Online Marketing Sales Increase Assignment Help

Online Marketing Sales Increase Assignment Help

Online Marketing Sales Increase Assignment Help is a solution of your focus keyword that describes about  Developing online marketing that can be able to catch as many people for the service and products of the organisations to be marketed.

Analysis of different tools used in online marketing for sales increase:

Online Marketing Sales Increase Assignment HelpDifferent tools are used to execute online marketing that can be able to catch as many people for the service and products of the organisations to be marketed. The important and hugely used tools are as follows:

Display advertising- Display advertising is an effective tool in online marketing that creates significant effect in revealing a message regarding a particular business organisation. The organisations use display advertising to make significant impacts in the minds of the customers creating visual impacts through graphics, photographs, animations, logos, texts etc (Emilia, 2014, p.531).

Web page advertising- Online marketing generally use the tools of publishing advertisements in the web pages. Organisations choose rich media to publish their desired contents in the web banner through audio, animations and other interactive materials.

Search Engine Marketing- Organisations take the option of marketing through various search engines. The search engines generally communicate results as per the queried search with sponsored and non-sponsored search results (Haley, 2012, p.76). The differentiation is definitely there between the two results with sponsored results having visual cues maintaining relevance with the queried search.
Social media marketing- Social networking sites have become everyone’s daily companion. The business organisations use social media to post their respective advertising contents. People unknowingly can get in touch with different kinds of products and services with their extended features. The business organisations take the benefits of the pages of social media to promote their products to reach out to maximum number of customers. Companies generally market frequent updates and special offers of their products through social media pages.
Mobile Advertising- Alvarez, Taylor and Nauseous (2015, p.241) stated that online marketing also issues the advantage of mobile advertising by which the customers are communicated through short service messaging and multimedia messaging displaying various advertisements. The customers can get every detail regarding offers, features, stores of brands and companies.

Email Advertising- Email marketing is another effective prospect of online marketing. The business organisations use electronic mails to publish their prospective advertisements. As commented by Landholding (2015, p.121), in contemporary time, people have constant companionship with email for various purpose. It has become easy for the advertisers to reach out to the maximum number of customers from various regions to let them know the detailed information regarding any brand or company.

Online Marketing For Sales Increase Assignment Help Analysing the advantages in online marketing:

Online marketing is defined as a type of marketing strategies that are used through various medium of internet marketing like email, pay-per-clicks and banner advertising Lilia and Grover (2014, p.290). On the contrary, there are various advantages that are enjoyed by the online marketers. The most significant benefit of online marketing is that it is globally distributed. Moreover, Rose (2012, p.23), stated that it can target large amount of people in buying products. Thus, potential customers gets influenced from purchasing products and as a result it increases sales of an organisation. However, it is quite beneficial as it reduces cost which is a major advantage for the firm as it can save costs. For the business it can reduce staffing cost as very few number of staffs are needed. Moreover, it improves cash flow of the company. According to Biter and Gremler (2011, p.89), online marketing allows the business to find out online competitors.
On the other hand, online marketing helps the customers in sharing experience. The customers can share their experience about how far they have liked the products and can give their feedback comments. Zhang et al. (2013, p.1115) argues that when a customer purchase products online products they have to give price before they receive it. In online ASOS website helps the consumers to keep track of their purchase. The online marketing gives a platform in targeting specific customers demographically to purchase product. Wu (2015, p.906), stated that is also gives every details information about the products before they make decision in purchasing products. In addition, it can provide the companies with two-way communication which in turn increase customer satisfaction and build credibility. However, internet marketing is quite faster in empowering their advertisers so that they can improve their campaign.

Online Marketing For Sales Increase Assignment Help Disadvantages of online marketing:

Online marketing has all the benefits and positivity that both the customers and the business organizations can be benefited. As argued by Blakeman (2012, p.63), the present market demands the implementation of effective online marketing that helps in acquiring market benefit for a business organization. Having abundance of benefits of online marketing, there are some unavoidable limitations also.
The first of all factors to worry about is the matter of cost that the online marketing involves. With the help of online marketing, the advertisers and the business authorities can widely reach to the customers from various regions. In this respect, the start up costs to publish advertisements online through websites are high. Initially it can pose as a great hindrance for the companies or organizations to implement the online marketing strategy. Smith and Catalano (2011, p.93) stated that the websites to publish advertisements and other marketing aspects need specifically required software, hardware and other maintenance. The costs of these have to be maintained at a regular basis.

Online Marketing Sales Increase Assignment Help

Internet marketing always has the benefit of detailing information of products and services that the customers wish to buy. They check over internet to view the products and services. During the time purchase where the high involvement of the customers is attached they always want hands on experience to make decisions on their purchase. In that case, the online marketing has hardly any effectiveness.
According to Levinson and Rubin (2011, p.69), different potential customers are there in the market who are not still that much accustomed to use internet to get close to the online advertisements and other informational details. These customers cannot have the access to any promotional details, offers, discounts of any product. Thus, the companies are more likely to lose this section of customers.

The existing rules and regulation in internet marketing are subject to frequent changes. Scott (2014, p.78) argued that the advertising authorities need to be updated with the information to make required changes in time. They have to make sure that the strategy which is applied does not go out of date.

The online marketing has the biggest threat in handling the fraudulent activities. People are often cheated by so many illegal authorities who open websites and publish advertisements similarly copying from the authenticated ones. It has become a serious issue nowadays where credibility issues regularly hit the customers. They are often misguided with fraudulent online payments and other monetary engagements. Technological curse also emerged in stealing of personal confidential data related to different organizational business contexts (Ginty, Vaccarello and Leake, 2012, p.98). The hackers regularly enter the personal confidentialities of various business organizations what is considered to be the most threatening disadvantages of online publishing of advertisements.

Online marketing is completely one of the business strategies that is monitored by technology and mechanism. There is no human touch attached with with it like the salesperson giving demonstrations. It consequently hinders continuation of healthy business relationship that can earn a positive consumer behaviour. The customers here may not repeat the commitment of their purchase.
Another unavoidable complication arises when some technical faults come in as a major problem in the implementation of online advertisements. As defined by Etzel, Walker and Stanton (2014, p.84)The customers are deprived of viewing the contents of advertisements with major technical faults as the internet marketing is totally dependent on technology and mechanisms.

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