Assignment 2:Consultancy for distribution of ANY ONE of the following companies:

  1. Arnotts Biscuits Holding Pty Ltd.

Marks: 30%

This is a group assignment

Option 1:

Key requirements:

Biscuits Holdings Pt Ltd

Carnot Biscuits Holdings Pt Limited has been operating in the local food manufacturing industry since 1865. Incorporated in 1904, Carnot is currently owned by Campbell Investment (Australia) Pty Limited, a subsidiary of the US-based multinational Campbell Soup Co. Inc.

Arnotts is Australia’s leading biscuit manufacturer, producing more than 70 varieties, including chocolate, plain, cream, savoury, cookies, flavoured snacks, crispbread, crackers, rice crackers, rice and other grain cakes, and kids’ products. The company invests heavily in brand promotion and marketing. Current brands include Tim Tam, Kingston, Monte Carlo, Shapes, Salada, Scotch Finger and Vita-Weat.


Details of Arnotts can be found on their website:

Arnotts Biscuits intends to stretch their brand in Australia. You have been hired by Arsonists a consultant to advise them about the following aspects of the Marketing Channel design for their new range of biscuits:

  1. Specification of the main distribution tasks
  2. Development of possible alternative channel structures
  3. Evaluation ofthe variables affecting channel structure,i.e. market, product, company, intermediary, environmental and behavioural variables
  4. Selection ofthe optimum channel structure and justification for the same
  5. Criteria used to find andselect prospective channel members
  6. Product differentiation and channel management
  7. Product positioning, brand strategy and channel management

Word Limit Upto 3,000 words maximum(excluding appendices and references)

  1. It would be desirable to visit a retail store which carries the products of your client, so that you can view both your client’s and its competitors’products.YouarerequiredtoaddresstheabovesevenaspectsoftheMarketing Channeldes
  2. The submissionshouldbeinaBusinessReportformatandcorrectlyreferenced(a minimumof15 references should be provided with half of them from academic journals). The scholarly articles in your tutorials will provide you with several good references.
  3. A brief executive summary is essential and it should not exceed 250 words.
  4. If you can’t find any relevant information, please make realistic assumptions and state this in bold letters in your assignment.
  5. Pleaserefertothedetailedmarkingguideattachedtothisbrie