Personalized Dashboard Coming Soon

A dashboard is that area which helps the users to manage all the information. It is just like a dashboard of any automobile.  Locus RAGS is going to launch its own dashboard for online assignment help to help the students who are looking for online assignment help. We have worked over it and very soon, we will be releasing our own dashboard from where the student can access every detail regarding his/her assignments.  With dashboard, we are providing the students a platform from where the student can manage all the details related to the assignment tasks. Locus RAGS has developed this highly specialized dashboard for the students. As an experienced free  assignment help provider, we have come up with an innovative solution for the students enabling them to access the large data simply and hassle – free. With our dashboard service, students will be offered a customized area from where they can manage every detail. It’s just like your social networking profile where you have your personal space, where you can chat and upload. Dashboard allows the students to create their profiles and manage the information at your end. We will be launching this customized service real soon for the students.

Dashboard for Online Assignemnt Help Features of Dashboard

The dashboard has been developed in such a way where the students can easily access the service. The dashboard has many customized options.   While designing the dashboard, we made several modifications as per the requirements of the students.  In order to make the students feel a complete personalized area dedicated for them, there is an option to upload picture where the students can upload their own pictures.

Profile: In the Profile area, a student is required to fill in the personal details. This includes name, password, phone number and country. Once all the information is filed in, the student has to click on “Update Profile” and the information will be saved. This is just like the way one makes profile on any social networking site. We assure that the information will be safe and secure and will not be transferred to any third party.

Upload: Upload Your Assignment. From this area, the students can upload their assignment and can send them to us. The Upload section contains some easy options. First the student is required to put his/her subject name. This is followed by Academic Level, which the student has to fill. For example, under – graduate, post – graduate or doctorate. The next option is Deadline, the time when the assignment has to be completed. It is followed by the Reference Styles. There are many referencing styles in which assignments are written, so student has to mention the required style of writing. If the student has to add something extra or any special comment, we have a special place for that “Message” box.  The next is “Attach File(s)” where the student can attach a file his/her computer or whatever decide is being used. We allow a maximum of 10MB text/image file. Once every field is filled, the student has to click “Upload and Send Email” and it’s done. It is pretty simple.

Assignments:  The Assignment area is provided to check the Assignment Status.  This area contains   information about the assignments which have been submitted to us. There is a complete Assignment List, which bears two options. One is PREVIOUS which means the assignments which have been finished and second CURRENT which has all the assignments are in progress.

Chat:  A Chat option is given for the students so that they can chat with our online tutors and can know about the status of their assignments. If there is anything which the students what to get done in the assignments, the students can inform our tutors.

LogOut: Students can log out from their dashboard account once they are finished with everything.

How Dashboard is helpful for the students?

Dashboard helps the students in many ways. Gone are the days when the students had to struggle with unmanaged data of assignments. With Dashboard service, now students can manage their data in a far better way. Data management through dashboard saves the time of the students avoiding any kind of confusion. Dashboard provides information about the assignments to the students which are very crucial for a student to know. Now the students don’t have to bother about their assignments, they don’t have to make calls or mail. All information, like assignment status will be updated on the dashboard itself which will make the task easy for the students.  A proper data management avoids many problems and saves time and cost. Thus we decided to work over it and developed the dashboard especially for the students as they have less time and they have to get involved in other domains of schedules. Thus, once the students log in their dashboard account, they can easily analyze and access all the details and can stay tension free. Dashboard is designed in such a way which enables the students to access all the details from one point so that they don’t have to approach any other thing. This is easy to access with customized user interface. Now once everything is updated in the dashboard account, like profile and assignment uploading, the students can access their dashboard account by simply logging in. It is very simple and is quite similar to logging in your mail accounts online. This facilitates the easy accessibility of dashboard which Locus RAGS has developed for the students.

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