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Network Design Assignment Help There are two different approaches to connect the Nottingham branch to London branch within budget and business constraints:
Design 1:
Network Design Assignment Help | Network Design Homework HelpNetwork can be design with given preference in which both the offices are connected with internet where firewall is used to filter the packages at both ends. The network design compasses the wired as well as wireless connection to provide printing and other usability with mobile devices. The network design uses switches to distribute the network and bandwidth among available users in branch. The main difference is at internet as this design use the own intranet connected to internet with open connection so there is no security of information over internet. Al though the network is protected with firewall to eliminate internal damage to network with external requests and packages (Nagurney and Nagurney, 2010).
Design 2:
In second design, the network is same but the internet functionality is changed to more secure implementation. As network is tunnel through a private channel to protect the data loss and theft during communication. However, it also uses the wired and wireless devices to aid the functionality in network. The file and web server are located at Nottingham office as it is the home location of network. The tunnelling is helpful to protect the information over internet. Also the each system is configured with antivirus and firewall systems so that security can be enhanced along with performance.
From both the design, second one is effective as it uses the private virtual networking to protect the information and to enhance the performance of network (Korowajczuk, 2011). Second design is also effective to expand the network in future with same configuration as all the components are categorised with router and switches for better utilization of network.

Design and user feedback

Network design specification

Design ParameterSpecificationUse in design
Bandwidth1Gb physical cableTotal number of user is about to 37. The bandwidth calculation if 200000 bytes are used at each destination= 125000000/200000= 625 in which future requirements can be handles effectively.
User quality measurement High performance and accuracyThe average response time is about to 1.5 sec which is effective for both the branches in network (
Network ExpansionNetwork can be scaled to about 600 users effectively.The setup is effective and there is no demand of additional hardware as well as software components to expand network.
Quality of Service Fibre cable can be used to enhance performance and security.However, it is costly and needs latest technical equipments to utilize effectively.
Data Securityanti-virus and Firewall applicationsThere are required to protect the each terminal in network from unwanted requests and traffic. The harmful code can be removed with the help of antivirus programs (McCabe, 2010).

User feedback:
The network design is effective but some of areas are review with feedback of users as they are facing inconvenience in operations. However, the overall performance is good and according to user requirements.

    • Users are facing issues of file access as the lock on file for read and write is leading problems. Also the bandwidth needs to be enhanced to share the large files effectively.
    • The sharing of files sometime refused because of incoming request from other workstation in network. There should be a synchronised approach to handle the request and sharing.

Network Design Assignment Help | Network Design Homework Help

Each component in network must need to be identified with a specific IP address. For IP address allocation, organization may use the class C address with proper subnet mask and subnet address. In class C, organization will get 254 addresses for host and about 2 millions of network ends. The subnet mask and IP address can be AND to acquire the subnet address in network to implement the office or cabin network.
Also the switches and routers need the configuration for security against the open holes in network. The hardware components can be configured with desired addresses and connections. DHCP is effective protocol to address all the devices in network automatic detection and address distribution (Fall and Stevens, 2011).  Switches are configured to connect with specific terminals and enforced to no shutdown option as shown.
Router may be vulnerable to security as open configuration may lead to router hijack or services can be blocked to network. The router’s improper configuration also may invite the traffic of other networks in own network system. The configuration steps and parameters for router are shown below:
Addition to it, firewall is the entry point of unwanted traffic and needs attention to manage the connections and incoming requests to network (Ghosh and Datta, 2011). Following is firewall configuration for network:

Test the network system

The network testing is required to achieve the desired functionality and performance. The network is tested on three things against the original network: connectivity, working and transmission. The network design is capable to connect all the resources and verified for the connectivity to each end of network. The home branch was already connected but the London branch is checked for connectivity. Then the working of components is checked and tested for the new network policies. The components are connected and configured to work under the private networking between both branches so that it is an analysed that all components are working according to their behaviour. Last and most important is to identify the network for the right functioning with sample data. Therefore, sample data is transmitted among different nodes in network to test the security and performance of network (Che and Maag, 2014). The existing network was not so effective for security and performance as newer one is because the overall transmission time is reduced and data is validated for format and addressing to destination.
For instance, the network is tested for the connectivity between the two users those are being apart geographically and using different kind of connections to server. Both generate the request for same file. The performance and response time is measured to enhance the sequential operations in network for request. Also the interception is made to verify the security of files and data from unauthorized users ( Now