Object-Oriented Design And Programming
Object-Oriented Design And Programming


Building an OO Application

2015/2016 SEMESTER 1


CE/CZ2002 Object-Oriented Design & Programming



The main objective of this assignment is to :

  • •Apply the Object-Oriented (OO) Design concepts you have learnt in the course,
  • •Model, design and develop a quality OO application fulfilling the project requirement,
  • •Gain familiarity with using Java as an object oriented programming language,
  • •Work collaboratively as a group to achieve a common goal.


Computing Lab II (Location: N4-B2b-04).



PC (or Laptop)


Your prefered Java IDE or simply notepad and Java Development ToolKits



The assignment for your group will be to design and develop a :

MOvie Booking and LIsting Management Application (MOBLIMA)

MOBLIMA is an application to computerize the processes of making online booking and purchase of movie tickets, listing of movies and sale reporting. It will be used by the movie- goers and cinema staff.

The following are information about the application:

  • The application act as a centralized ‘location’ for making bookings for all the Cineplexes in different location managed by the vendor.
  • Each Cineplex will have 3 or more cinemas.
  • The movie ticket price can be charged according to the following type :
  • a.type of movie (3D,Blockbuster,etc),
  • b.class of cinema (eg Platinum Movie Suites)
  • c.age of movie-goer (eg adult, senior citizen, child)
  • d.day of the week or public holiday.

An example is extracted from http://www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg/faqs.aspx is shown in Appendix A.

  • Movie listings and showtimes can be queried and booking can be made.
  • From the movie listings, movie-goer can also view the information about the movie. Information like
  1. a.Movie title
  2. b.Showing status [Coming Soon, Preview, Now Showing]
  3. c.SYNOPSIS – movie abstract
  4. d.Director
  5. e.Cast (at least 2)
  6. f.Overall reviewer rating (1 – 5 [best])
  7. g.Past reviews and reviewers’ ratings

Movie-goer can also enter his/her review and rating.

A layout of each cinema will be presented for seat selections upon booking.

Upon booking, the application will capture the movie-goer’s name, mobile number and email address. Each payment will have a transaction id (TID). The TID is of the format XXXYYYYMMDDhhmm (Y : year, M : month, D : day, h : hour, m : minutes, XXX : cinema code in letters). [ you will decide on the cinema code]

Movie-goer can check their history of bookings.

For cinema staff only :

  • a.Cinema staff need to login to access its functions
  • b.Cinema staff can configure the system settings (eg, ticket prices, holidays, etc)
  • c.Cinema staff can enter the forthcoming movies, its type (Blockbuster/3D,etc), movie rating (eg PG), show times, the cinema, showing status (Coming Soon, Preview, Now Showing, End Of Showing), etc.
  • d.Cinema staff can also update the details of the movies or remove the movie by changing the status to ‘End of Showing’.
  • e.Cinema staff can list the current top 5 ranking movies by
  • i.Ticket sales (display the movie title and total sales)
  • ii.Overall reviewers’ rating (display the movie title and overall rating)

Refer to Appendix A for further details and additional information can be acquired using the site, http://www.cathaycineplexes.com.sg/default.aspx, as reference.

Functional Requirements (to be demonstrated):

Admin module

  1. 1.Login
  2. 2.Create/Update/Remove movie listing
  3. 3.Create/Update/Remove cinema showtimes and the movies to be shown
  4. 4.Configure system settings

Movie-goer module

  • 1.Search/List movie
  • 2.View movie details – including reviews and ratings
  • 3.Check seat availability and selection of seat/s.
  • 4.Book and purchase ticket
  • 5.View booking history
  • 6.List the Top 5 ranking by ticket sales OR by overall reviewers’ ratings

(Note : you may re-order or re-phrase the above functionalities when displaying your application menu)

The application is to be developed as a Command-Line Interface (CLI) application (non- Graphical UI). Data should be stored in flat file format, either in text or binary. No SQL- based database application (eg MySQL, MS Access, etc) is to be used. You can also choose to use XML or JSON.

You can populate your movies items with data collected from the internet.

*You will create your own test cases and data to test your application thoroughly. However, you should also create test cases to test for cases of

configuring a holiday date and the ticket price is shown correctly when booking is done on that date

booking on a different day of the week or holiday and type of cinema (eg suite to demonstrate the differences in prices

configuring “End of Showing” date and the movie should not be listed for booking

booking only allowed for “Preview” and “Now Showing” status.

*The test cases above need to be demonstrated.

Assumptions :

(1)This is a single-user application and there is no need to consider concurrent access.

(2)THREE cineplexes will be created for the demonstration.

(3)The currency will be in Singapore Dollar (SGD) and inclusive of Good and Services Tax (GST).

(4)A simple login for cinema staff is sufficed.

(5)Payment will always be successful.

(6)There is no need to interface with external system, eg Payment, printer, etc, but you can consider it in your design.

(7)Senior citizen can be purchased online without validation of identity or age. The validation will be done upon entering the cinema.


Your report will include the following :

a)A detailed UML Class Diagram for the application

show clearly the class relationship, notation

notes to explain, if necessary

b)A write-up on your design considerations and use of OO concepts.

c)A detailed UML Sequence Diagram showing the flow of the “Search/List movie

&View movie details – including reviews and ratings” functions in one diagram.

The diagram should show clearly all participating objects involved with relevant interaction fragments.

d)Screen captures of the testings done (those essential test cases not covered in your demo).

e)A duly signed Declaration of Original Work form (Appendix B) to be included in the report

f)[Optional] Member’s work contribution and distribution breakdown.

If your group feels that marks should be given based on contribution, your group can fill up the WBS.xls(in the same folder) and include it in this report. You must also email the WBS.xls to the course-coordinator with ALL members in the loop.


