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Management Science Assignment Help | Management Science Assignment Report


Management Science Assignment Help Any science is a systematized body of knowledge. This body of knowledge consists of different principles and theories of a particular field. Such principles are derived with the help of observation, experiments and experience. On the basis of many observations of the events certain generalizations are drawn. Such generalizations are the Management Science Assignment Help | Management Science Assignment Aeportgeneral truth based on facts and they are known as principle or laws. Their validity is tested and retested and if found valid they are accepted as principle. The principle of science establishes cause and effect relationship. Principles explain us that if a certain things happen a particular result will follow. With the help of such principles we can predict the result if we know the cause.

  • Management is not as exact a science because the principle or laws of management science as not as exact as the laws of natural science. In natural science, if we apply a certain principles we will get a defined result. But in management if we apply a certain principles we may or may not get the expected result. They indicate that if a manager behaves in a particular way certain result may follow but we cannot say that a definite result will follow. The reason is that natural sciences are based on the fixed characteristics of an atom, while the principles of management are based on human behaviour which is never fixed. Human behaviour depends on his mind and his mind is always changing.

Management is an art

Arts mean use of skill for getting desired results. It indicates the skilful use of the principles and knowledge of a particular branch of science. Such skills can be developed with the help of experience and training e.g. art or skill of painting or music or dancing or acting can be developed with the help of practice or experience or training. for effective results what is needed is the art of using the science.

  • In order to be successful manager, a man should possess the art of using management science. For solving complex business problems simply knowledge of the principle of mgmt is not enough, He should possess the art of using these principles. For analyzing the business situation and identifying the real problems art or skills of analysis is essential. Basically management is a decision making process which aims at solving the emerging problems. And in managerial decisions making judgment and volition as essential. And the importance and volition in decision making elevates management to the status of an art.

Management is both Science & art

It is a science in the sense it is a systematized body of knowledge and principle. It is an art in the sense to expected results skilful use of the principle and knowledge of management science is essential. In the field of management science and art are the two sides of the same coin. Management art begins where management science ends.

  • In order to be successful surgeon knowledge of the science of surgery as well as art of the surgeon both are essential. Same is true in the case of a manager. In order to be a successful manager he should have the knowledge of management science as well as an art of using management science. Science and art are not the substitute of each other. Art of the management makes the application of scientific principles more effective and result oriented .Management is a combination of both a science and an art. However it is more an art than science.

Management Science Assignment Help | Management Science Assignment Aeport

Practice of a doctor, lawyer, and chartered accountant is known as a profession.

  • There are Few features of profession like:
  1. Existence of knowledge: Mgmt has been developed as a distinct body of knowledge over the last seven-eight decades. The development of knowledge, in management is emerged due to the requirement for managing complex and large organization in a better way. Thus management fulfills the requirement of profession i.e. existence of knowledge.
  2. Acquisition of knowledge: An individual can enter into a profession only after getting knowledge and skills through formal training. For ex. Medical graduate practices after undergoing formal training. A person who practices a profession as an expert, since he is the master of a particular branch. In this way he is offering services to his patient. Doctor gets the knowledge from some formal method. Likewise the management can be regarded as profession since the management graduates are also getting inplant training and familiar with the various techniques of management.
  3. Professional association: An occupation should have an association. If not so, the occupation cannot be considered as a profession. An association consisting of professional needed to regulate and develop the professional activities. Besides, this association may also prescribe the criteria for individuals who want to enter into a profession. In the field of management, there are number of such association at various levels. AIMA is developing professional activities and standardize the profession In this way management is termed as profession.
  4. Ethics: There are some ethical standards for every profession. Every individual of the concerned profession is expected to maintain conformity with these standards. The reason is that a profession had high degree of power and this power can be used for the benefits of org. This has resulted many occupation issuing a code of ethics of professional practice so that the relevant individuals May know the standards and adopt the same accordingly. Mgmt executives are supposed to be socially responsible and it is their duty to protect the interest of all parties associates with an org. The interested parties of an org are customers, suppliers, employees, financiers, creditors, government.
  5. Service motive: Of course income earning motive is there, however, service motive is given more importance than income motive. Moreover, acceptance of a high level moral responsibility is there.

Practice of a doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant etc can be called a profession because it possess above characteristics. A manager is required to have distinct knowledge of a branch of management science. Formal training facility is also available. They get training in mgmt institutes – like IIM, MBA department of universities etc. Today there are many managers who are the members of Indian Mgmt Association though membership has not made compulsory for all practicing mgmt consultants. And non member cannot be compelled to observe the code of conduct. However those who aspire to build up a bright mgmt career give more importance to service motive than earning money. Therefore we can say that mgmt is a profession, of course we cannot say it is a full fledge profession. It is a safe to call it developing (emerging) profession.Order Now

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