Modern Computer System

Modern Computer System

Modern Computer System: Introduction  In this report I will explain modern computer system and I will be understanding the function of computer systems.  I will be explaining the role of computer systems in different environments. However, I will also explain the hardware, software and peripheral components of a computer system. I will be comparing different types of computer system.  I would be working as a freelance computer scientist/engineer and have obtained a contract from South-Tech. South-tech technology is based on the world’s first open standard for control of all types of intelligent buildings. This company give you centralized, user-friendly control via smartphone, tablet or computer, making it possible to set the ambience and environment remotely.  The purpose of this report is to produce a report that can be used to clarify aspects of Modern Computer Systems.


1.1. Workstation 31.2. Embeded system 41.3. Single board computer 41.4. Supercomputer 52. Hardware, software and peripheral components of a computer system 62.1. MotherBoard Components 62.2. Input/output devices 6Input devices 6Keyboard 6Scanner 7Joystick 7Webcam 7Output 8Speaker 8Projector 8Printer 8Plotter 82.3. Operating System 82.4. Software Applications (Apps) 82.5. Software utilities 83. Different types of computer systems 10

 Role of computer systems in different environments.


Workstation is computer committed to a user or group of users engaged in commercial business or expert work. It consists of one or extra high-resolution presentations and a quicker processor than a personal laptop (pc). A computer additionally has greater multitasking functionality due to additional random get right of entry to memory (RAM), drives and force potential. A notebook might also have a higher-speed pictures adapters and extra connected peripherals.

Embeded system

Embedded system is a dedicated computer system designed for one or precise functions. This device is embedded as part of a complete device that consists of hardware, which includes electric and mechanical additives. The embedded device is unlike the overall-motive laptop, that’s engineered to control a huge variety of processing responsibilities.  Embeded system contains ATMs, cell phones, printers, thermostats, calculators, and videogame consoles. Handheld computers or PDAs are also considered embedded devices because of the nature of their hardware design, even though they are more expandable in software terms.

Single board computer Single-board laptop is any whole computer that is built on a single circuit board and contains practical computer components with the microprocessor, input/output and memory. Single board computers are often hired in embedded applications. An embedded computer cannot be expanded upon and consists of only the input and output abilities it needs for the challenge for which it’s miles designed. Figure3: Single board Computer

Supercomputer Supercomputer is a high-performance computing machine designed to have extremely fast processing speeds. Supercomputers have various applications, such as performing complex scientific calculations, showing, replication, and rendering large amounts of 3D graphics. Supercomputer is capable to play their role in the field of weather forecasting, quantum mechanics and physical simulation (spaceship aerodynamics and testing of nuclear weapons. Another important application of supercomputer is oil exploration.  Example of supercomputer are: IBM RoadrunnerTrinity by Cray Inc. IBM Sequoia

Hardware, software and peripheral components of a computer system Mother Board Components Figure5: MotherBoard

The motherboard is the main circuit board of your laptop and is also called the main board or logic board. The motherboard holds all the major components of a computer such as the CPU and the memory of the computer, it also includes spaces for the peripherals to be connected to be connected to it this could be anything from video to network to network cards. The CPU is the computer’s brain. It is responsible for fetching, decoding, and executing program instructions as well as performing mathematical and logical calculations. An expansion bus is an input/output pathway from the CPU to peripheral devices and it is typically made up of a series of slots on the motherboard. Expansion boards (cards) plug into the bus. Motherboards also contain a small detached block of memory made from CMOS RAM chips which is kept alive by a battery (known as a COS battery) even when the computer power is off.  BIOS stands for Basic Input/output System. BIOS is a “read only” memory, which consists of low-level software that controls the system hardware and acts as an interface between the operating system and the hardware. A chip set is a group of small circuits that coordinate the flow of data to and from a PC’s key components. These key components include the CPU itself, the main memory, the secondary cache, and any devices situated on the buses.Input/output devices Input devices Key board A keyboard typically contains keys for individual letters, numbers and special characters, as well as keys for specific functions. Keyboard is used to enter characters and functions into the computer system by pressing buttons, or keys. It is the primary device used to enter text.

Scanner A scanner is input device that scan documents such as photographs and pages of text. When a document is scanned, it is converted into a digital format. This creates an electronic version of the document that can be viewed and edited on a computer.  figure 7: Scanner
Joystick A joystick is an input device commonly used to control video games. Joysticks consist of a base and a stick that can be moved in any direction. The stick can be moved slowly or quickly and in different amounts. Some joysticks have sticks that can also be rotated to the left or right.  figure8: Joystick Webcam A webcam is an enter tool because it captures a video image of the scene in the front of it. it is both constructed in to the laptop for example PC or it’s miles connected through an USB cable.

Speaker Speakers are one of the most common output devices used with computer systems. Some speakers are designed to work specifically with computers, while others can be hooked up to any type of sound system. Regardless of their design, the purpose of speakers is to produce audio output that can be heard by the listener.


Plotter Operating System
Software Applications (Apps)
Software utilities

Different types of computer systems

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