Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

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Negotiation & Conflict ResolutionThis study is based on negotiation and conflict resolution. In this study, researcher has used secondary data collection method and has evaluated the study while focusing towards interrogative strategies. In this paper, researcher has given huge focus towards utilizing reliable and relevant sources to increase the relevancy of the research outcome. This study has supported to identifying and describing the negotiation handling styles while focusing towards mediating process. Furthermore, researcher has assisted towards developing the knowledge regarding negotiation skills in different circumstances.

Negotiation Handling Styles

Different types of negotiation handling strategies are used by the organization. In support of this, Van Zant, &Kray (2015) depicted that there are majorly five negotiation handling styles which are used by the organizations.So, what are those styles and what is their worthiness?

Negotiation Handling Styles

(Source: Avruch, 2015)


This is an an uncooperative and unassertive style in which organization avoids conflict by denying the presence of any issue within the firm (Brubaker, et al., 2014). This style remains worthy where it is forecasted that the negotiated outcome will not remain worthy in the context of time and money.


It is cooperative and unassertive style in which the manager gives what the other side wants. In this style own need is neglected for helping the other side by offering them what they want (De Bruyne, &Fischhendler, 2013). This style is used for the purpose of strengthening the long-term future relationship.


This is a middle-ground style where an individual give concern towards own desireswhile respecting the willingness of other person too. In this style, both parties agree while giving a little and both the parties compromise for something valuable to them (Fisher, 2016). The style falling between accommodating and competing


In this style, both the parties focus towards problem solving methods for creating value while discovering mutually satisfactory agreements. This style supports to find out the solutions which remain assistive to fulfil the interest of both the parties (Halperin, 2014). It is assertive and cooperative style and it is highly effective when long term relationship and short term task both are important.


In this style, an individual primarily remained concerned for achieving his own goals. This style focuses towards win/lose approach rather than problem solving (De Bruyne, &Fischhendler, 2013). This strategy is effective when short term task is important.

Mediation Process

Mediation process is informal and flexible in nature which is used for the purpose of dispute resolution. In this, process, mediator plays the role of guiding the parties to resolve the issues by themselves and suggest the ways and options of providing the resolution. In support of this, Halperin (2014) depicted that mediators use joint sessions and separate caucuses with both the parties and the mediator works towards defining the issues and make both the parties ready to move towards the resolution.

In the year 2011, Apple filed a case on Samsung and accused that Samsung is copying the “look and feel” of iPhone in its Galaxy line phones. In the contrary, Samsung countersued to Apple as Apple was not paying royalties for the use of its wireless transmission technology (Mullin, 2012). These two companies have frequently accused each other. So, in that situation what can happen?In late May 2012, there is a negotiation taken place between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi. Is that a sobering example of negotiation in business? In support of this, Chang, Kim, &Joo (2013) identified that both the companies has shown their willingness to settle the issues with negotiation and to do compromise for avoiding going to the court. California court has played the role of mediation process and suggested them to resolve the issues by themselves. Both the parties have resolved the issues by building partnership. Is this a good example, or company should accuse each other in the court? In this context, Halperin (2014) depicted that the longer the company spends time in conflict, the more combative and uncooperative they are likely to seem towards their target customers and other stakeholders which creates the negative image of the company in the market. In this case, collaborative negotiation handling style is used by both the parties and California Court has played the role of mediator which has supported to handling the conflict in an adequate manner.

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