Market Segmentation And Its Benifits

Market Segmentation Benifits Tata Nano in India was projected as a cheapest car in India. With a population of more than 1.2 billion, country has huge market potential for the new car buyers. There are three demographic characteristic considered here. In age group, India has 65% population within Market Segmentation Benifitsthe age group of 15-59 hence the target audience for the Tata Nano as it can be seen in picture is young and middle aged.  In India, the wage earner and decision maker is primarily husband as proportion of married working woman is very less in the country. Hence the picture shows that of the Father. (Male). The third demographic characteristic is the income group. It is targeting lower middle class to middle class income group in the society who do not own a car and are looking at value for money. Hence the ad mentions about the mileage and is claiming to be Country’s best fuel efficient car, this is to emphasize a point that this is the best fuel efficient car you can get compared to options available in the market. First psychographic characteristics targeted by the company is people with simple lifestyle and looking for value for money for their purchases. Fuel efficiency is the primary factor rather than driving experience and luxury. Other factor is it is trying to empower the buyer by considering him smart decision maker as the line mentions “Take your own”. Picture of son enjoying like flying ride on the father’s shoulder is trying to send a message that Tata Nano can give the happiness to your child by providing the experience similar to flying in Airplane.

Market Segmentation Benifits

Ad 2 Hyundai i20: Redefining Style and Efficiency with Uber cool i20.

Hyundai i20, is a car that is positioned in the market for the middle class to upper middle class income group where for middle class it will the first car buying while for the upper middle class income group it will be second car for their children or spouse. The target audience demographic is primarily youth and young crowd who are looking for style and coolness quotient along with value for money.The age group for the car buyer is primarily 21 to 35 including male and female both as the color option given is vibrant. Car has a stylish exterior and has lot valuable features in the interiors hence the psychographic characteristic that it is trying to target is the style and trend quotient in the buyer who wants to be in fashion and still wants to ensure that it is not expensive. Only mileage does not matter but it has to come with style, looks and latest features.  This is reason the print ad is displaying price, savings as well as the added valuable features in the each boxes. Value added feature shown are smart pedal, rain sensing wipers, air bags and fully automotive temperature control which is trying to send a message to the smart buyers that this car is fully equipped with next generation innovation and is providing these features at affordable prices.

Ad 3 Volkswagen Das Auto – Polo

Volkswagen Das Auto Polo is relatively new entrant in the market and has positioned itself as Car that delivers luxury, performance and driving experience. Target audience is the upper middle class income group for whom quality is more important than the money. Their attitude is to buy a product that is good in quality and adds value to personal comfort at the cost of money. The age group from 26 to 50 are majority of the buyers. They are young and educated individual having a paycheck above average in their society. This ad is also gender independent and hence do not carry picture of male or female in the ad hence targeted at both. It is targeted in the urban as well as the rural market because the ad features about the pothole which are common in rural areas and in urban cities during monsoon. Hence it is trying to target the comfort seeking qualities in buyer with unavailability of adequate infrastructure available. Person cannot go and fix the road, it is the job of government but he can go and buy the car which provides comfort in such roads. Since the emphasis is more on comfort and quality, ad is clear in terms of its target audience and hence do not carry any information regarding price and mileage like previous two ads. The multifunction steering function is also one feature that is trying to increase the comfort by making driver able to change the audio easily while driving. Hence their target is comfort and quality.Order Now