Managing Customer Assignment Help | Customer Data Strategies For Dummies

Managing Customer Assignment Help | Customer Data Strategies For Dummies


Managing Customer Assignment Help Clean Cleaning Company provides you with the high level of service. They are the residential area cleaner that provide its service in all areas of Melbourne with high quality and reliable cleaners. The company’s vision is to provide bold, inspirational, sustainable and cleaner city. They provide residential cleaning service while maintaining high standards and quality, reliable and high quality cleaner’s green cleaning products and supplies. They provide the services using the right technology for managing customer interaction and services provision all at affordable and realistic prices along with high quality work. While providing their services they tend to value integrity by taking responsibility for all their actions in an honest way, their age by using new and better ways of continuing business, respect, excellence and hard work. They are dependable as Managing Customer Assignment Help | Customer Data Strategies For Dummiestheir all employees hold police clearance certificate along with work cover.


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the satisfaction of the customers of All Cleaners Company. We did this by taking survey of their fifteen customers residing in houses of Chicago where they get their household customer services. The questionnaire are sent through emails and door to door agents. We also dispatched some of the questionnaires along with our agents to get them filled by the customers who are using our services. The questionnaire was broken down into three main sections. The first section was designed for getting personal information about the customers and the second section was focused towards the quality of our services and level of customer satisfaction. The third section comprised of open ended questions that could help All Clean to understand the weaknesses and strengths of their customer services.


After getting customers to fill-up the questionnaires, the results can be analyzed while keeping in view the values, integrity and vision of All Clean. All Clean claimed to provide services including bedroom, floor, kitchen, dining room, living room, porch and other services like vacuuming curtains, carpets, sofas, floor, stairs and furniture. We strives to identify the strengths of services provided by All Clean and whether its vision of being preferred cleaning service provider is being fulfilled or not.


General Surface Cleaners:It includes cleaners like multi-purpose spray cleaners, floor or wall cleaners, disinfecting cleaners, greasers and concentrated cleaners that are used for cleaning hard surfaces. The customers seemed to dislike the general surface cleaning of All Clean Company. This showed that in order to increase likeliness, All Clean needs to either improve the quality of products used or check the efficiency of team sent for cleaning the hard surfaces.

Window and Glass Cleaners:It includes all the pump sprays, aerosol or liquid glass cleaners. This question reflects both services of cleaner and quality of product. It can be seen that customers showed positive response as 80% (8 likes and 4 strongly likes) of the customers liked the glass cleaners.

Floor Cleaners: It includes all cleaners like alkaline all-purpose cleaner. Out of 15 respondents 10 strongly liked the floor cleaners and 3 liked them only. It shows 87% of the customers are happy with the floor cleaning services of All Clean, hence making it a strength.

Fragrance:The fragrance is a put o ff for most of the customers as 7 of the respondents strongly disliked the fragrance of their products while 5 of them disliked it. The negative answers are about 80% of the total responses making it a total weakness of All Clean Company.

Kitchen Cleaning: Kitchen cleaning includes floors, vents, windows, shutters, mini-blinds, oven, stove-hoods, tables and chairs, emptying trash, ceiling fans, lights switch and spot cleaning cabinets. The services of All Clean Company for kitchen cleaning is not satisfactory as 7 out of 15 strongly disliked while 4 disliked the kitchen cleaning services. 73% of negative responses is very high percentage and showing a major weakness of All Clean Company.

Bathroom Cleaning:It includes tub and tile cleaning, shower cleaning, disinfecting bathroom, windows cleaning, mopping floors, spot cleaning cabinets, towels rack cleaning, vents and pipe cleaning, sink and flush cleaning and mildew stain removing.  Unlike kitchen, bathroom cleaning is highly satisfactory as 67% of the customers liked their bathrooms cleaned/washed by All Clean Team.

Dusting and Vacuuming:This included dusting of wall hangings, vents, windows, towel racks, ceiling fans, tables and chairs, mini blinds, front door, light switches, furniture, pictures and vacuuming of curtains, carpets, sofas and stairs. Dusting was not liked by the customers while vacuum stole out the show for being liked by all 15 of the customers.

Bedroom and Living Room cleaning: Bedroom cleaning includes services like dusting, vacuuming, windows dusting, emptying trash, and dusting of furniture, carpets vacuuming, sofas cleaning, ceiling fans dusting and screen dusting. Living room needs cleaning services like carpets vacuuming, curtain vacuuming, mopping, sofas dusting, tables and chairs dusting, TV screen dusting, electronics dusting and light fixtures dusting. Bedroom showed highly positive responses as all 15 of the customers liked the bed room cleaning while living room cleaning was highly disliked by 11 of the customers. 100% negative response in living room cleaning showed a weakness of All Clean Company.

The figure below is showing the most liked and least liked service by the customers. The analysis show that the strongly liked services of All Clean were friendliness of bedroom cleaning, vacuuming and floor cleaning. The highly disliked services were of fragrance, kitchen cleaning and living room cleaning.

