Organization Documentation

Organization Documentation

Organization Documentation Jacky electronics is a private company based in Dubai. It is in retail business which deals in electronic products and provide quality Services to its customers in Dubai.

The purpose of business:

Organization DocumentationPurpose of the Jacky’s Group is to provide Value added Products and services by touching the heart of customers and Strengthening and building customer’s trust in its Brand. Customers are everything for a business and keeping them happy and retaining them is the aim of every business organization.

The product/service the business offers:

Products include Computer, Tablets, mobile phones, TV and home heaters, cameras gaming, Audio and sounds, wearable and navigations Appliances, health and beauty care Accessories and peripherals.

Services it provides to its consumers are extended warranty. Device fortification. Offer relaxed payment Procedures. Gift coupons. Customer care service. Mobile Checking facility.

Business description:

Jacky’s Group is Giant in Electronics retail Business. It is now one of the leading international traders in electronics and merchandise in Dubai. Jacky’s Adaptive and proactive approach towards business is the reason of its success. It exploits crises situation and emerge stronger from difficult times. Its changes its policies according to the needs of its customers. It tries to capture the market on right time and has so far successful in market capitalization. Starting from a store in 1988 and now owning five subsidiaries is the Shining example of its successful Strategic decision making.

Organizational structure:

Organizationstructure is a feature of strategy execution. Strategy is applied through engagements and engagements are prearranged and measured through the administration and decision making structure with in an organization. Jacky electronic structure has well-defined operational and reporting structure to efficiently do business and attract new customers and retain Old customers. The size of Jacky electronics is large and its management policy is to provide quality services to all its customers.

 Its organizational structure includes:


Board Of Directors



Managing Director

Chief Operating OfficerAssistant Vice-presidenthead of retail marketingDeputy Head of retail marketing

Head-office Management

Managing director


Chief Operating OfficerFinance director


Organization Documentation

Hierarchy Chart of Management

Each management person’s duty is defined and special care is taken to maintain coordination among the management level. Coordination is maintained though operational support system. Information System is established to maintain fast and efficient flow of information among all the stakeholders including suppliers and Consumers. Jacky electronics has managed to create Brand name in short period of time and it is only because they have the best Information system installed. It is in retail business which has to deal with suppliers and customer complaints and queries often. Duties and responsibilities are defined and chain of command is strongly implemented. Information is the lifeblood of any business and Jacky’s group management has applied this to its core. They have established effective communication system among its various department through information technology and has provided platform to all the stakeholders to inquire for any query about their products or services. It keeps itself updated with market trends and change itself accordingly. One of the main reason for its successful business operation is the effective and fast flow of information among the different departments and management level. Retail business need updated management to make strategic decisions about sustaining in market and acquiring new market and increase its customer net. (Group, 2016)

 Size of the business:

In 1988Jacky group founded its first retail store in Al Nasser Square, Dubai. It adopted with the needs of Dubai market and over the years it expanded its business and founded its own Subsidiaries and expanded its business in Dubai.

The Group now owns the Following Subsidiaries in its Net.

  • Jacky’s electronics
  • Jacky’s Middle East
  • Jacky’s business Solutions
  • Jacky’s Logistics
  • Jacky’s Gulf

Jacky’s Group has provided jobs to 600 people globally and its revenue has crossed the AED 100 million mark.

Products/service description:

Jacky’s management keeps itself informed from the need of its customers. It changes its business Methods by collecting information from its stakeholders. It keeps itself in touch with its consumer and keep themselves informed form their needs and get its management informed from market Jacky group rely on sophisticated information system.

Introduction to an operational support Information System:

Operational Support system is a set of Programs installed by Jacky’s Group That aids tem to observe, examine, Govern and manage a computer helps Jacky’s group to keep themselves update and process customer related information including online Ordering from Customers, billing the Customers and provide online support to customers.

Information System:

Jacky’s electronics has installed advance Information system to efficiently communicate with its customers and provide them Quality service. The information System at Jacky’s Electronics is Transaction Process System. This information system automates the routine and repetitive operations such as Billing Customers, preparation of payroll and point-of-sale. It summarizes, record and merge the data and formulate a report. For example Jacky’s Electronics has developed Universal product code is Standard operation followed to identify products with Numbers and coding the benefits Jacky’s Group in Ensuring accurate pricing and improving efficiency. It improves communication flow and reduced Shrinkage. Bar code Scanners has reduced operational cost of Jacky’s Group.

Easy Payments and billing methods is made possible by Jacky’s electronics.Jacky’s group depends immensely on Information system to effectively manage its business operations. Retail business requires customer management and made products available to customers in time. Online ordering facility, keeping up-to-date website and easy to place an order for product or service and inquire about a product or service .keeping 24/7 open helpline for customer queries is handled through advance information system at Jacky’s group. (Oz, 2008)


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