Pay Level Teachers Assignment Help

Pay roll of is not very less when compared to other jobs of similar year of experiences. There are majorly three types of person who enters into teaching profession:

  1. Those persons who are passionate towards teaching and imparting education.
  2. Those persons who want a peaceful life as teaching profession in India as teaching is considered to be most relaxed job in India.
  3. Those persons who are not able to get a job anywhere ends up as teacher in any school or college.

As the number of colleges in India is increasing exponentially, the requirement of teachers is also increasing. But the attrition rate in this sector is very high because either the job satisfaction is lacking or the pay of the employee is less when compared to his peers in different industries.

Pay Level Teachers Assignment Help

Pay roll structure is different as the bargaining power is with the employers who own the institutions. Pay roll is also dependent upon the reputation of the college. Pay roll can be divided into two groups:

  1. Government institutions: Th government colleges which come under the government or public sector have fixed pay roll structure and the pay roll is not at par with their peers in private institutions. But the incentives which are offered to government employees in India are very high like pensions, medical claims, leave travel allowance etc. Also the main reasons of motivation to become a government teacher are relaxed and peaceful life which are opted by many people.
  2. Private Institutions: There are many private institutions in India offering high level or tertiary education to the students of India. To explore the opportunity occurred because of supply and demand gap has led many private colleges to explore. Depending upon the reputation and demand of the college, private colleges offer different salary to teachers. Highly reputed colleges of state offers higher salary compared to a newly opened institution. Brand name of a college is very important factor deciding the salary of a teacher.
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