Organization Marketing Assignment

Selecting the target market

Organization Marketing AssignmentTarget market select is the very important factor for any organization. Every organization should select target market after they should start their business activities. Market segmentation is very important task before target market. Market segmentation refers to divided market according to culture, region, ages, income, education, country economic condition, mentality, religion etc. After market segmentation, the organization should select the target market and started their business activities into the target market. M&S is very popular retailer organization. So this organization is very conscious about customer expectation (Heidingsfield and Blankenship, 2014). M&S does segments their market after they choose their target market and operate their business activities in the target market. This organization follows many strategies for targeting their market.

Four targeting strategies of M&S are hosing here:

Market position is the very important factor for fulfilling organization achievement. If the organization can select good position, they achieve half of their target. So positioning is a very important factor for any organization (Etzel, Walker and Stanton, 2017). M&S is more conscious customer’s expectation, and they also try to provide products according to customers demand. This organization is also conscious of competitor’s strategies, substitute product. M&S tries to best performance than others organization.

Explain the Marketing mix (7Ps):

The success of the organization depends on key elements. The marketing mix gives the clear concept to marketers. The marketing mix includes seven elements. This element is very important to achieve organization success. The marketing mix involves 7ps. It is discussed in below:

Product: it is the very important element of marketing mix. Every organization does represent their products to customers. The organization provides their products to targeting or potential customers.

Price: It is another important factor in the marketing mix. The organization has the product, but they do not set product price it is not acceptable to customers. So every organization must fix a price for their products. The organization should mind of customer’s side when they fixed products price.

Place: Every organization should select the perfect place for doing business. It is major fact of every type of organization. The organization selects place base on economic condition, demand, customer mentality etc.

Promotion: The organization must take necessary step for product promotion after finishing specific time or period (Heidingsfield and Blankenship, 2014).  If the organization does not take necessary step for product promotion, the customers may switch other product.

People: People are another important fact for the organization. The organization does not run their business activities without people. People should be informative, knowledgeable and skilful.

Process: Marketing activities depend on some process because all marketing activities are going into some process.

Physical evidence: The organization must have some physical evidence. The customers go there and take to service example hospital, school etc.

Implementation and control

Finally, the markets implement their marketing plan in the market. The marketers do not get any feedback without the implement. They do implement the marketing plan in the market, and if keep any problem of the marketing plan, they try to overcome this problem (Etzel, Walker and Stanton, 2017). The markets another important task is control after implement marketing plan. Markets should regularly observe marketing plan.

P2 – Explain how the roles and responsibilities of marketing are related within the context of M&S.

Roles and responsibility of marketing

The B2B marketing concept is business to business marketing, and B2C marketing concept is business to customer marketing. It is discussed in below:

Explain the role of marketing within B2B context

Business to business marketing is one type of marketing process where one business organization provides their products to another business organization. They do not provide products to the customer; the business deal occurs between business to business. B2B marketing process the business organization does not think about the benefits of the product, the business organization does think about product feature (Doole, 2016). It is used for general business operation such as the official supplier or resale to customers. The business organization does not do business directly with customers. Examples include web hosting, advertising agencies, graphic design services etc.  Business to the business process is the ongoing business process; its sales process is the long time that business to customer sales process.

Explain the role of marketing within B2C context

Business to customer marketing is one type of marketing process where the business organization provides their product and service to the customer. This type of business process occurs between business organizations to customers. The business organization gives more conscious about products benefits because they want to increase their products sale by this marketing process. Its sales process is short time than business to the business sales process. (Comfort and Brieger, 2010).The business organization is direct sales their products to customers. Example of this business housecleaning service, retail stores, restaurants etc. The customers buy the product immediately of this marketing process.

Marks and Spencer is the big multination retail organization in the UK. Marks and Spencer are producing cloths, home product, and luxury food products etc. Since it is the big retail organization, so it is direct sell their products to the customer. It follows B2C marketing process. Marks and Spencer give more conscious about products benefits because they want to increase their products sale by this marketing process (Dolan, Dobscha and Mick, 2012). This organization first business structure was partnership business.

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