Your group is to produce a video (via screen capture) and audio recording to demonstrate the working of the application – presenting ALL the required functionalities and relevant test cases of the application. It is advised that you planned your demonstration in astory-boarding flow to facilitate understanding of your application.

Include a group photo and introduce your group members and lab group + group number.

In the production, you may include :

a)Explaining essential and relevant information about the application

b)Run-through and elaborate on essential part/s of your implementation/coding

The video duration must not exceed 15 minutes in total.

The font size used must be large enough to be readable and viewable.

The video and audio quality must be clear.

The demo of the application is to done in real-time and NOT pre-run display.


Your group submission should be in the form of CD or DVD and should include the following :

a.The report.

b.Video and audio recording of the demonstration.

c.All implementation codes.


UML Class Diagram [25 Marks]

Clarity, Correctness and Completeness

UML Sequence Diagram [20 Marks]

Clarity, Correctness and Completeness

Design Consideration [15 Marks]

Usage of OO concepts and principle – correctness and appropriateness

Implementation Code [20 Marks]

Diagram to Code correctness, readability, naming convention, exception handling, completeness of Java Doc and overall quality.

– A Java API HTML documentation of ALL your defined classes using Javadoc must be submitted. The use of javadoc feature is documented in Appendix D.

Demonstration [20 Marks]

Coverage of application essentials and functionalities, user friendliness, demo flow, innovation.

Based on stated video duration above.


This is a group assignment, and ONE CD/DVD is to be submitted from each group.

The CD/DVD needs to be submitted to the Software Projects Lab @N4-B1b-11

Drop your CD/DVD into the letterbox indicating your lab class and the course code CE/CZ2002.

Indicate your group members and lab class on the CD/DVD.

Deadline : 13th November 2015, 4.30pm.

Note that THREE (3) marks are to be deducted for the delay submission of each calendar day.


UML Diagrams tool – Visual Paradigm http://www.visual-paradigm.com/

Edventure Cx2002 main course site content

Edventure Cx2002 course site content on “File Input/Output”

Object Serialization tutorialhttp://www.javabeginner.com/uncategorized/java- serialization

Windows Media Encoder ( a suggestion)http://www.microsoft.com/expression/products/EncoderPro_Overview.aspx

Declaration of Original Work for CE/CZ2002 Assignment

We hereby declare that the attached group assignment has been researched, undertaken, completed and submitted as a collective effort by the group members listed below.

We have honored the principles of academic integrity and have upheld Student Code of Academic Conduct in the completion of this work.

We understand that if plagiarism is found in the assignment, then lower marks or no marks will be awarded for the assessed work. In addition, disciplinary actions may be taken.

Important notes:

1. Name must EXACTLY MATCH the one printed on your Matriculation Card.

Report requirement: 1. Format:

For the main content, please use Times New Roman 12 pt font size and 1.5 line spacing. You may choose to use other fonts (e.g, Courier New) for code segments. Please use the following report structure:

  • Cover page: Declaration of original work
  • Design Considerations .
  • o Approach taken, Principles used, Assumptions made, etc

Optional : You can show the important code segment (e.g, a method or a few lines of code) and necessary illustrations to explain your design or approach.

Detailed UML Class Diagram (export as image jpg).

Further Notes, if needed

Detailed UML Sequence Diagram of stated function (export as image jpg).

Further Notes, if needed


oTest Cases and Results


The report should be at most 15 pages from cover to cover including diagrams/Testing results/references/appendix, if there is any. If you could well present your work in fewer than 15 pages, you are encouraged to do so.

DO NOT include source code in the report but stored the source code in the CD/DVD.

Creating Javadoc:

Detailed can be found athttp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/documentation/index- 137868.html

Using Javadoc in Eclipse : Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx-8BD_Osdw

Below is a short example :


Represents a student enrolled in the school. A student can be enrolled in many courses.@author Tan Kheng Leong

@version 1.0 @since2014-08-31 */

public class Student {


* The first and last name of this student.*/

private String name;


* The age of this student.*/

private int age;


*Creates a new Student with the given name.

*The name should include both first and

*last name.

*@param name This Student’s name.

*@param age This Student’s age.


public Student(String name, int age) { this.name = name;

this.age = age;



*Gets the first and last name of this Student.

*@return this Student’s name.


public String getName() { return name;



*Changes the name of this Student.

*This may involve a lengthy legal process.

*@param newName This Student’s new name.


Should include both first


and last name.


public void setName(String newName) { name = newName;


CE/CZ2002 Object-Oriented Design & Programming



Output from Javadoc – index.html

For those familiar with using command prompt :

Steps to general API doc :

(1)Locate the installed path of JDK (java development kit)

– In Windows, it should be in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk<version>\

(2)Open command prompt

(3)Go to your src directory using cd

(4)At prompt …..src> <path to jdk>\bin\javadoc” -d ./html -author -private -noqualifier all – version <packagename1> <packagename2> <….>

Eg .C:\subject\2014sem1\cx2002\src>”C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_05\bin\javadoc” -d ./html -author-private -noqualifier all -version edu.ntu.sce.cx2002 edu.ntu.sce.cx2003




Path to your src root

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_05\bin\javadoc”

Path to your jdk javadoc.exe [ using double quote if

path has space in between, eg Program Files ]

-d ./html

-d : specific folder to store html doc

Eg ./html means current directory create a html folder

to store


Include @author in doc, if provided


Include all methods and fields

–noqualifier all

Omitted all full package name.

Eg show String instead of java.lang.String


Include @version in doc, if provided

edu.ntu.sce.cx2002 edu.ntu.sce.cx2003

Different package names

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