Organizational Problems Assignment | Organizational culture | School Organization

Organizational Problems Assignment is a solution of Solving Methods Of Organizational Problems Assignment that describes about Developing business With respect to the implementation.


With respect to the implementation of the IT project the major issues being identified are coordination and communication among the departments at the workplace. It has been found that the managerial departments and the subordinates lacks in Organizational Problems Assignment | Organizational culture | School Organizationcommunication and coordination in various aspects which thus leads to the failures in the projects or decline in the quality of the project specifically. It is very much important for the organization to maintain its dignity toward the customers by delivery quality and reliable IT projects so that to maintain its position in the market and achieve the desired objectives effectively (Council, 2012). However, it has been seen that it is very much important to establish effective communication and coordination within the departments so that to deliver the best of the organization. In order to attain effective solution British computer society could make use of following methods:

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is basically concerned with the identification of strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities of the organization so that to come up with the effective measures and implement the best practices over it. This tool would support in analyzing the issues and develop the plan for improving the required areas.

Critical path analysis

The critical path analysis assists in recognizing the connection between the activities to be carried out and the path to be followed to achieve the project effectively (Premalatha,, 2013). This tool mainly includes strong decision making which assures the effectiveness of the initiative being made to overcome with the issues.

Force field analysis

This is been considered as the valuable decision making tool which is been utilized to evaluate the issues and make the decisions accordingly. With this tool the authorities of British Computer society would have to jot down the factors that create the issues and influence the processes specifically. For instance, it would identify the reason of lacking coordination and then would help in making effective decision on the basis of the observations. With the help of this, the organization would also be able to make effective decision and resolve the issues particularly.

In addition to this, to reach the effective solution to the issues the management would be formulating effective strategies and would implement the same within the framework (Eden and Ackermann, 2013). As per the identified issue, British computer society acquires weak communication and coordination among the staff members which restricts them in achieving the desired set goals effectively. Therefore, the organization could make use of various strategies to improve the issues and develop the organizational outcomes. The strategies like, training and development, motivation, implementation of curricular activities, group discussions, role plays, etc. could be used to enhance the understanding and reliability within the employees which would make them work together effectively. Moreover, the best suitable strategy which could be implied for solving the issues is offering training to the employees (, 2013).  It has been observed that offering training and development would facilitate the staff members with the significance of communication and coordination and would be trained by the expertise by depicting the role of both the aspects specifically. The employees must realize the essentiality of communication and coordination within the departments and would then be able to scrutinize their weaknesses with the same. In addition to this, periodic training would keep them updated with the current issues and make them work towards the achievement of desired goals.

Potential impact of strategy implementation on the organization

With respect to the execution of the strategies to solve the issues like weak coordination and communication in British Computer society it has been seen that there would be both constructive and adverse impacts on the organization.  The most significant impact would be the improvement in Project quality and feasibility along with the skills of the employees. The training session would make them realize the importance of both the aspects within the organizational framework and would make them initiative for enhancing the same. By providing the training and development to the employees of different departments the company would be able to encourage the employees more effectively and improve their relations as well (Moon, 2013). It has been seen that with the increase in the communication or interaction within the departments or with each other would augment their relationships and mutual understanding for a common concern. In addition to this, it would also help in attain more ideas from different individual and make them feel involved to the management. This initiative would encourage them to come with innovative concepts and the facility of freedom to share the same would also prove to be fruitful for the organization and lead towards the enhancement in the profits. Along with this, the employees would gain enhanced skills and knowledge regarding the specific issues and would encourage them to work with their best efforts.

On the contrary to this, the organization would have a significant impact on its financial records as it would require additional funds for organizing training and development sessions and provide the employees with all relevant resources. It would directly affect to the financial conditions and consume time and resources both (Zakarevi?ius and ┼Żuperkien?, 2015). The organization would have to bear the loss of productivity for a specific period of time also as the employees would be engaged in the training and thus the work would be hampered. Along with this, the expertise trainers would also have to be paid higher costs for making the employees overcome with the issues effectively.

Organizational Problems Assignment | Organizational culture | School Organization


With the above report it could be concluded that employability skills are the potentials and attributes of an individual that facilitates in accomplishing the desired objectives and maintain a position within an organization. It has been found that personal and professional plan a formal means by which an individual decides the objective, strategy and results out of their learning either from the training or from personal experiences. It has been also revealed that clear communication of strategic decision supports the middle level management to draw effective operational plans out of their efforts. Various communication sources which could be used by the organizations are verbal discussions, written forms, etc. which would allow the employees convey their information among each other. Furthermore, the report reveals that scheduling allows in identifying the stage of project i.e. whether the project is delayed or running ahead of time schedule. In case activities are delayed, additional resources could be put in to speed up the completion of tasks. Additionally, team dynamics had facilitated the organization in constructing a quality team and enhances the knowledge and understanding of the employees.


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