Manager Possesses Assignment Help
 After completing the module you should be able to:

LO1 -Be able to assess personal and professional requirements to achieve strategic goals.

LO2 – Be able to conduct a skills audit and identify learning style.

LO3 – Be able to implement a personal development plan.

Manager Possesses Assignment HelpAssignment Task 

Part A (submitted at the end of the module)

Task 1

To achieve strategic goals, managers need to require certain skills to be effective. You are required to use proven tools or process to identify some of those required skills and justify they are critical to job performance and specific strategic goals. How would you investigate and assess the present level of skills which a manager possesses in relation to achieving strategic goals?

(Assessment Criteria 1.1, 1.2)

Task 2

  • Conduct a skills audit to evaluate your current level of strategic managerial skills required for achieving strategic goals supported by justification. Refer to the skills audit template on the module resource page.

(Assessment Criterion2.1)

  • There are several methods, models and assessment tools which can be used to identify own preferred learning style. Research learning styles theories and identify your preferred learning style.

(Assessment Criterion2.2)

Task 3

To demonstrate skills development over the course of the programme you are required to

  • Construct a personal development plan (PDP). Based on your skills audit, pinpoint the skills you need to develop, formulate activities to skills enhancement and identify appropriate resources and methods you will use to develop each skill. You should take into consideration of your preferred learning style at the time you design your developmental activities. A suggested format for your PDP is attached on the module resource page.

(Assessment Criterion3.1)

  • Produce a summary of your learning log showing progress in skills development to achieve strategic goals and leadership including the new levels of skills attained. To underpin the new skill levels attained you should include, where possible, third party evidence e.g. internal appraisals, attendances at internal or external development activities etc.

(Assessment Criterion3.2)

  • Critically evaluate your skills development in the context of progress towards the achievement of strategic goals. You should applya theoretical evaluation model e.g. Gibb’s cycle, to reflect on your overall experience of undergoing the generic experience of skills development or apply the learning style concept to evaluate whether the resources selected for skills development actually matched your preferred learning style.

(Assessment Criterion3.3)

Manager Possesses Assignment Help

Student Guidelines

  1. You should write this assignment in report form by addressing each and every task in numerical order e.g. Task 1 (a), (b) etc
  2. You must ensure that the submitted assignment is all your own work and that all sources used are correctly attributed. Penalties apply to assignments which show evidence of academic unfair practice. (See the Student Handbook which is in the Induction Area).
  3. You MUST underpin your analysis and evaluation of the key issues with appropriate and wide ranging academic research and ensure this is referenced using the Harvard system. The ‘My Study Skills’area contains the following useful resources; Study Skills Guide (containing a Harvard Referencing section) and a Harvard Referencing Interactive Tutorial. You must use the Harvard Referencing method in your assignment.
  4. You should use diagrams and tables of figures where appropriate ensuring to reference their source using the Harvard Referencing method.
  5. It is advised that you write your overall assignment report within approximately 4,000 words. The word count excludes the title page, reference list and appendices.  Where assessment questions have been reprinted from the assessment brief these will also be excluded from the word count.  ALL other printed words ARE included in the word count.   Printed words include those contained within charts and tables.Words count exceeding the limit will not be penalised
  6. Your assignment should be submitted as a single document. For more information please see the “Guide to Submitting an Assignment” document available on the module page on Canvas.

Essential Resources

This will give you a brief introduction of leadership skills and competency

Leadership Skills – Learning for life

Lominger Competencies


Recommended Textbook

Armstrong, M (2017). How to be an Even Better Manager A Complete A-Z of Proven Techniques and Essential Skills. 10th ed. London: Kogan Page

Adair, J (2016). Develop Your Leadership Skills. 3rd ed. London: Kogan Page 

Additional recommended readings: 

Whetten, D.A., and Cameron, K.S. (2016). Developing Management Skills. 9th ed. New Jersey: Pearson

Charan, R., Drotter, S. and Noel, J., 2011, The Leadership Pipeline, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass 

Websites : Institute of Personal and Development.
www.leadershipnow.comArticles and blogs on leadership challenges.
www.peterhoney.comQuestionnaires and trainer pack
www.strategicmanagement.netThe Strategic Management Society
www.managementhelp.orgFree management library for articles and blogs on leadership development planning for creative leadership
Assessment Criteria for Pass

To achieve a pass you must meet all of the assessment criteria as stated below. Failure to cover all of the assessment criteria will result in a referral grade and you will be required to re-submit your assignment.

Further guidance on completion of your assignment can be obtained by posting questions in the group learning space.

Learning Outcomes/

Assessment Criteria

Criteria Met

For tutor use

(you may wish to use this in your preparation for your assignment submission)

LO1 Be able to assess personal and professional requirements to achieve strategic goals.
1.1     Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achieve strategic goals.


Task 1
1.2     Apply techniques to assess professional skills required to support the strategic direction of the organization.


Task 1
LO 2 Be able to conduct a skills audit and identify learning style
2.1 Carry out a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements.Task 2
2.2Apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning style.Task 2
LO3 Be able to implement a personal development plan
 3.1    Construct a personal development plan that meets leadership development requirements identified in the skills audit.Task 3
3.2 Use suitable methods to assess the outcomes of a personal development plan against personal work objectives.Task 3
      3.3 Evaluate the impact of own learning against the achievement of strategic goals.Task 3