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In business, it is very important to keep upgrading and improving the service. Otherwise, the customers will lose their interest in the service of the organization. One of the important aspects of company management is strong human resource management, structural system, a political frame which eventually works for the good image of a company. And to improve the profit level of a company, it is mandatory to upgrade the entire company system. In this regard, lean management is a quite useful tool for continuous improvement. In simple words, lean management is a tool that is used by business corporations to support the idea of continuous improvement. Lean management practice means to use and apply such tools and techniques that give the opportunity to maximize the value of the product or service for more profit and continuous improvement. The prime aim of lean management is to minimize waste and maximize the service value. In recent years, lean management has become a useful tool for improvement and many business organizations have used this tool to improve different sectors of business operation. In improving the service, the management must be good and in this, lean management has proven as an effective method. Here, in this research project, the application of lean management to improve the overall performance is researched, discussed and analysed thoroughly. The structural, symbolic, political and human resource frame is important for any business organization and if the department is not capable enough then the business will run in the loss. The research is conducted on the Australian super-shop LAID. LAID is a well-known chain shop and to stay in the market and give the customers the best, they need to improve their system. To support the research, a survey is made and other data are collected. And, to improve the performance of LAID, it is necessary to apply lean management.


The business trends are changing with time and the competition is growing rapidly. In this competitive business world, it is necessary to have a strong, determined and capable group of people who work relentlessly for the growth of the business.
In Australia, the changes in the business industry are also visible and many business corporations are now using new tools and techniques for their business growth. ALDI is a big super-shop chain in Australia founded in 1946 (aldi, 2017). It is the fourth largest chain shop which has competitors like IGA, Woolworths etc. The business is doing great but for more annual revenue and profit they need to undergo some improvement. Their mission and vision are to provide the customers with the best quality products in the lowest possible price. For this, lean management practice is a good tool for continuous improvement. This research is conducted to analyse and evaluate the lean management practice to improve the human resource for LAID (aldi, 2017). The sampling population, data collection, survey and analysis will be helpful to understand the effectiveness of the method.

The Aim:

Lean management practice is a method which helps in decreasing the waste and increasing the service or production and bringing more profit. This method is now used in a wide range in the modern business world and it is very effective. Lean management has a wide area to serve and one of the areas is the human resource management department of a company (STUMP, ET AL., 2013). The main aim of this research is to see how lean management practice is useful to improve the overall performance and thus helpful for the overall profit of LAID.

The Objectives:

Lean management is a very useful tool. The main objectives of the research are to see the improvement opportunity of the ALDI by applying the lean method (Bloom, 2016). The objectives are the followings:
No research is fully error ed free. Lean management is a very unique method to bring improvement but there is also some limitations of this research (Chong, 2017). It is necessary to apply lean management to improve the efficiency of LAID and bring profit. But while researching and gathering the data there are some limitations. The limitations of this research are the followings:

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