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Amazon World Largest Assignment Help Abortion is the process of removal of fetus or the unborn child from the uterus of its mother before the by which the baby separates from the body of its mother.  Abortion is generally undertaken by women when they don’t want the child developing in their wombs. Abortion is not a recent phenomenon but has been used from very early ages. Some people feel that due to recent technological developments and debates about morality of abortion that this practice is a new scientific breakthrough. Though there is no doubt that the abortion has become safe and more successful in recent times but the practice of aborting unwanted child has been in use since thousands of years ago. The abortion of child at those times was done by making the women eat some herbs or use of sharp tools for removing the fetus from the body of women. Abortion is mainly divided in two types by the doctors and the learned people in this field, i.e, spontaneous abortion and induced abortion. Spontaneous abortion happens when there is miscarriage suffered by the mother and the child dies because of that. Spontaneous abortion also includes the condition when the child is still born to the mother. Induced abortion on the other hand is the intentional action taken by the women when they don’t want the fetus growing in their womb to take birth (Riddle, 1997). This is mainly done by women who after sex couldn’t prevent the fetus to appear and didn’t want the child. In order to stop that fetus, they resort to the process of aborting the child.

The various religions of different times have had differing opinions on the issue of the morality of abortion. There were primitive time, in Farmosa for example, the abortion of child was justified because the child to unmarried girls was considered a work of devil and was acceptable to the people of that time and place. If we consider the times when the Vedic religion was practiced in Indian subcontinent, the process of abortion was considered as a sin and a sign of moral impurity. The Old Testament has not clearly mentioned whether abortion is right or wrong, but has a slight reference where it is advised to people that it should be avoided. The churches of 18th and 19th centuries had a firm conservative view and it was considered a crime to abort a child by the religious institutions of that time (Vilar, 2009). More recently even the churches and most of the religious institutions have relaxed their attitudes where they have accepted abortion in certain circumstances as justified.

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