Personal Professional Development Plan | Personal Development Plan Example

Personal Professional Development Plan is a solution of Personal And Professional Development Plan in which we discuss strategy and results out of their learning either from the training or from personal experiences.


Personal Professional Development Plan | Personal Development Plan Example Personal and professional plan is been mainly concerned as a formal medium through which people or an individual decides it objective, strategy and results out of their learning either from the training or from personal experiences. With the help of skill evaluation I have found some of the qualities which require to be developed to some levels. With respect to the evaluation of skills and knowledge it is very much important that they must be improved with the time and make better use of them for the achievement of desired organizational objectives (, 2016). It has been found that in order to bring required improvements it is important to evaluate own strengths and weaknesses so that to come up with the detailed information about the areas to be improved. However, motivation, interpersonal skills and in-depth knowledge are some of my strengths which prove to be beneficial for me to develop any IT project or make the subordinates work upon it. These skills also help in carrying out other operation at the workplace effectively. On the other hand, I lack in communication, time management, planning and is also confined with the technical knowledge. Along with this, I lack in confidence in quick decision making and thus require guidance over some of the expertise from the higher levels. In addition to this, the personal and professional development plan I would be able to attain an idea regarding the areas to be improved with the set time frame (, 2013). Thus the personal and professional development plan is as follows:

Table Personal and professional development

SkillsImprovement areasAction for developmentTimescaleEvidence
CommunicationLack of other language commandTaking communicational classes, enhance the interaction with others3 monthsMaintained relationship with and overseas customers and colleagues.
Professional knowledgeIn-depth knowledge of software installation.Use of online sources to gain the knowledge and attending the seminar3 monthsProviding training about the IT operations.
Time managementLacking in meeting the set time frames.By prior planning, scheduling, identifying and allocating the resources.2 monthsSetting organizational targets and time bounds goals.
PlanningProper execution of ideasBy having prior knowledge about the needs of clients and follow-up of procedure.2 monthsPlanned an IT project effectively
Decision makingLack in quick decision making

and analyzing the decision

Observing the higher authorities and consulting with them effectively3 monthsContributing in  project planning decisions of British computer society


A) Various communication styles at various levels

Role of communication is very important in the success of any organization. This is one of the most important factors that influence the operational and managerial activities. Clear and effective communication of targets and objectives helps in achieving the organizational goals (, 2016). Being an IT manager, it is important the goals and objectives are clearly communicated to the team members so that the tasks could be efficiently completed within the defined time frame.
With respect to an IT organization, communication occurs at three levels which are stated below:
Strategic Level: At this level the top management takes decisions and communicates the decision to the middle level employees for further action. Clear communication of strategic decision helps the middle level to draw effective operational plans. For managerial level this type of communication style is effective as it helps to collect the real time feedback from the managers about new process or change in the existing process (Ting-Toomey and Chung, 2012). For IT organization decision making and implementation plays significant which requires proper communication between manager and management. For that purpose, communication through meetings with the manager will be beneficial.

Personal Professional Development Plan | Personal Development Plan Example

Middle Level: Once the management has communicated the strategic decision to middle management, managers have to draw the operational plans and communicate the same to their teams. In order to communicate the plan and policy to various departments, Hilton hotel management could use email method. This will cost and time effective as well help to offer detail information about the changes in the working plan.  Also they have to communicate the progress and feedback to top management (Gordon, 2016). In the middle level, presentations and meetings are the important modes which are used for communication. Effective and clear communication of operational plan to the line managers helps in proper and effective implementation of plan.

Operational Level: At the operational level, the line managers implement the operational plan communicated by the middle management. At this stage, meeting and one to one discussions are important medium of communication. The line managers have to give feedback to their manager as well as communicate with his team members. This kind of communication style will help to meet the organizational objectives as well boost the confidence level of staff members as the management involvement in decision making. Apart from that, organization could also use the newsletter method for communicating the lower level staff members.

For managing the IT team it is important to manage the communication flow such it develops synchronization among the team (Kerzner, 2013). The various communication sources could be verbal discussions which can be in the form of one to one discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions. The written mode of communication could be in the form of notice, circulars etc. Another important mode of written communication is emails which are used for conveying the desired information and instructing the employees.

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