Nature Scope Management | Nature and Scope of Public Administration


Definition of Management:Nature Scope Management

  • Management is the art of getting the things done through the efforts of other people”
  • Management is the group of activities which drafts plan prepares policies and arranges men, money, machines and materials required to achieve the objectives. The definition reveals that management is the activity of man who struggle Nature Scope Management | Nature and Scope of Public Administrationfor better living in the complex and competitive world.
  • Management is the process consisting of the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the operations to achieve specified objectives.
  • Features Or Characteristics of Management

 Management has Objectives:

Mgmt of any institute is objective oriented. It means it determines the objectives and directs its all efforts towards the achievement of those objectives by making efficient use of human and physical resources. It success or failure depends upon the extent to which these objective are achieved. Objectives are the focal point of mgmt.

  1. Management is working with & through people (Group efforts): Mgmt is needed wherever objectives are to be achieved through group efforts. While getting the things done through group efforts it is necessary to plan, organize, co-ordinate and control the group efforts.
  2. Management involves decision making: There are number of decisions taken by the management everyday. Decision making arises only when there is availability of alternative courses of action. Where there is only one course of action, need for decision making does not arises. The quality of decision taken by the manager determines the organization’s performance. The success or failure of an organization depends upon the degree of rights decision taken by the manager.

Nature Scope Management | Nature and Scope of Public Administration

  1. In Management there are organized activities: Management is a group of organized activities. A group is formed not only in a public limited company but also in an ordinary club. All he Org. have their own objectives. These objectives will be achieved only by a group of persons. These persons activities should be organized in a systematic way to achieve the objectives. The objectives cannot be achieved without any organized activities.
  2. Management is a profession: Mgmt is a profession because it possess the qualities of a profession. Now a days mgmt is being increasingly recognized as a profession like other professions of doctors, engineers etc. Any activity which requires the systematic knowledge, training, code of conduct and service motive rather than money making motive is known as a profession.
  3. Management is both science and arts: It is an art in the sense of possessing of management of managing skill by a person. In other sense, management is the science because of developing certain principles or laws which are applicable in a place where a group of activities are co-ordinated.
  4. Management principles are dynamics: Business environment consisting of social, economic and political factors, technology, competition etc. are always changing. In order to survive in the changing business environment management has to be adaptive, dynamics and development oriented. It cannot affords to be rigid and static. Therefore, management has to be dynamic keping pace with the changing business environment.
  5. Management theories & principles are universal but techniques & practices are not: Mgmt principle of universality is interpreted in two ways. In one sense it is universal in the sense it is needed for economic, social, political and religious institution where group efforts are there. In other sense it is universal in the needed at all the levels – top, middle and bottom level of management. Its principle are universally applicable.
  6. Co-ordination is the heart of the management: Efficiency with which objectives are achieved depends upon the co-ordination between individual activities and different department.
  7. Management is a Multi-Disciplinary: Management draws and integrates knowledge from various disciplines and schools of thought like economic, psychology, sociology, anthropology, mathematics, statistic. It takes only the relevant aspects from these disciplines and the integration of relevant knowledge from these disciplines.Order Now