Practice Guidlines Assignment Help

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Practice guideline LO 3

According to Davis, Taylor-Vaisey (1997), Practical guidelines (PG) are methodically developed to support healthcare specialists and patients in determining the best treatment, and to conclude the most adequate health care intervention for particular clinical situation (Woolf, Grol, Hutchinson, Eccles, &Grimshaw, 1999). Furthermore, PGs are adopted by practionersto modify their clinical settings for a better health care result and could additionally reduce the chance for negligent care contention (Hyams, Brandenburg, Lipsitz, Shapiro, & Brennan, 1995).

Practice Guidlines Assignment Help

In this part of the essay, the use of the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE II) score sheet tool to compare and contrast two health care guidelines; the two organisation to be look into are  British HIV Association (BHIVA) and World Health Organisation (WHO). The main purpose of the Agree II score sheet tool, is to tell information and how facts should be stated in guidelines and also identify the best clinical practice in the treatment, management and quality of life of women living with HIV/AIDS in United Kingdom and Zimbabwe( Brouwers , M.,et al 2012).

BHIVA is a national establishment of health sector specialists that offer all care for people diagnosed and affected by HIV, and also offer national support on HIV treatment problem in the community and national (BHIVA 2018). However, WHO is an international organisation working and partner with United Nation that specialised and concerned with international communicable and non-communicable health issues such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Malaria and tuberculosis many more (WHO 2018).