Marketing Communications Discussion | Marketing Communication

Marketing Communications Discussion recent years, in the era we live in, many companies, organizations and industries are dramatically evolve in order to meet the needs of people which are multiplying constantly. Their purpose is to become widely known for its services and products offering through strong advertising campaigns. This essay is Marketing Communications Discussion | Marketing Communicationbased on Orange Box Self Storage and it will clarify what marketing communications brief is by providing some theories of marketing, marketing communication tools and techniques. At the end there will be a completed brief for Orange Box Self Storage Ltd.

2.0 What Marketing Communications is:

“Marketing communications are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade,

and remind consumers – directly, or indirectly – about the products and brands that they sell.” (Kotler and Keller)

Marketing Communication is a subject of Marketing. It is all about promotion and mainly it has to do with advertisements. It is a part of marketing mix known as 4 P’s that is made of Price, Place, Promotion and Product. By adding three more P’s, People, Processes and Physical evidence, known as 7P’s, this is Integrated Marketing Communication. Marketing is about keep and increase the customer’s satisfaction. Communication is about giving the best promotion to the product or services in order to make people to get to know it. Marketing and Marketing Communications are main factors of any company who wish to be creative and innovated.

4P’s for Orange Box:

Price – no more than £12000

Place – Sunderland and surrounding area

Promotion – everywhere (T.V, Radio, posters, leaflets, newspapers…)

Product – self storage services

These elements are types of communication tools. Every element of the mix is count differently for the campaign because the people who will associate with it have different needs. Evaluating this tools is essential because are provide special sources for this campaign as well for the next. Advertising undoubtedly is the most successful activity and is going to raise awareness because is everywhere but for limited time. Sales promotion is tricks to reach more customers for a period of time like ‘buy one, get one free’. Public relations are social people occupied almost with all the types of communication. Personal selling is earn attention easily but is expensive. Direct marketing is a direct method to reach the specific customer and has to do with mail that going direct to that person. New media are many applications that gives information for many interests

like facebook and you can see online advertisements. Lastly, other specifically sponsorship is really important and will count on awareness. For example imagine the level of awareness if it is sponsor of Su
nderland Football team.

Marketing Communications Discussion | Marketing Communication

Marcoms objectives must be the focus point of advertisement. These are raise awareness, enhance reputation, inform customers for the service offering, provide self storage solutions for domestic and business customers in Sunderland and the surrounding area.

4.0 What Marketing Communicat
ions Brief is:

Marketing Communications Brief is a concise statement that guides agencies and suppliers by showing the totality of the organisation like its background, objectives and competitors. Then is given to directors in order to carry out the campaign plan. It is an essential part of a successful organisation that provides its vision as all in one. To start it you must consider the 5WH Formula which are what, who, when, where, why and how. The brief is very important because is an inspirational mission that keeps on target without wasting time. It is hard to complete and cost much money. It must be clear, quick and include as much details as possible.

It is consist of background which is the summary of the organisation, purpose which is the reason of the company’s existence, objectives which is what the company wants to offers to the customers, target audience who are people that company thinks they might need its products and services. What has to be done which is what kind of advert is preferable from the company, must haves/must not haves are about the presence to the audience, budget is a prediction of how much is going to spend or how much the organisation would like to spend. And lastly, timescale that shows the campaign’s duration.

5.0 Orange Box background and UK Statistics:

Orange Box self storage is a company that is operated in Sunderland since 2004. Its logo is recognizable. It has only one warehouse that offers first-class facilities and is affordable, reliable, flexible and secure. Orange box is giving simple storage solutions like the hire is as you like, short-term or long-term with low rates and it is different from the competitors because it is offer 24 hour access.

Self storages have modest growth due to the increasing of taxes. Their advantage is the population of the areas are interested. UK has one of the largest market in this sector.

The marketing communication problem that this organisation is facing is that it is lost the ability to communicate with the target audience. It is need a supporting campaign project to show its services and earn customers. Orange Box aimed students who are permanent customers every

May, various businesses and retailers who need more space for their products and families or people who might changing or redecorating their house.

In a trial to identify bra
nd awareness a survey discover the 59% of respondents were not able to name a self storage in their local area.