Program Prepared Execution Assignment Help

Program Prepared Execution Assignment Help

 Initiation and scope

Project brief:

Program Prepared Execution Assignment HelpProject purpose and rationale:This program has been prepared for the execution of a construction project of Max Lionel Realty. This project is undertaken for planning the construction of a house of one floor house. This project covers a plan formulated for the construction program so as to execute it in an effective manner and complete it well on time. This plan forms a base for the whole project as it provides a direction to the further activities or functions involved in the process. The purpose of this program is to provide a path for the future actions which need to be performed during the execution of the project (????, et. al., 2014).

Project title: Project Planning and Management

Project purpose: the main motive behind the formulation of the project plan is to analyse the activities which need to be performed for the completion of the project. This plan of the project helps in the evaluation of the different activities and preparing a framework for the project and the manner in which the project will be carried out (Sözüer, et. al., 2014).

Background and strategic context: Max Lionel Realty is a construction company which provides construction services to its customers.Max Lionel reality was founded by property dealer, Max Lionel in 2008 with 100 agents most of them were property dealers and agents. The objective of the organisation is to interact with the clients or customers and mount the status of the organisation up to 20% and improve the customer and client satisfaction up to 25 % by behaving in ethical way and improve the work health safety (WHS) policy to create crystal clear environment in the organisation. Additionally the revenue increase by 20 % by measuring the performance of total income, investment income and agents income in third quarter and the reduction of cost of the operational activities up to 10 % and involvement with the employees to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently. Strategies are the mend to attain the goodwill as well as integrity of the organisation which will support the creative thinking, leadership skills and adequate management in the organisation (Stockmann, et. a., 2010).A plan has been framed which discusses the various activities required to be carried out for the purpose of completion of the project. Key strategic plan is to formulate the plan after analysing the requirements of every activity which will be carried out. Strategic plans for the project is to engage with the customers and clients, generating goodwill by providing quality services, to build reputation, for supporting innovative thinking, develop management and leadership skills and to create an organisation which offers high quality services and produces high profits (????, et. al., 2014).

Priority:The main focus of this project is on the completion of the program in an effective manner by maintaining the quality of the project so as to ensure the quality services to the users of the service. For the formulation of the plan there is a need to set priorities which is to be achieved by the end of the project.

Related projects: there are various projects which are related to this project as the project will be planned as well as will be executed on the basis of the past project undertaken by Max Lionel Realty. These past projects help in the preparation of the plans on the basis of the activities of the past projects. It also forms a base for the future projects which the organisation will undertake. And these project plans guides the future projects in the right direction (Sözüer, et. al., 2014).

Project client: the project has been executed for the construction of a house for a customer who has provided its requirements and specification which need to be kept in mind while constructing the house. Demin James is the client for whom construction project is undertaken by Max Lionel Realty

Project sponsor: the funds and financial transactions of the project will be managed by CEO of the company Max Lionel and by the Chief Financial Officer Riz Mehra. They look after the financial transactions of the business. Riz Mehra observes the budgets for cost centres and for viewing budget variation reports and for the incorporation of the information in to financial statements and financial projections for the estimation (Pavla, et, al., 2010).

Project manager:day-to-day operations of the project are managed by the managers of Max Lionel Realty. Kim Sweeney is the operations general manager who is responsible for day-to-day functions of the organisation. The main responsibilities of Kim are to review coordination, structural separation,coordinating system and projects for achieving benefits of team spirit. Les Goodale is human resource manager who is responsible for the production capacity and welfare of people and work with operations manager in coordinating system and project (Kim, et. al., 2012). Sam Lee is manager residential realty who is responsible for managing all the aspects of residential realty and monitor and control the activities of residential agents. Pat Misfud is manager commercial realty who is responsible for managing all the aspects of commercial realty and the activities of commercial agents. Peter Mitchell is manager investments who is responsible for managing all the aspects related to investment realty. Peter is responsible for the management of activities related to investment agents (Zwikael, et. al., 2011).

Project status:the project plan has been framed in which the design, budget, estimation of the requirement of the human resource and other raw material for undertaking the construction program has been decided so as to frame a path which need to be followed for the execution of the program. Decisions regarding the roles which everyone need to fulfil has been made as well as the manner in which investment will be made has been decided. A framework has been decided which forms a base for the project. It has been assumed that the plan will be implemented in the manner in which it has been framed. And the constraint is that the budget may get affected due the change in the interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rates(Shen, et. al., 2010).

Special provisions:rules and regulations framed by the government need to be fulfilled by Max Lionel Realty so as to create a healthy environment as well as to avoid the legal consequences. For this purpose various acts need to be complied with. These acts include Privacy act 1988, Equal opportunity act 2010, disability discrimination act 1992, sex discrimination act 1984, estate agents act 1980, racial discrimination act 1975, and age discrimination act 2004, occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and dangerous Goods Act 1985, Corporations Act 2001, A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999, Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and Fair Work Act 2009. And to maintain a healthy environment and provide fair treatment to the employees and to provide quality services to the customers.

Project approval: project approval is required as it provide authenticity to the project and to the various aspects of the project discussed in the program or plan.

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