Masters Project Student Proposal

Masters Project Student Proposal

Masters Project Student Proposal

Masters Project Student Proposal

Student Number and Name of Student: 

[when this is a student-generated project]




Name of Sponsoring Organisation/Individual:
Postal address of Sponsoring Organisation/Individual:
Name of Contact (Client) at Sponsoring Organisation and contact details:
Practical Project
Brief overview of the sponsoring organisation: 

The name of the sponsoring organisation is Method Corp. The company has a vision and is committed to providing the choices in order to inspire people as well as an organisation that is seeking for gaining a competitive advantage by the way of Enterprise Project Management in the area of Middle East.Method Corp. has a mission which states that it works with those client base who are result-oriented and are conscious about the strategy implementation. The aim of the company is to establish the capacities of clients so as to successfully execute the project which attains the organisational strategy. Method Corp has the list of services which includes PMO setup, Enterprise Project Management, organisational assessment, and many others. The company is providing with the respective services since two years of thedecade and is serving to more than 20 industry sectors that comprise of logistics support, project management staffing and project health check. The human capital development represents the set of technical, business as well as soft skills possessed by the organisation in order to gain the competitive advantage and building of its most valuable assets i.e., the people of the organisation. The organisational personnel are the assets of the company.

Practical Outcome of the project:

The main purpose of its conducting the project study is to identify the differences in between the project manager and project management office in relation to a specific as well as in general. The outcome of the provider will provide a well-defined and a clear understanding of the two concepts i.e., PM and PMO. It will also result in highlighting of the role of these two in the industrial companies of Jordan like Method Corp. and many other. It will also involve the significance of PM and PMO in respect of the respective charcoal factory. It contributes to determination of the practical outcome related to the managing of risks, controlling that is required to achieve the benefits for the newly established companies and its policies as well as methods. It also results in suggesting of various ways that leads to overcoming of the environmental as well as technical issues that are being faced by the respective charcoal factory. Moreover, the problems relating to the usage of machines have also been used in resulting of the desired outcome that was expected. It contributes to saving of time, money, efforts and energy that is being spent on establishing of the business organisation. 

Specific requirements within the project:

In carrying out of the project there are various resources and equipment that are necessarily required. These resources help in performing of the project according to the stated set of goals and standards. The requirements are:

·                                Human resource –It includes the manpower and individuals which will carry out the whole project within the stipulated time frame. Without the appropriate human resource it is not possible to carry out the project and attain success.

·                                Time–The projects have been designed for the long-term purpose and need a sufficient time frame to carry out. For example – for constructing of the building it will require a year or more.

·                                Budget – A huge amount of cost is involved in the project management and there is arequirement of having huge capital investment.

Please state any specific skills required for the project (and how these go beyond what you have been taught so far in the programme)

These skills required for the project are:

Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills–This skill involves thesetting of the standards for each and every team member so that it becomes easy to evaluate the performance of each member in respect of work done. It leads to creativity and in-depth thinking of resources and activities in order to promote the quality of the project and attaining of the desired standards.

Leadership – This involvesinspiring, encouraging and collaboratively working with the group of members so that they are directed towards achieving the stated goals and objectives. In the project management there is a group of people who are working all togetherwith the common aim and purpose that is to achieve the stated end result.

Decision Making –Making of the decision in the regular part of the organisation and is essential to make good decisions. The project manager is responsible for making the decisions related to the marketing, risk management, ethical and legal issues and various others. Assessing of all the options and alternatives available to the manager and then choosing the appropriate one is necessary part of the decision making.

Please state how the project relates to your MSc programme

The project will relate to the M.Sc program. This will help in increasing the family business of the oil press by the help of the olive trees. This project is just related to the industrial sector hence it will help in increasing the level of project management. This project will help in managing the discipline of planning and organizing the M.Sc program. The nature of the project will be related to the business operation of the M.Sc program. There are different strategies which are used in the project which will help in increasing the study of the MSC program. The product is just based on the structured planning which will relate to the MSc program. In the project, different resources are used for implementing the project. The tactics which are used for the implementation of the project is related to the M.Sc program. In the project, there is a project manager which is related to the program.

Please state any specific constraints affecting the project.

The constraints which affect the project are schedule, cost, and quality which are also known as a triple constraint in the project. The time is the main constraint in the project. Ths project will not be completed before the deadline because there is lack of effective resources. The cost of the project is not able to fulfill all the requirement which is required in the project. The budget of the project will be responsible for limiting the team’s ability to obtain the specific result. It is very important to hire a stakeholder in the project so that the work will be done in a definite time. The cheap project cannot be able to stand in the long term so it is very important to cover maximum amount which will help in delivering the project in a systematic way. The quality of the project will be restricted by the specification of the project. The quality of the project is affected due to the lack of time and cost in the project. If the budget is low then it is not possible to produce high quality of the project which will be responsible for affecting the value of the project.

Please state any specific resources that will be provided by your client/sponsor for the project.

The resources that are provided by the sponsor of the project are the people, equipment, facilities, funding or the IT resources. The human resource is important in the project because it provides strategies for managing the people for increasing the business resource. This can be including the hiring, coordinating of the people in the project. It also helps in maintaining the discipline and safety in the project. The equipment in the project is also provided by the sponsor for implementing the project in an easy way. The equipment in the project will be helpful in managing the safety gaps and increasing the speed of the working of the project. The funding for the project is also very important because the work will not implement in the lack of money. The IT resources help in applying appropriate technologies in the project. There is a number of technologies which are required for accessing the project like diagram software, flowcharts and much more. This will help in completing the project before the deadline.

Where will the student work?

The student  work on the site of the company and the expenses of the reasonable travelling will be reimbursed. Either as the project manager, the student will work which will help in increasing their role of work in the site. As the project manager, the student will work for planning the budget, overseeing and working on the document of the project. The role of the project manager is close to the upper management of the site. This will help in making a surety of the project. They are not responsible for managing the individual project but they have to organize a team for work. The student can also work on the live project by which they can develop their skills and capability which will be helpful in the growth and development of the project. If the student will work on a live project than they are capable of improving their ideas for establishing the factory near the oil press. The role of the student can be enhanced by working as a live project manager.

If on site at the company: will reasonable travelling expenses be re-imbursed?

Yes, all travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

Any other comments:   

Other comments regarding the project are that it the student will focus on improving the role of the project manager.The role of project manager of the company is to work for organizing the team in a perfect way so that the work will be done before the deadline of the project.

If clarification is needed please contactDr David Nelson, Tel 0191 5153643, 


Assessment of the proposal by project tutor, programme leader, or project consultant:

T: Totally Inadequate, I: Inadequate, A: Adequate, E: Excellent

Relevance to the specific MSc programme                                               
Overview of the Sponsoring Organisation.
Practical Outcome of the project
Specific (Client) Requirements
Specific Skills Identified
Appropriate Constraints
Appropriate Resources
Appropriateness to MSc programme
  • Any area identified as “T” MUST be revised and the proposal resubmitted for approval.
  • Any area identified as “I” MUST be carefully considered and discussed with the supervisor in scoping the subsequent Terms of Reference.
 This project has been approved as suitable for the MSc programme:

the supervisor appointed is:                              the 2nd marker is:                                             

 This project has not been approved: revise it in light of the comments above and resubmit it.

Signature                                                                                               Date:                                        

(this must be signed and dated by project tutor, programme leader, or project consultant for the relevant programme – and a copy provided to the project tutor(s).

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