Product Quality Findings Analysis

Product Quality Findings Analysis is a solution of Product Quality Findings And Analysis in which we discuss The numerical value of the above table shows that the product quality as well as after sale services stand out as the two most vital problems that are faced by the customers of P&G to buy products online.

The numerical value of the above table shows that the product quality as well as after sale services stand out as the two most vital problems that are faced by the customers of P&G to buy products online. The table depicts that 30% of respondent are facing problem with the quality of product whereas, 26% of customers states Product Quality Findings Analysisthat after sale services are not good in online purchase. Moreover, transaction problems are faced by 11 out of 50 customers. The customers reviewed that transaction need to be upgraded where they can pay through cards as well as cash.  Henceforth, it can be interpreted that  there is a huge problems that the customers face in buying products online. People consider the quality while buying products whereas, the majority of problem faced by the respondents in with quality  and 6% is with other problems. The after sale service given by P&G is also not good hence when the respondents wants to exchange any product they face huge issues.

How far are you agree that the Product Quality Findings And Analysis is different as projected online?

OptionsPercentage of respondentsNumber of respondentsTotal number of Respondents
Strongly Agree26%1350
Strongly Disagree8%450

The graph and table drawn above shows states that majority 26% of customers strongly agrees that the product quality which is viewed on screen is quite different. On the other hand, 30% that is majority of respondents agree that the quality is not so good when purchased online. A customer responded that proper quantity is not given in products like shampoo and detergent powder. However, the same question was strongly disagreed by 8% of respondent. Only, 20% of respondent population prefers to stay neutral. Based on the research findings it can be interpreted that, the product quality and quantity changes when it is purchased via online. The findings reveals that the customers are not much satisfied with the online management strategy of sale which they believe it need to be implemented.

What are Product Quality Findings And Analysis areas that you recommend P&G to improve?

OptionsPercentage of respondentsNumber of respondentsTotal number of Respondents
Product quality12%650
Price of the product26%1350
Solving queries of consumers28%1450
Faster delivery of products24%1250
Secured Transaction10%550

The table and graph shows the area that need to be incorporated in P&G products. Among 5o customers each gave their own area of recommendation to P&G products that need to be improved. 28% of respondent population reviewed that p&G must work in solving queries of customers after as well as before sale service. They often face problem while exchanging products that have purchased. 26% of customers among the respondent reviewed that price of the products need to be looked after. The company need to give offers and discounts over the products. However, as P&G sells household products so an arrangement on faster deliver is quite necessary or else people will prefer buying products from nearby stores. 12% recommended that P&G need to work over the quality. In the discussion customer’s stated that the product which is projected online is not the same when purchase. The rest that is 10% recommended that more secured transaction need to be there where they can feel safe while paying via cards.

Product Quality Findings Analysis

Qualitative Data

Q 1. How far online marketing has improved P&G sales?

Most of the managers do agree that the online marketing not only gives advertising but also promotes the products by increasing public relation which has improved P&G sales. Manager 1 states that the strong strategy of online marketing assures the customers by influencing their purchase intention.

Manager 2 argues that the online marketing does not work for them efficiently as because they sell only household products on some daily necessary items. Henceforth, for P&G people prefer buying products from their nearby stores or supermarket.

Manager 3  has discussed that online marketing has created brand awareness which has improved their sales and goodwill in market.

Q 2. What are the strategies adopted by P&G to satisfy the consumers in online sales?

The strategies adopted by the managers of P&G for satisfying the customers with online sale are different among one another. Manager 1 stated that their main strategies to attract customers is by giving offers and discounts over the products. In return, he stated that this has increased their sales in online rather than any retail stores. The customers are much attracted when they see any offered over the purchase of product.

Moreover, Manager 2 says that by giving proper customer services is a strategy adopted by them. He stated that this has increased their brand loyalty by giving feed backs on their problems and working over the area that are recommended by online customers.

On the other hand, Manager 3 commented that loyalty card is the strategy which satisfies consumers in online sales.

Q 3. What are the challenges faced during marketing of online products?

Manager 1 stated that they faced problems in  measuring return on investment during marketing online. According to him when it comes to ROI the company needs to use CRM solution and marketing solution. Manager 2  reviews that they have faced challenges in managing website. They faced several issues like making content design beautiful and attractive and in posting suitable blog for their brand. Manager 3  argues that they faced major challenge in training their employees to make online marketing attractive. This took huge budget to train their employees.


The researcher realized that the customers are not satisfied with the online sale of P&G which was found from quantitative data. Even the managers agrees that they need to work with the issues and adopt more relevant strategies to increase their online sales. This was found from qualitative data. Moreover, the researcher demonstrates each of the research findings with tables and graphs.

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