is better), of which some should be peer-reviewed academic journals. The following guidelines are to assist you with presentation and layout:

  • Cover page should include name, student number, unit number, unit name, assessment number, assessment name, and date
  • Use Arial, Calibri, or Tahoma, 12 pt font
  • Double spacing
  • Double justification of text
  • Headers and footers on all pages other than the cover page – headers and footers should contain your name and student number, the unit number and name, and a page number

If you have any questions about the assignment, ask your lecturer, or email

Ian Dunbar, September 2017