Marketing Communications Brief | Effective Business Communication

Marketing Communications Brief above figure shows the elements of the process.

Marketing Communications Brief is the communication process that identifying the target audience

Marketing Communications Brief | Effective Business Communicationand their reaction after they have watched an integrated promotional program. To be effective it is very important to understand it in order to attract many customers. To achieve this, firstly, must identify the target audience. Secondly, determine the objectives of communication. Then design, add content and structure what the message is, and lastly choose media to present it and collect feedback. For example the target audience for Orange Box are students, businesses, online retailers and families. The main target is students between 18-25 who are the group more in need after an academic year finished. Students are watching advertisements mostly from new media such as twitter and digital marketing by using smartphones and downloading apps. So that is a fact to focus. When the company reach the target, the target must to react positive

7.0 The AIDA model

The AIDA model is a traditional response hierarchy marketing model that depicts four stages a

consumer goes through to purchase. The advertising techniques for Orange Box must include something

memorable like music and humour in order to stir up the mood. This technique could reach the target easily. So an

advertisement firstly must grab the attention of the future customer by focus on brand awareness so the logo must be

clear. Secondly build and hold their interest by showing positive aspects. Thirdly create the desire, it is about what emotions the

product/service has to motivate consumer and lastly persuade them to take action that means to buy the product. It could be a short sentence like go to Orange box website to learn more or an offer.

8.0 Conclusion:

To conclude, there are many traditional or innovative ways to introduce an organisation to the market for a second time by the usage of marketing communication campaign. Taking into consideration the quality of the brief, because the best briefs are brief.

Marketing Communications Brief for Orange Box Self Storage Ltd

o Background of the Company and its industry

?Orange Box is a self storage which is a private limited company established in 2004.

?The business has one store located in Sunderland (SR4 6SJ) with two active directors and one active secretary.

?Orange Box is specialises in all manners of storage with first-class facilities and in offering safety, quality, flexible solutions and 24 hours access.

?Opening times are 8am-5pm on Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday is closed.

?Main competitors include the Safestore self storage and Harkers Removers and Storers Limited.

Marketing Communications Brief | Effective Business Communication

?The business operates within the storage industry.

o Purpose

?Built and improve personal relationship with the customer

?Raise awareness

?Differentiate the value of service

?Increase sales

o Aims and Objectives

?Enhance reputation

?Inform customers for the service offering

?Provide self storage solutions for domestic and business customers in Sunderland and the surrounding area

o Target Audience

?Students (University of Sunderland)


?Online retailers

?Families – Moving house

o What has to be done

?TV advert

?Radio advert

?Outdoor adverts (posters, billboard)

?Social media advert

o Must haves

?A memorable picture or slogan

?Good location

?Provide the durable boxes

?Unique service in advance for customers

?Show the safety

?Persuade the target audience

o Must not haves

?Give advantage to the competitors

?Low attention

?Unclear message

o Budget

?An assumption is about £12000. The budget cost is not clear, but we wish to be in its minimum.

o Timescale

?The campaign duration is for 12 months by starting from 10th of April 2017

o Marketing Communication Tools


?TV advertise


?Social Media






o The 5WH

?What – Marketing Communications campaign for Orange Box Self Storage

?Who – Targets are students, businesses, online retailers and families

?When – From 10th of September 2017 for 12 months

?Where – Sunderland, Washington, South Tyneside and surrounding area

?Why – To gain the target audience

?How – By providing the best quality service


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