MKSEPT15 Marketing Dissertation

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.0 Introduction

MKSEPT15 Marketing DissertationAccording to Armstrong et al. (2014), the term digital marketing can be defined as a process of advertising one’s product or service, particularly on the internet for the sake of increasing sales by pulling in new customers and improving business performance. In this era of innovation and technology, digital marketing has become the most influential way for the online retailing. In expanding their businesses and earn more profit by pulling in new customers, especially John Lewis. Visit Dissertation Assignment Help

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in an organisational success, especially in the retail industry of UK. In the world of today, around 60% of the people prefer ordering online instead of visiting the supermarkets. For their shopping purposes in the UK (Wertime and Fenwick, 2011).

Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Waitrose are the market operator that are serving to the people of the UK from thousands of their outlets. Each of them is well-known brands and have marketing competencies as well as they are an international chain in their field that is why there is a high competition among them (Dennis et al., 2010). They keep on developing new methods and techniques on how to attract new customers and enhance the performance of their online retailing business more accurate in order to gain competitive advantage.

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In here, digital marketing helps them in advertising, publishing and promoting their products and services to their valuable customers through diverse methods. Methods as “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Mobile Marketing, Content Creation, Digital Display Advertising and Retargeting and Remarketing” are some of the major methods of. Digital marketing (Chaffey and Smith, 2013). It is the most effective and lower in cost method. It helped many businesses in achieving success as it impacts positively on their performance.

1.1 Background

According to a report on “The Impact of Digital Marketing in Retail”, digital marketing is fundamental to the entire shopping experience and the third quarter of the population in the UK use digital methods for their shopping journeys (Deloitte, 2015). The people are going towards the innovation and it is increasing rapidly. For the sake of increasing their sales and earning profits John Lewis, utilise digital trends such as advertising on televisions or social media publications in order to attract customers towards their products. It is mandatory for the John Lewis to implement the appropriate method of digital marketing that impact on their performance in a positive and effective manner. Also look at Biology Dissertation Help

This would not only enhance their performance but also help John Lewis in raising their sales and customer loyalty towards their concerned product (Zwick and Cayla, 2011).

Panigyrakis and Theodoridis (2009) stated that the digital marketing has changed the whole scenario of doing shopping by introducing several ways and other diverse methods such as online shopping etc. recently, virtual shopping has been introduced, Japan takes the first position by opening the world’s first virtual store. On the other hand, by the end of the year 2016, Amazon has introduced another innovative way by developing drones that deliver their products within a few minutes.

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They named this service “Amazon Prime Air”, this not only helped them in enhancing their delivery system more reliable but also raised their sales as well as enhanced their performance as the drones does not need any pilot for the delivery a product instead it is controlled by an operator from an Amazon store. These are the few examples that how they enhanced their productivity and performance by implementing digital technology and marketing tactics in their process of operation.

As per the report of Ziliani and Ieva (2015) to provide the trustworthy and appreciated consequences to the industries, the life out of virtual marketing has experienced in the society that motivates and encouraged them in delivering the right type of products to the right customer. An instance by Ziliani and Ieva (2015) namely “The Return of Milkman” states that in the past, there was a Milkman who delivers the fresh milk to the people of United Kingdom. Now in this modern era, the Milkman is back but in the digital form, because the citizens of UK. Order their general grocery items through their digital technology and they get their orders while sitting in their homes.

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On the other hand, in some countries like India, this Milkman method still exists and found in various areas of the country. In fact, digital marketing techniques have been utilised by several online retailers in diverse ways for the performance improvement.

Digital marketing helps the customers in various ways such as they prefer using their own device. For gaining information of a specific product instead of asking a store supervisor or sales assistant (Dennis et al., 2012). With the help of digital marketing, customers gain a detailed description of a product and their features as compared to a salesperson.

1.2 Purpose

The main purpose of this research is to focus on the impact of digital marketing on the performance of John Lewis. An online retailer in the UK as well as how the strategies of digital marketing can help the online retailers. In the UK to improve their performance and promote their products and services to the people of United Kingdom. In addition, there are a number of strategies and techniques in digital marketing. This study will focus on how and which technique can assist. In enhancing the performance of the online retailing in the UK. The performance is the main factor of John Lewis in the UK. That plays a crucial role in attaining success (Rutter, 2013). Grab Exciting Offers

On the other hand, implementing digital marketing strategies can help John Lewis to achieve their aims and objectives. The practice of digital marketing considered as an imperative tool through which John Lewis can construct their. Strong brand image in the marketplace and maximise their performance in order to achieve success.

At last, suggestions and recommendation will be provided after the study has been accomplished. On how the John Lewis can further improve their performance and attain organisational success (Ziliani and Ieva, 2015).

1.3 Aim

The aim of the proposed study is to evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the performance of John Lewis: an online retailer in the UK.

1.4 Objectives

  • To determine the role of marketing orientation and digital marketing.
  • Find out the model framework of digital marketing.
  • To determine the factors that influence the customers to buy a product from John Lewis’ online store.
  • To what extent does digital marketing help John Lewis to grow in the industry

1.5 Research Questions

Following are the research questions for this study, which will be answered by using surveys and interviews in the selected organisation:

What is the impact of digital marketing on John Lewis’ performance?

  • Which digital platform serves best to enhance the performance of John Lewis?
  • To what extent does digital marketing help John Lewis to grow in the industry?
  • What factors influence the customers to buy a product from John Lewis’ online store? 

1.6 Literature Gap

The existing literature such as Panigyrakis and Theodoridis (2009), Hirt and Willmott (2014), Lee and Grewal (2004) are only based. On evaluating the impact of new technologies. And digital marketing on firm’s performance but they are not specific. To a business operating in the UK and on the selected organisation. Therefore, this study will facilitate in narrowing the literature gap and help the researcher. To find out the impact of digital marketing on the performance of the particular organisation. This study will add value to the existing literature and would further highlight the different factors. Through which the firm can enhance its performance, particularly in online retailing industry.

1.7 Variables

Variables can be defined in a very convenient and easy way, as variables can specify. A person, or a place as well as a phenomenon or a thing that a person is trying to measure.

1.7.1 Dependent Variable

Dependent variables can be described as the amounts that rely on some other amount or quantities. Performance is dependent variable over here. The whole success is based on it, as it is a process itself.

1.7.2 Independent Variable

Independent variables can be described as the amounts that cannot be modified. And does not rely on any other amount or quantity. These types of variable also known as presumed cause (Larcker and Rusticus, 2010). Digital marketing is an independent variable over here. It does not rely on anything. A method itself is responsible for enhancing the performance of. John Lewis as well as for promoting its products and services all over the UK.

1.8 Outline of the Dissertation

The research outline is based on five chapters which are:

  1. Introduction: involves scope, topic overview, research questions and research aim and objectives regarding. The impact of digital marketing on the performance of John Lewis: an online retailer in the UK.
  2. Literature Review: The previous republication will be reviewed in order to understand the research theme. And to comprehend the mode of techniques that are supportive and relevant to the nature of research.
  3. Methodology: In order to justify the research theme, the research will use the number of techniques and tools. Such as research method or design, philosophies, approaches, data analysis and collection techniques, sampling techniques, ethical consideration and so on.
  4. Data Analysis: the analysis of the research will be performed with the help of consumer. Or employees responses that are carried out through a questionnaire survey.

5.     Conclusion and Recommendation: Recommendation and conclusion will be drawn at the end of the data analysis chapter. Which contains suggestion regarding the issues company faced in order to achieve their desired goals.

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