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Organizational Sturcure Assignment Help Following is the proposed organizational report sturcure for ‘The Wiggles’ when they expand to Thailand. The sturcuture shown below is a product divisional structure for its Thailand Unit. The overall business project in Thailand will be managed by the GM in the country who will look after the different product divisions in the country. The products offered to the consumers are distributed in 3 Organizational Sturcure Assignment Helpcategories and each unit will look after the buisness of its respective products. Each unit will be responsible for the operations , marketing and finance of its respective product offering.

The first products Services is Live Performances which will manage shows of the original members of The Wiggles group or their Thailand in front of the audience. The second product category is the Amusement Parks which will open amusement parks of The Wiggles theme for the consumers at different locations in Thailand and manage its operations. The third category is the partnership products such as toys, food, media, apparel and accessories which will look after the business opportunities from the licensing, merchandising and other associates opportunities from products produced by the partners but have The Wiggles brand (Rose 2006, pp. 25-27). Since each of these products are different from each other and there is less interference between their business and the skills of the resources involved in their functioning, it will be a good decision to a product division which gives enough independence and flexibility to each product division to manage its business in its own way. Further this will help the management to measure product of each division clearly and determine which division Is goind better and which is not and thereby not let the inefficiencies remain hidden (Francesco 2008, pp. 45-48). This organizational structure may also be replicated in other countries (Country X, Country Y and Country Z as shown in the diagram) with each country having its own GM and having different product categories as different product divisions. Thus a geographic divisonal structure with a product divisional structure may also be used by the organization.


In order to expand the organization in Thailand, it is also necessary that certain control measures are also taken which will help The Wiggles in reducing the chances of facing problems in its business. Following are the important control measures which The Wiggles must have in place.

  • There must be personal control to check the performance of the personals working with the organization in Thailand. In this regard, there must be measures to evaluate their performance and rewards and associated with their performances which help in controling their performance.
  • There must also be personal control to check the  organization behavior of the employees. There must also be Code of Conduct and other behavioural guidelines in the organization for the employees while they interact with internal party or external party which will help to control their behaviour while they work for the organization.
  • The Wiggles must also have some bureucratic control such as having an audit mechanism in the organization whill will keep looking at the fairness of the accounts maintained, activities done, actions taken and the decisions made by the individuals who have the authority to do them.
  • It is also necessarya that there are certain output controls defined by the management. In this regard, it is important for the management to define the targets and the objetctives in terms of expansion as well as sales which they want to achieve in the year. This will help the control and improve the actual performance if it is not matching with the targets.
  • Output control measures should also include steps taken by the management to actually improve the performance after it has been identified that what needs to be done (mentioned in previous point). This may include including new and competent people and firing non performing people or approaching other financers to help the organization with more finances, etc.
  • Since The Wiggles are expanding in to Thailand which has very different native culture than the Australian culture, it is necessary that the foreign employees working in Thailand are provided a thorough understanding of Thai culture. Also the products must also be adapted with Thai culture so that the consumers associate more with its offerings and there is no clash of cultures. (Dowling 2004, pp. 10-12)

Functional Strategies

The Wiggles must use a Polycentric strategy as far as International Human Resource Management Strategy is concerned. By using polycentric strategy, the key positions in Thailand’s units will be managed by the local people while the headquarter will remain in Australia. This will help to manage the operations better as the organization is mostly in service industry and by having having locals employees at key positions, the organization will be in better position to align its operations with the culture, tradition and values of Thailand. (Armstrong 2006, pp. 67-69)

The International Marketing  Strategy which the organization should adopt for Thailand should include customised products as there is difference in culture and language from the original offerings of The Wiggles. The price should also be kept lower than other countries since Thailand is a developing economy and income level of people is less. The organization should promote itlsef through media first so that there is awareness of its offerings to the customer base and then use other promotional means. The organization should start its operations at major cities initially and thereafter expand its location base in Thailand.

The entry mode most suitable for the Management  organization is Franchsing where its gives knowledge of its way of working to the local organizations who with their local knowledge will help The Wiggles business to expand in Thailand. However there are certain major financial issues like sharing of revenues because The Wiggles may not get as much revenue and profits as it deserves due to its propreity over the services. Also franchisees may later start offering their own competitive services after learning the business from the The Wiggles which is also financial risk for the organization (Dowling 2004, pp. 13). The organization Individual must make necessary risk management plans based on above mentioned financial issues before starting its operations.

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