New Essay Requirement Supporting Documentation | International Admissions

New Essay Requirement Supporting Documentation any project written for an academic purpose, students should be prepared and able to defend their use of research materials. In order to develop a deeper understanding of the standards that a research paper is held to, students in the Plagiarism Prevention Program will be required to provide New Essay Requirement Supporting Documentation | International Admissionssupporting evidence of the source material used in the Academic Integrity Writing Assignment. It is best for students to collect this supporting evidence during the research and writing process. Do not wait until the paper is complete.

Follow these steps to collect and provide all evidence for your paper:

  1. As the words or ideas of a source are used in a sentence of your draft, find the passage in the original source.
  2. Highlight the words/passage in question.
  3. If you accessed the source digitally, use your cursor to select and highlight the passage in question.
  4. If you have printed out the document, use a highlighter to clearly mark the passage.
  5. If you have a print document from a library that cannot/should not be permanently marked, use a pencil to underline the passage in question.
  6. Capture the passage digitally.
  7. Take a picture (this is effective for both print or digital sources).
  8. For digital sources, you can also capture a screen shot.
  9. PC Instructions:
  10. Mac Instructions:

New Essay Requirement Supporting Documentation | International Admissions

Save or rename the image with the in-text citation information for that source: name and year are essential, and if the source has pages include that as well. Your file name may look something like this: Smith 2010 p 6. If there are two images with the same in-text citation and page, simply add a number or other distinguishing character to separate the two (for example, 1 Smith 2010 p 6 and 2 Smith 2010 p 6).

Note: saving your files correctly is essential. It will be impossible to assess what evidence goes with which passages if you don’t save your files accurately. Evidence sent without file names that clearly credit the source will require resubmission.

Repeat this process for every quote or paraphrase in your paper and then e-mail the documentation to whenever you submit your draft. Depending on the number of evidence you need to provide, you may not be able to submit everything in one e-mail. In such a case, it may be helpful to e-mail your documentation by page (one e-mail with the evidence for page one of your essay, another e-mail with the evidence needed for page two of your essay, etc.). Through the course of the revision process, if you add further research, then you must send the documentation for the new passages.

Providing supporting documentation for your research is necessary to illustrate the care and attention that students need to take when using material from a source, and it also provides the Plagiarism Prevention Program Specialist evidence of your correct utilization of quotations or paraphrases. Papers submitted without the accompanying documentation will not be evaluated until that evidence has been provided.  If you have any questions regarding documentation for your essay, please let me know.

Laura Hardin Marshall

Plagiarism Prevention Program Specialist