Outline For Assessment Help


It is in your interest, and you are strongly advised, to submit all required assessment tasks as identified in the unit outline for assessment.

In order to pass this unit, you are required to:

  1. Meet the mandatory attendance requirements for tutorials.
  1. Meet the hurdle task requirement
  1. Achieve an overall aggregate score of 50% or above.

The assessment tasks for this unit are designed for you to demonstrate your achievement of each learning outcome. (Note from 2016, it is University policy to have a maximum of 3 assessment tasks for a 10 credit point unit. Hurdle tasks are not included in the limit of three assessment tasks as they do not account for the final grade)

Achievement of learning outcomes will be determined by a variety of assessment methods, which will primarily measure the student’s understanding of the discipline specific knowledge inherent in this unit and its application within a professional context.

AssessmentDue dateWeightingLearningGraduate
Leap into18/08/17Nil (Hurdle)5, 68
Learning1200 hrs
1. Quiz24/08/1720%2, 3, 44, 8
0600-2200 hrs
2.  Written01/09/1730%2, 4, 5, 64, 8,
Assignment1200 hrs
(800 words)(midday)
3. Written13/10/1750%1, 2, 4, 74, 6, 8,
Assignment1200 hrs
(1800 words)(midday)
North Sydney
Students ONLY
Friday 3/11/2017
1200 hours

HLSC122 Inquiry in Health Care – Unit Outline 201760 FINAL v003

Note: For full details of assessment tasks and their marking criteria please refer to the appendices located at the end of this unit outline


This unit requires you to use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing system. See the ‘Academic referencing’ page from the Office of Student Success for more details.


It is your responsibility to read and familiarise yourself with ACU policies and regulations, including regulations on examinations; review and appeals; acceptable use of IT facilities; and conduct and responsibilities. These are in the ACU Handbook, available from the website. The Unit Outline Resources page ) contains several important links as a starting point.

Assessment Policy and Procedures

You must read the Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures in the University Handbook: they include rules on deadlines; penalties for late submission; extensions; and special consideration. If you have any queries on Assessment Policy, please see your Lecturer in Charge.

Academic integrity

You have the responsibility to submit only work which is your own, or which properly acknowledges the thoughts, ideas, findings and/or work of others. The Framework for Academic Integrity and the Academic Honesty Policy are available from the website. Please read them, and note in particular that plagiarism, collusion and recycling of assignments are not acceptable. Penalties for academic dishonesty can vary in severity, and can include being excluded from the course.


The ‘Turnitin’ application (a text-matching tool) will be used in this unit, in order to enable:

  • students to improve their academic writing by identifying possible areas of poor citation and referencing in their written work; and
  • teaching staff to identify areas of possible plagiarism in students’ written work.

While Turnitin can help in identifying problems with plagiarism, avoiding plagiarism is more important. Information on avoiding plagiarism is available from the Academic Skills Unit. For any assignment that has been created to allow submission through Turnitin (check the Assignment submission details for each assessment task), you should submit your draft well in advance of the due date (ideally, several days before) to ensure that you have time to work on any issues identified by Turnitin. On the assignment due date, lecturers will have access to your final submission and the Turnitin Originality Report.

Outline For Assessment Help

HLSC122 Inquiry in Health Care – Unit Outline 201760 FINAL v003


Inherent Requirements

To support your progression in this unit, students are directed to access the course inherent requirements, on the link below, to understand the essential aspects of their course. If you require assistance to enable you to achieve the knowledge, skills and attitudes outlined in the inherent requirements, please speak with your academic and or a disability advisor for support.


If you are experiencing difficulties with learning, life issues or pastoral/spiritual concerns, or have a disability/medical condition which may impact on your studies, you are advised to notify

your Lecturer in Charge, Course Coordinator and/or one of the services listed below as soon as possible. For all aspects of support please contact the Office of Student Success.

  • Academic Skills offers a variety of services, including workshops (on topics such as assignment writing, time management, reading strategies, referencing), drop-in sessions, group appointments and individual consultations. It has a 24-hour online booking system for individual or group consultations.
  • Campus Ministry offers pastoral care, spiritual leadership and opportunities for you to be involved with community projects.
  • The Career Development Service can assist you with finding employment, preparing a resume and employment application and preparing for interviews.
  • The Counselling Service is a free, voluntary, confidential and non-judgmental service open to all students and staffed by qualified social workers or registered psychologists.
  • Disability Services can assist you if you need educational adjustments because of a disability or chronic medical condition; please contact them as early as possible.
  • Indigenous Units on each campus provide information and support for students.

The Unit Outline Resources web page ) provides links for each service.