Previous Topics Presented Assignment Help

Previous Topics Presented in COIT20249

  • Previous Topics Presented Assignment HelpThese are some of the topics presented by some Sydney campus and Distance students in the last few Terms. This list is provided to students to appreciate the wide range of topics that have been presented by former students. Also note that the PPTs and handouts used in these presentations were uploaded to Noodle and will be used by Turning as comparison materials. These are only a few topics and not all the topics presented by COIT20249 students in the past.

Therefore, current students are encouraged to think about topics from a wide range. Consider topics that lend themselves to good ‘story telling’ so you can keep your audience interested and showcase your presentation skills. A large number of the topics below achieved that objective. A very clear observation was that highly technical topics, unless presented in a manner suited for a non-technical audience, did not always result in high grades.

Your local lecturer has the final say on approving your topic. Select a good topic to make the approval process easier. Provide the topic with a short synopsis of what you want to cover.

Previous Topics Presented Assignment Help

Previous presentation topics

  1. Egyptian Pyramids
  2. Thanksgiving Day
  3. Valentine Day
  4. Vertical Farming
  5. Astronomy
  6. Telepathy
  7. Drones
  8. Bermuda Triangle
  9. Cyclones in Australia
  10. Chatbots
  11. Smart Cars
  12. Flying Car
  13. Demonitisation
  14. Indian President Abdul Kalaam
  15. Nepali Music
  16. Biochips
  17. Human Psychology
  18. Plastic Roads
  19. Circular Runways
  20. Starting a small Business
  21. Artificial meat
  22. Weaponisation
  23. Time travel
  24. Homeless People in Australia
  25. Easter Origins and Customs
  26. Area 51
  27. Fair Work
  28. Craft of self-promotion
  29. IT for Children
  30. Walt Disney
  31. Black hole
  32. Test Cricket and T20 Cricket
  33. Car next-door (car sharing)
  34. Augmented reality (gaming)
  35. Artificial Intelligence – use in movies
  36. Li-fi
  37. Microsoft HoloLens
  38. Brexit – impacts
  39. Top 10 urban sports with risks of being arrested
  40. Impact of Technology on Society
  41. Why do Start Ups Fail?
  42. USA Presidential Elections
  43. Pathways to Citizenship and the Challenges
  44. Blue Eye Technology
  45. Sixth Sense Technology
  46. VFX/Visual Effects Technologies used in Movies
  47. Last Decade’s Discoveries
  48. Unknown inventors who changed the world
  49. Recycling
  50. Earthquake warning systems
  51. Palm vein technology
  52. An Australian living in Germany
  53. E-Bay Founder