Programming Assignment

Programming AssignmentObjective:

This assignment will test you on basic programming skills in an object oriented Language C#. It tests you on the familiarity of the syntax, Lexical elements and Data in C# as well as the basic constructs like conditions and Repetitions in C#.

Due Date: Sunday, 6th may, 2017 by 11:5PM


Create a console based C# application using the following specification.

Danielle, Edward, and Francis are three salespeople at Holiday Homes. Write an application named HomeSales that prompts the user for a salesperson initial (D, E, or F). Either uppercase or lowercase initials are valid.

Programming Assignment

While the user does not type Z, continue by prompting for the amount of a sale. Issue an error message for any invalid initials entered.

Keep a running total of the amounts sold by each salesperson. After the user types Z or z for an initial, display each salesperson’s total, a grand total for all sales, and the name of the salesperson with the highest total.

Below is an example output for your reference.


Marking Criteria:

Good naming conventions used in naming variable1
Program checking for valid person initial, invalid initial as well as stopping when ‘Z’ or ‘z’ is pressed2.5
Correct Total sales2
Total sales each sales person displayed correctly2
Maximum sales identified and displayed with the correct name of the sales person2.5


Submit it via Moodle bySunday, 6th may, 2017 by 11:55PM.