Coca-Cola is an American multinational beverage organization whose headquarters is located in Atlanta Georgia. The company not only manufacture and retail the non-alcoholic beverage product but they also create a great marketing plan for the entire beverage. It was invented in the year 1886 by John Stith Pemberton. The Coca-Cola Company was invented in the year 1892. It is almost 128 years before that the company originated. There is a claim about Coca-Cola that the organization produces the maximum number of plastic in the entire globe. The company operates globally in more than 200 countries. The company does not operate only in specific regions namely Cuba and North Korea. The marketing plan and supply chain management of Coca Cola is acclaimed worldwide. The organization has a huge supply chain that has been considered to be a role model for several other beverage companies as well as other companies for the company has outlets across the globe and they have also customized their product as per the taste of different other regions. Their market planning is also different. The main reason for this is that the taste and likes of people in different regions are different. The marketing plan of Coca-cola is different and depends upon the reason why it is operating. The main aim of this report is to analyze the branding option of Coca-Cola in regions where it is not operating like Cuba and North Korea. The report deeply analyses the different marketing techniques and strategies by which the organization can operate in North Korea. There are multiple reasons why the entry of Coca-Cola in North Korea has been prohibited. The report will try to analyze this prohibition in detail and create a proper strategy and plan by which the company will be able to operate in North Korea.

Brand analysis

It is an international beverage company that sells its products all across the globe. It is a non-alcoholic beverage in more than 200 countries. It is international in origin and the headquarter of the company is located in the United States of America. At present, Coca-Cola is considered to be one of the topmost selling brands of soft drinks all across the globe. The revenue of the organization is increasing with each passing day (Boyjoo et al., 2017). But there are a lot of criticisms regarding the brand as well. The strongest criticism is about plastic waste. The organization produces millions of plastic every day and the grades along with polluting the environment. The organization is carrying out detailed research to deal with the situation and create some sustainable options for this particular matter.


The main motto of the company is open happiness. In different advertisement campaigns the Motto has been clearly stated Foster the Motto promotes the product of the company. This open happiness is one of the oldest and most famous motto of The Coca-Cola Company. It has helped the company to get a good reputation in different European and Asian countries (What You Can Learn from Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy, 2019). But in the present day due to the dynamic nature of marketing and the environment, their tagline and motto have changed from open happiness to taste the feeling. The first motto of the organization was trying Coca-Cola. It was a simple Moto it grabbed the attention of different others there is a brand like Pepsi. It assist in the consumer decision making process strategy. This simple yet attractive motto of Coca Cola is one

The packaging is done in plastic bottles. These plastic bottles are properly sealed and packed to ensure the safe nature of the ingredient. Every detail of the ingredient is given in the plastic bottle. Coca-Cola also comes in glass jars and cans. The packaging is done in a very attractive managed to grab the attention of the customer and make them feel attracted towards the brand. They have different types of coffee section as well. For instance, coffee that is sold in the country of Japan is also a part of Coca-Cola and the packaging of this coffee is one of the most interesting things about the product. They also sell mineral water and other types of packaged drinking water are very attractive bottles (What You Can Learn from Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy, 2019). The packaging is done in a preferable airtight container to maintain the purity of the product.

Coca-Cola utilizes the strategy of cost-effectiveness to grab the attention of different peoples. They have products of different quantities and different sizes of bottles for a selected range of customers. Utilizing the strategy of cost-effectiveness they also sell the product in different small bottles to few liters. The pricing of the product of Coca-Cola is done in a particular manner to ensure that people find the beverage to be affordable and economically cheaper than any other brand. The glass bottles and higher in price where the plastic bottles are are lower in price (The Coca-Cola Company: Refresh the World. Make a Difference, 2020). The packaging and other details are done in this particular manner to ensure the cost-effective strategy of the organization.

The supply chain management that is used by Coca-Cola extensively helps to operate in different regions as per the porter five forces. The organization successfully operates in more than 200 countries including that of Cuba and North Korea. They have different branches operating in a different region. Instead of operating in a centralized base, they have segregated the entire supply chain into different groups, and almost every country has got their own manufacturing retailing, and selling the unit to help the company to operate efficiently. The most number of manufacturing unit which transfers products to the other department can be traced in the United States of America (The Coca-Cola Company: Refresh the World. Make a Difference, 2020). The process of manufacturing the product and the ratio of ingredients are different in different countries. It helps in the customization of the product as per the taste of the different regions. The company utilizes its technology to help the supply chain management team to work more effectively most of the technology helps in the advancement of the entire process.


For promoting the brand The Organisation utilizes social media platforms. The social media platform is different in different regions. Whenever in India any festival takes place Coca Cola promo then advertise the brand as per the need demand and culture of that particular region. For instance when the festival of Christmas-related events takes place in the USA then the promotion and advertisement of Coca-Cola are done keeping this particular culture in mind (Bae and KiM, 2020). In this way, the different culture of the different region is taken into account while promoting and Advertising the product. This is done effectively to ensure that it grabs the tension of the local people and they feel a strong bonding with the company.

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