Nursing School Admission Essay

Nursing School Admission Essay

Nursing School Admission Essay

Nursing School Admission EssayWhen I was a young girl, my grandmother used to tell me that every precious thing in life is never attained easily. She helped me realize that one can only succeed in life if he or she devises an idea, purpose, or objective to pursue. The resolutions made are vital because they offer motivation to keep going even when one is against all odds. Personally, the nursing field has always enticed me despite having profound knowledge that the duties of the nurses are daunting. I prefer looking at the challenges in the field of nursing on a positive note because that has challenged me seek a chance to help patients in dire need.

The birth experience that I had a few years ago was traumatic, to say the least. However, three nurses elected to help me throughout the labor period. They kept constant watch over me. They realized that I was struggling to deliver because my daughter could not purge even after pushing for six hours. The doctor ordered a cesarean section operation to be conducted. I commend my husband for having the courage to accompany me to the Operation Room. However, my utmost appreciation goes to the nurse and anesthesiologist that stayed by my side until the entire process was over. The doctor and the nurses were instrumental in the development of the burning desire to join the medical fraternity.

I studied Health Science during my time at the undergraduate institute primarily. The objective was to gain a deep understanding of the pathogenesis associated with numerous diseases that I may encounter now or in future. I have been a volunteer at the pediatric emergency department in the Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital since my undergraduate years. In simpler terms, I have worked at Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital as a volunteer trainee for several years now. My responsibility was organizing paperwork as well as conducting numerous medical procedures for children. The experiences have allowed me to have a holistic picture of the knowledge and commitment necessary to succeed as a nurse.

The academic career and the exposure I have gained through volunteer programs in the local health sector has taught me a lot. In particular, I have learned that nurses do not work only as caregivers. On the contrary, they combine their duties in the healthcare system with community-oriented responsibilities. In this case, it is logical to state that most nurses serve as role models not only for the patients, but also for the community as a whole. Nurses are specialists dedicated to upholding healthy lifestyles. Nurses exercise open communication and honesty because they are the dominant links between the doctors and their patients. They also interact with the patients and their family members at a personal level. Personally, these are fields that suit my communication and public relations skills. Having the opportunity and ability to impact the lives of ordinary people is powerful and empowering.

I am entirely sure that I am destined to succeed in the field of nursing upon completion of my nursing course because I possess unmatched determination. I am aware of the fact that the career I have opted to pursue is emotionally and physically draining. Medical practitioners rarely get the credit that they deserve. However, I have been lucky to witness the impact that the nurses can have on the lives of desperate individuals who visit the healthcare centers where I work as a volunteer. I am devoted to joining the ranks that offer excellent care as a way of practicing social responsibility and giving back to the community that has made whom I am today. These realizations embolden me to say that I will lay down a marker for success in the medical sector because I am totally committed to keep progressing.

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