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Networking Technologies Assignment Help in an organization may helps to reduce the effort and enhance the data security. The report will discuss the benefits and constraints of network systems and topologies. The report will discuss the impact of technology and standards along with Networking Technologies Assignment Help | NETWORK SERVICESeffective utilization of different networking system. The report will also discuss the role of hardware and software components and determine the server and workstation requirement of network. The report will present the network design and will evaluate the network along with implementation, testing of requirements and recommended solutions to possible problems in network. The report will present the network maintenance schedule.

Networking systems types and topologies

Local Area Network: The combination of wireless and wired devices can be used to serve the small area with single storage and printing facilities. Due to Ethernet cable, network provides high speed and security in cost effective manner. However, higher traffic in network and attacks on single storage or services may break the connections.
Wide Area Network: It covers large geographical area and may contain two or more local area networks. It provides better security of resources and information as there is more than one control to keep the system running in case of failure but initial cost of installation and maintenance may be tricky.
Metropolitan Area Network: it is limited to coverage of a city. It offers secure communication and multipoint control in network to deal with failures but the bandwidth is shared among users. So that performance issues may appear when most of users are online (
A topology defines the structure of devices in network so that desired functionality and features can be obtained. Major network structures are:
Bus: In bus topology all the devices are connected to a single backbone cable. This is normally used in local area network. The cost and maintenance is easy in bus topology but failure of single server or backbone may fail the network.
Ring: All the computing devices are connected to each other to form the ring. There is high security of data and no one is server in network as token is used to communicate with each other. However, if one of port in ring goes down, it may affect the performance of entire network.
Star: In start topology, all the systems have dedicated connection to server so that performance is high but the cost of installation and risk of network survival is also high (Robertazzi, 2011).
Wired configuration provides secure and faster mechanism to send the information within network although the maintenance is difficult to handle at each terminal. Wireless is effective to setup the network in impractical situation but it has influence of external environment on speed and security.

Networking Technologies Assignment Help | NETWORK SERVICES

Impact of current network technology, communication and standards

The network technologies are being improved for more robust systems and better security. In order to reduce the maintenance efforts and cost along with security on information transmission, various protocols have been proposed. The communication among two ends ion networks are secured with end to end encryption in network so that nobody else can read the information and can deny for the services in network. High performance routers and switches are effective to utilize the resources (De Smet and Marchal, 2010). The applications are being developed to control the network activities and configuration with software based approach. Addition to it, IEEE standards to network design and security are updated for the integration of new techniques and tools. The implementation of network with diverse devices has resolved the issues of vendor specific pattern to structure the network.
The flexibilities of organizations to achieve global market positions are leading the use of internet and high accessibility to the resources. With the use of cloud computing, organizations are getting benefits to access their files and applications from anywhere with the help of internet. The cloud computing is helping organizations to keep the information secure and sharable to employees. Amun-Ra has now two branches those are geographically apart and three of developers need to work from home. In such cases, the information sharing can be done with cloud computing. Amun-Ra will get benefit of reduced cost on hardware and storage as a central system will serve all the requests (

Protocols and utilisation of different networking systems

Protocols help to utilize the network system with adequate security implementation and information transmission. Mail protocols like SMTP or POP3 help to send secure mails to other members in network with effective on time services. Data link layer and network layers are two most important layers in network diagram which a large size file is properly segmented and addressed to deliver at receiver end. Protocols like IP and DHCP help to identify the unique destination in network and to utilise the capabilities of network to send the information. In order to make use of bandwidth and resources in network topology, it is necessary to identify the right amount of traffic and user load on network (Medhi, 2010). The protocols of routing help to manage the traffic and locking of resources for dedicated use for a specific time.
In order to send the information from one node to another, network can be designed with TCP or UDP protocols. For instance, TCP provides dedicated communication between two terminals in network for security and reliability purpose whereas UDP uses the dynamic routes to send the information to destination. In this manner, protocols make use of possible resources in network to reach destination. The main objectives of protocols are to enhance the utilization of network structure for desired security and sharing of information within optimum time.Order Now