MBAZ601–Term Assignment Help


  1. MBAZ601–Term Assignment HelpEvery person must submit their assignment in BOTH hard copy (paper) form AND electronic form, on or before the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalised at least 10%. Note that 4:00pm is an electronic cut off on Learn. **Late submissions will be clearly identified by their time stamp.**
  2. Every paper will be run through the anti-plagiarism programme Turnitin. This programme specifically picks up and highlights any copying from anywhere on the internet (and includes where it was copied from), as well as checking similarities between the assignments of every student in the class.

It is therefore imperative that what you submit is solely your own work, and any quotes are accurately referenced, because there are serious consequences for plagiarism and collusion.

You cannot copy and paste from another source without speech marks and a reference.

You cannot discuss this assignment with your classmates, or anyone else.

  1. Presentation of Your Work

The Executive Development Programme takes presentation very seriously.

For your reference, please read this below from EDP:

“As you would expect, EDP prides itself on developing professionals who can communicate well in all respects. Effective communication ranked as the number three issue of importance for senior roles in a recent survey of advertised positions in management. Accordingly we are placing a strong emphasis on the quality of all written assessment with the view of increasing this valuable competency among all EDP students.

“With this in mind you will note that all items of written assessment will contain a 10% presentation component which covers everything from spelling to appropriate use of language. Each lecturer will clearly identify their marking rubric regarding the presentation mark as a way to ensure that you are all well aware of the individual requirements within each course. Please therefore be aware that any student who gets 5 [i.e. 5 or less out of the 10 for presentation component] or less on any item of 3 assessment in term one may be required to attend a two day effective writing course run within the department (over two Saturdays).”

  1. Presentation Requirements

As per the EDP instructions above, here are my marking requirements re your presentation mark:

  1. a) Correct spelling;
  2. b) Correct punctuation;
  3. c) Correct grammar and sentence structure;
  4. d) Using appropriate headings, and clearly setting out each section of the report;
  5. e) Appropriate format for a business report;
  6. f) Ease of readability;
  7. g) Appropriate use of references, including referencing all sources used to obtain information;
  8. h) Any quotes or sections of your report that have been copied from another source must be in speech marks, and accompanied by a reference within the text of your report. You must then ALSO place those references (in full) in a References Section at the back of your report (which will NOT be included in your word count).
  9. i) Appropriate use of business language;
  10. j) Appropriately targeted to your reader (in this case your boss);
  11. k) Adhering to the presentation recommendations on the next page of this document.

It is strongly recommended that you run your assignment through the free app:

It is strongly recommended that you refer to the Module 6 PDF of the Maths Refresher course “How to Write and Present a Business Report, and how to Incorporate Financial Information in a Written Business Report”. 


(which will form part of your presentation mark)

  1. Type your report and double space it.
  2. Type on only one side of each page.
  3. Include page numbers.
  4. Include a one paragraph Executive Summary (this WILL be included in your word count).
  5. Include a Table of Contents (this will NOT be included in your word count).
  6. Ensure your assignment is of a highly professional standard. The time you have available means that the presentation should be excellent. Your hard copy must be bound, not just stapled.
  7. You are welcome (in fact encouraged) to include relevant charts and pictures in your report. These will not be included in your word count.
  8. Include the final word count on your cover page.
  9. Include a References Section (this will NOT be included in your word count). Please ensure that your referencing is in alphabetical order, and the reference is clear and easy for me to find.

As noted above, you MUST use speech marks for quotes and you must reference your work in the main body of your assignment as well as the References Section.

If you do not reference your work in the main body of your assignment, that section of your assignment will be given a zero grade (this is standard departmental policy).

  1. Put your name and your student ID number on your cover page.

MBAZ601–Term Assignment Help


  1. Your answers must be all your own work.
  2. So it is fair to everyone, I cannot respond individually to questions. However if I consider that there is some area of clarification required for all class members, I will send out a group email via Learn.
  3. Your total Word Limit is 750 words. This word limit is strict. There is no 10% leeway. If you write 751 words, you will be penalised.

Calculations, numbers, and ratios etc will NOT be included in your word limit.

  1. Please note that to get an A in this assignment your written English must be of an excellent standard.


The following is the breakdown of the grades:

Presentation – 10%

Executive Summary – 5%

The Industry Section – 20%

The Company Section – 20%

The Financials’ Section – 35%

Conclusion/Recommendation – 10%

Note: You should tailor your word count for each of these sections, to approximate these grading percentages.


You are an employee of Sensational Returns Ltd, a New Zealand company that makes long term investments in listed New Zealand companies.

Your CEO has asked you to prepare a report on the company – Briscoe Group.

You must complete your report on the company that has been allocated to you above.


  1. The report you submit will be a Financial Analysis of the company, from a Financial Accounting viewpoint.
  2. You are NOT required to complete an analysis of the Economic / Political environment, given that all companies are listed in and operate in New Zealand.
  3. You ARE required to analyse the Industry, the Company, and the Company’s Financials.
  4. Your report must be separated into these six sections, with these section headings:

Executive Summary

The Industry

The Company

The Financials



  1. You are expected to use both internal (within the company) and external (outside the company) resources.
  2. In the Financials’ section you must include the following:
  3. a) At least three accounting ratios that you have calculated from the company’s latest financial statements (see the company’s latest Annual Report).
  4. b) A brief written discussion of your analysis of the company’s Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement, highlighting what you think are the most important elements or analysis points.
  5. c) A chart showing the stock price over the last five years.
  6. Your Conclusion/Recommendation section (10% of the total grade) must include a clear decision as to whether or not you recommend that the company you work for (Sensational Returns Ltd) should purchase shares in your allocated company as an investment. You must also include your reasons why or why not.
  7. I recommend you approach your report thinking about how much you can impress your CEO with your knowledge of your allocated company and the industry, and the soundness of your recommendation based on the financial analysis you have completed. The reader of your report will be looking for well researched and convincing reasons behind your recommendation.
  8. You only have 750 words. This means that you cannot have any points or paragraphs that are off the topic. You will have to make your report very “to the point”, which is a valuable skill.

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