Project Proposal Students Assignment | Project Management Proposal Template

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Project Proposal Students Assignment this task an attempt is made to produce a detailed project proposal which includes a preliminary design and Project Proposal Students Assignment | Project Management Proposal Templatefeasibility study for the new teaching block on the site of the existing Senate House Block of the University of Bolton RAK Campus. The facility is to be provided in 2 floors having new classrooms, one lecture with the capacity of 100 students, accommodation offices for all the campus staff, library and study facilities- including computer points, toilets and administration offices. A new impressive entrance and reception area is also included in the plan. There is a provision of at least 1 lift facilitating the disabled access to the 2 floors. Plan is to allow for future expansion so the the new Building has to be approximately two times that of the existing building. The new building construction needs to be changed so as to economically enclose the space for the building and the design itself is to be aesthetically pleasing. The building approach is to be re-modeled, including the sports ground behind the existing building for parking. While the work is in progress, the Campus is to be relocated temporarily to a suitable location, till the time the work is completed in shortest time span as practical, so that the on-going university life nearby is not disrupted.

It is proposed that the prefabricated insulated precast concrete panels are used, including the cellular prestressed concrete wide-span panels for the floors and roofs, with individual precast concrete columns and beams as required. The object is to offer open floor areas where ever required. The stairs also need to be designed with precast concrete. The building is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with outer walls of the building having high levels of insulation and glazing able to resist solar warming and provide good air tight qualities.

The precast concrete panel system

The system of precast concrete panels is an ingenious blend of architectural concrete panels. These are prefabricated in the factory according to an established plan. Each panel is factory built with a concrete 40 MPa wall. The method of shuttering allows a high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the flexibility of the system allows one to design customized buildings in order to make this project unique and timeless. This saves a lot of time as the design has to be completed in the shortest span of time as practicable. Thus, the new building design as proposed is possible with precast concrete.

Inside the panels, a Canadian steel plate of 400 MPa is manufactured as per the given engineering specifications. The manufacturing process inspection and strict control is possible as per the design specifications so the product quality is optimized. To ensure that the prefabricated concrete panels support the passage of time, the product can be tested by an independent laboratory. The precast concrete panel system tests simulated for the next 25 years of life with the freeze-thaw cycles and erosion by acid rain. The results are more than satisfactory and exceed all required standards. The surface finish takes up the patina color and matures so as to give a more natural look. Thus, it is believed that this product is made to last long and the building construction is done in shortest possible time. The system incorporates specialized hardware to support the floors and roof. The fittings are made to measure, according to the supplied specifications joists and rafters.

Project Proposal Students Assignment | Project Management Proposal Template

Panels prefabricated concrete allow for superior insulation which is made of site. After the perimeter panel installation, the amount of wood or light steel ideally size 2 “x4” is set to 3 “panels with an insulation factor of R27. The insulation is 100% efficient and uniform. No thermal bridge or loss of heat by ex-filtration diminishes the quality of it. The object of this building is that it needs to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with outer walls of the building having high levels of insulation and glazing able to resist solar warming and provide good air tight qualities. Clearly, the precast concrete panel system helps to achieve this object.

The precast concrete panels are known for its speed of installation (20 minutes Per panel). This speed also helps to achieve the object of completing the construction in the shortest possible duration with quality and without interfering the nearby university living. The high quality of the materials enables it to provide fire & earthquake resistant and the high energy performance of the finished product. The flexibility of the production method allows developing unique and new style buildings while maintaining very competitive prices. This helps to achieve the other object of completing the new construction in a compact manner, so as to allow more open spaces, wherever required. These qualities inherent with the precast concrete panel system help one to successfully achieve the new sustainable building objective.

Sustainable architecture

Sustainable architecture, also known as “green building” or “green architecture” is a general term that describes the architectural design techniques for the environmentally conscious. As with all products manufactured, production and use of precast concrete building systems impose an imprint on the environment. Precast concrete offers a range of spectacular colors, fine and unlimited design possibilities difficult to match with other materials. It also creates higher structures in terms of environmental and energy performance from the perspective of the life cycle analysis. Precast concrete system offers a competitive building solution on the basis of cost, long-term economic benefits, energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs and general operating expenses.Order Now