Professional Responsibility Legal Ethics

Professional Responsibility Legal Ethics

Professional Responsibility Legal Ethics is a solution of Professional Responsibility And Legal Ethics in which we discuss guide supplements the unit outline and is designed to help you navigate through the unit.

Professional Responsibility And Legal Ethics
Professional Responsibility And Legal Ethics learning guide supplements the unit outline and is designed to help you navigate through the unit. It will help you focus on what you need to do for seminars and the various assessment tasks. You should consult the relevant section of the learning guide as you plan y

Professional Responsibility Legal Ethics

our study – it will highlight the main things that you should be getting out of the resources available and provide guidance on teaching activities and seminar preparation.
The learning guide also offers some study tips to assist you in developing the skills and techniques of an effective learner at university level. In addition to acquiring information and skills relevant to this unit, you should also focus on developing the habits and tools of a successful university student.

As an adult learner you need to take control of your own learning and ensure your own success. This learning guide is specifically designed to help you achieve this.
A standard set of icons is used throughout the learning guide to make navigation easier. Use the icons to quickly identify important information, things you need to do and hints for doing them.

Professional Responsibility And Legal Ethics

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Edition: Autumn 2015
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An Introduction To This Unit:
This unit examines the nature of the legal profession and its role in society. It deals with the professional, legal and ethical responsibilities, which legal practitioners owe to the law, the courts, their clients, to fellow practitioners, as well as the state and society at large. Students will be able to explain and evaluate the law and practice of legal practitioners, by reference to key topics, such as:
? Professionalism
? Legal ethics
? The history
? Structure and Regulation of the legal profession and
? The interpersonal, psychological and cultural factors affecting layering

Professional Responsibility Legal Ethics

In addition students will be able to demonstrate the process of ethical decision making by selecting and using ethical decision making tools in a legal context.

Michael Brogan (ed), Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics (Law Book Co, 2015) (available from campus bookshop) The professional rules form part of your textbook.

Approach to teaching
The learning activities scheduled for this unit are designed to support the learning outcomes for the unit. By preparing for classes, attending classes, engaging in discussion with your student colleagues and seminar leaders and preparing carefully for the assessment events, you will be able to fulfill the learning outcomes for this unit. This unit utilities an inquiry-based models of instructions.

That is, you will be required to systematically work your way through various scenarios by determining your basic understanding and the resources available to assist you before moving to any conclusion or advice.
Learning outcomes are the educational goals of the unit.

The assessment tasks will assess your achievement of the learning outcomes.

Identify and explain the professional obligations of legal practitioners in an historical, ethical and regulatory context with reference to the duties of legal practitioners.

Communicate in a professional manner and context.

Consider the link between legal, psychological and cultural factors that underpin professional ethical decision making.

Demonstrate an understanding of the necessity for legal practitioners to effectively and ethically communicate across cultures, particularly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

For the LLB Course Learning Outcomes click here.

? Note: Results will be moderated before you receive your marks. Moderation is a process whereby the unit coordinator regulates the marking of individual markers to achieve consistency in the application of unit objectives, performance standards, and marking criteria. Marks for an individual piece of assessment will not be changed after you have your results. You should note that, consistent with the Criteria and Standards Based Assessment policy, the final marks for the cohort may also be adjusted if marks are very high or low or if there are inconsistencies between groups.
? Note: To pass this unit you must:
1. achieve a mark of at least 45 per cent on the final examination ;
2. also achieve an overall mark of at least 50 per cent for the unit; and
3. satisfactorily complete all assessment items.

Assessment 1: Viva voce examination (35%)
A viva voce is an oral examination. This assessment task is in the form of an advocacy-based viva voce examination. You are expected to act in the role of a legal practitioner before the Local Court of New South Wales. Your seminar leader will act in the role of an examiner/magistrate and you will engage in a discussion on a selected topic.
The viva voices will be conducted in weeks 7 and 8 of Autumn session 2015, weeks beginning 6 and 13 April. The viva voice enrollment system will be available to you, via vUWS, in week 4 of Autumn session. You will be required to select a day and time within this two week period for your assessment. The viva voce topics will be posted on vUWS one week in advance of your nominated viva day. The onus is upon you to check vUWS for your topic. Generally the location for the vivas/presentations is the moot court. However, if you are to appear in an alternative location, that location will be made clear to you via the viva voice enrollment system.
The purpose of this assessment task is:
? To assist you in your learning about aspects of the substantive law of this unit.
? To engage in advocacy-related oral communication.
? To provide evidence of competency in verbal communication and understanding of unit materials.
? Note: Extensions are not available for the viva voce examination.
The viva is an opportunity for you to show your developing communication skills and is not a task to be feared. You have a 15 minute period (including moving into the examination room and preparation) within which to impress the examiner with your knowledge and understanding of a particular part of the law pertaining to professional responsibility and legal ethics.
On the basis of preparing the relevant materials, you should be able (at the least at a basic, but satisfactory level) to do the following:

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