Managing Customer Assignment Help | Customer Data Strategies For Dummies


Overall satisfaction of the customers was good as 9 of them showed positive responses by All Clean Company services. The weaknesses shown in the company satisfaction services were due to the bad quality of products being used. This also justifies why most of the customers disliked fragrance of products. Friendliness of the cleaning teams and responsiveness of the staff members was mostly liked by customers as the satisfaction rate is really high in these two areas.

Figure 2: Satisfaction Responses

12 of the customers responded by indicating that rates were either too high or a little higher. Most of the customers (9 out of 15) indicated that customers were satisfied by the care shown by staff towards their belongings. Moreover, most of the clients were of view that the cleaning staff was right on time (12 out of 15 respondents).

The checklist provided at the end of survey showed that almost all the customers think that we fulfilled our values of honesty, integrity, convenience, respect, courage, excellence and helpful training staff as showed in the table below.

Provision of Charter100%
Accurate Information100%

The table below is summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the customers, as predicted through customer satisfaction survey.


All Clean Company’s services to offer reliable and high quality cleaners and using right cleaning technologies are meeting the satisfaction of customers as apart from kitchen and vacuuming services, most of the services were either highly liked or only liked by the respondents. The problems were in the claims of being affordable and realistic in pricing the services and using green cleaning products and suppliers. Most of the customers didn’t like the cleaners and products used for cleaning the house either because of bad fragrance or due to cheap quality. If All Clean Company had been using green products, there would’ve been positive responses for the quality of products or the customers would’ve responded positively for the quality of products. Moreover in light of the values of honesty, integrity, hard work, excellence, respect, friendliness, convenient hours, customer charter copy provision and well trained staff, the customers were happy to confirm these for All Clean Company. This leaves All Clean Company to solve the problems regarding pricing, quality of products and better cleaning technologies provision for cleaning kitchen and living room properly.


The following recommendations can be considered by All Clean Company to convert its weaknesses into strengths.

  • Bundle pricing: All Clean Company can take its price down by using bundle pricing strategy in which two or more services are added in a single price set(Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). It would increase the interests of customers as well as solve the problem of over pricing. The services combined can be offered as a package e.g. 3 hours of cleaning at only $72 for whole house cleaning (by giving 20% off). It will not only increase demand but also help in price reduction as a package.
  • Green Products: All Clean Company needs to reevaluate its product quality by using the fragrant enriched products that are green as well. It will not only make the customers happier but also help in fulfilling the goal of being “green cleaner” in Melbourne city. Coconut based surfactants, ethanol, lemon juice, vinegar, citrus oil and plant extracts can be used as cleaners and good fragrance(Coons, 1987). Mood shifters and elevators can be useful as whenever customers will enter their houses, a good fragrance will make them feel happy and satisfied. Bad fragrance always makes things look dirty no matter how much cleaned they are. Complementary air fragrances can also be provided every month to customers.
  • Better Technology: In order to solve the problems of bad cleaning of kitchen and bad vacuuming, All Clean Company needs to invest in better advanced technologies. Mops, dusters, solvents, spray bottles, pumps, vacuuming machines, brushes, washing dusters, scratchers, window cleaners, suction machines and wall cleaning rolls can be purchased in bulk quantities to leave a mark in the cleaning industry.


Coons, D. (1987). Performance in Detergents, Cleaning Agents and Personal Care Products. Surfactants in consumer products, 197-398.

Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2010). Principles of marketing. Pearson Eduction.



Customer Satisfaction Survey- Questionnaire

 Email:, Reach us at: 0064-255-253-26 (0064HappyClean), Address 101 Brixton Road, Melbourne.

Date of Last Clean


State/City/Postal Code
SERVICESStrongly LikeLike 



DislikeStrongly Dislike
1.General surface cleaners
2.Window and glass cleaners
3.Floor cleaners
5.Kitchen cleaning
6.Bathroom cleaning
9.Bed Room Cleaning
10.Living/Dining Room Cleaning
11.Friendliness of our Team
SATISFACTIONVery Much Satisfied

Satisfied Neutral

Somewhat Satisfied


12.Rate your satisfaction level with the professional of our cleaners
13.Rate your satisfaction level with the responsiveness of our office staff
14.Rate your satisfaction level with quality of our cleaning products
15.Rate your overall satisfaction level with the All Clean Company cleaning services

Please complete the following questionnaire with specific regard to the above, by placing a CROSS in the appropriate box

16.Do we arrive within an acceptable time frame?



Right on Time


17.Were we thorough in every cleaning detail?Not at all

Missed a Few Areas


18.Were our rate reasonable?Too high

A little high

Just right

You are Worth More

19.Do we show care for all of your belongings?No



Would you like us to send information to a friend/neighbour about our services? If Yes then provide their address in the space below.
Is there anything we can do to improve?

Check the checkbox with a tick for values you think we offer.

Helpful training Staff
Tailored Hours/Convenience
Provision of customer services charter at the time of contract
Accurate information of staff entering houses

Thank you for your help and contribution towards this customer survey. We would love to improve our services and make you our Happy Customers.

David Marks

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