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Project Development Assignment HelpThe term ‘project management’ initiated its journey in the early 1950s. By definition, project management is the practice of planning and organizing an organization’s resources in order to move a specific task to completion. Before acquiring knowledge in project management, it is significant to know what a ‘project’ is. For this, you can avail our project development assignment help.

Definition of project in terms of time, cost and scope

Under project management, project is defined as the triangle of triple constraints. It is characterized as a temporary collaborative enterprise rather than permanent social work system. Our project management assignment help experts describes how this three elements act as constraints in project management.


Limited time is one of the constraints that are most familiar with business. Our project management assignment help experts mention that in the course of project management, time is the most important constraint to manage. The project management team should always know the deadline of the product.


Cost is not just a monetary term that is associated with the project. But the term project cost has broader meaning. According to our project management assignment help experts, cost involves all the resources required to carry out the project. It includes people and equipment that take participation in the work, material or raw supplies and all the other events and issues that require money or someone’s attention in a project. From the virtual sense, cost is ultimately a limiting constraint. The reason is few projects can go over budget without eventually requiring corrective action.


In project management, two scopes are considered:

  1. project scope
  2. product scope.

Product scope is the intended quality, features and functions of the product that the customer usually expects. Project scope, on the other hand, describes the work required to deliver a product or service with the intended product scope.

From the management point of view, our project management assignment help experts agree on the fact that product and project scope are inter-related. The project managers must understand the project scope as well as product scope or must know how to communicate with those who do.

Basic phases of project development

Phases and stages are crucial in project development. After each phase, the project team passes through the ‘gate’ to the next phase. This is why the term ‘stage’ or ‘gate’ is often used in project management. During these phases, our project management assignment help experts say the project management team should prioritize the project, calculate a budget and schedule and determine what resources are needed. According to our project management assignment help experts, initiating, planning, executing and closing of project are many stages of project management.

Here our project development assignment help experts explain the phases in details:

Project strategy and business case

Our team of project development assignment help experts suggests, in this stage, the project development team should define the overall project requirements and propose the approach or methodology that they intend to use to address it. With the help of the project manager, the team also has to show efficiency in achieving the project’s goals within the required timelines and budget.

Project preparation

The team should work with key stakeholders and other members of the team who have been identified to establish and start the project. To prepare the project for further execution, our project management assignment help experts advise the project team to

  1. Complete a high-level work breakdown (WBS) structure
  2. Determine the project’s plan at the milestone level
  3. Identify and recruit project member if needed
  4. Prepare the Product Initiation Document
  5. Secure key resources that are needed in the project.

Project design

In this phase, our project development assignment help experts advise the team should start the work by creating the project’s deliverables, implementing the project strategy, business case and Project Initiation Document. After that, the management team coordinates with relevant stakeholders to develop the designs of the main deliverables. If changes or any alternations are required in the design, our project development assignment help experts advise to use Flow Chart and Swim Lane Diagram to create a detailed plan. A comprehensive plan is always helpful to meet requirements.

Project development and testing

After completing planning and organizing, our project development assignment help experts suggest that the team can move toward building components of the project output – whether it is a piece of software, bridge or a business process. After developing those components, you need to test those thoroughly to confirm that they should work together as planned.

Project training

Under the training process, our project development assignment help experts mention what the team has to do:

  1. Train users
  2. Transfer the data to a new system
  3. Identify what is required for the project to be effective on the launch date

Project development and testing

After the training process, our project development assignment help experts say, it is time to execute those project-related plans. Our project development assignment help experts also advise that this is the time to make sure the team gets the transitional support to the business after the project goes ‘live’.

Project performance and control

Our project development assignment help experts state that it is the responsibility of the project managers to contrast the project progress to the actual plan. During this stage, the project managers may feel the need to alter the schedules or do what is necessary to keep the project on track.

  • Project close: After getting approval from the clients on the outcome of the project, our project development assignment help experts mention that an evaluation is necessary to highlight project success and/or learn from the project history.

Project management methodologies

According to our project development assignment help experts, project methodologies should be adapted based on the size, budget and various perspectives of project. Regardless of which field or trade, there are assortments of methodologies to help managers at every stage of a project, right from initiation to implementation to closure.

Adaptive project framework

In this methodology, project scope is variable. The project scope is adjusted in order to get maximum business value from the project.

Agile software development

Under this methodology, our project development assignment help experts say a project needs extreme agility in requirements.

Crystal method

In crystal method, the project processes are taken into account as a low priority. According to our project development assignment help experts the chief priority is team communication, team member skills, people and interaction.

Dynamic system development project (DSDM)

This is a modern version of Rapid Application Development (RAD). It mainly boasts about the tanning document support.

Extreme programming (XP)

XP is used to lower the cost of the requirement. It puts emphasis on a fine scale feedback, continuous process, shared understanding and programmer welfare.

Feature driven development (FDD)

According to our project development assignment help experts, this methodology focuses more on simple and well-defined processes, short iterative and feature driven delivery cycles.

Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)

This methodology is a collection of best practices in project development

Joint-application development (JAD)

This methodology involves the client from the early stages with the project tasks.

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Barriers in project development

There are many things that can go wrong in project development. These things are often called barriers. Our project development assignment help experts describe some possible barriers that project managers and their team counter:

Poor communication

Our project development assignment help note that miscommunication and misunderstanding can take place while conveying instructions and information through various levels.


There are chances that team member do not agree with every plan or execution method.

Bad weather

Climate and weather create a negative impact on the outcomes of the projects.

Union strikes

If the project is about construction, the ongoing process can be hampered by the union workers’ strike.

Personality conflicts

When a group of people is working in the same team, conflicts eventually arise now and then.

Poor management

Our project development assignment help suggests top management should be very efficient during the product planning, execution and performance control. With poor management, a project management team cannot sustain or achieve any goal.

Poorly defined goals and objectives

The project manager must define and communicate the goals among the team members.

Our project development assignment help experts also point at few secondary obstructions in project development:

  • Project fails to meet the deadline, exceeds the budget or meets the customer expectations
  • Inconsistency between the processes procedures used by projects managers
  • Lack of planning may lead to successful project, but it must be very time-consuming
  • Unforeseen internal and external events leave a negative impact on the project

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Six project development trends of 2015

1. Cross-team communication

The newer, the better. According to our project development assignment help experts, it is the best way to get projects fully integrated with the rest of the business. In this team, business experts with knowledge of how projects work will be required.

2. More investment in change

Change is now project manager’s part of the job. One of the speakers at PMI UK Sydney event stated that typically 8 percent of a project budget is allocated for business change. But our project development assignment help experts also state that fact project management needs to be matured when it comes to change.

3. Be recognized for services

The execution of the project development it is services. So make yourself so proficient that you get recognized for your services.

4. Conduct friendly competition

When competitors’ names are mentioned in the meetings or conferences, many eye-brows are raised. Our project development assignment help experts think that this should be stopped; there should be less antagonistic relation among the competitors.

5. Amalgamation of online tools

Project management team counters many difficulties to adopt online ways of working due to security and governance concerns. In this year, our project management assignment help emphasis on that fact there should be structured support for governance in virtual teams.

6. Project manager continues domination

Most of the organizations continue to support their project managers in earning credential. The value of proven experience and demonstrated competency will take more relevance having the certification itself.

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