Management Diversity Organization Assignment Help

Management Diversity Organization Assignment Help

Management Diversity Organization Assignment Help Managing diversity for any organization refers to a multitude of management issues as well as activities which are related to employee hiring & effective utilization of resources which are from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The topic which is about criticality of managing work force diversity for today’s managers & how important is the role of organisational culture in developing an inclusive organisation environment which effectively embrace & takes advantage of it. This can be stated from the fact that if we observe the trend for the Work force demographics for the multiple nations of the globe, we can easily make out that diversity management is on the Management Diversity Organization Assignment Helpmain list of agendas of Company leaders throughout this decade (Rajput, et al. 2013).

Diversity can work as a sustainable Competitive Advantage for any organisation. There are multitude of areas which can help an organisation work force diversity is managed like cost, employee acquisition, internal & external marketing, innovation & creativity, critical problem-solving & Company flexibility towards diverse work force (Wilson 2000).

When we check the views of leading consultants, academicians as well as organisational leaders, they all have put across their views that businesses need to respond to all of these trends with an “enclosed diversity” approach. They should develop a well-managed as well as diverse work force which will hold a highly competitive advantage for them as an organization. In this essay, we will check for arguments & research data on how much diversity is critical of any manager & how organisational culture is important for creating a diverse organisational. We have also offered suggestions which are needed to improve Company capability required for cultural diversity enhancement & growth (Stoner & Russell-Chaplin 1997).


Company Diversity is defined as a range of experiences as well as perspectives which are accumulated due to range of races, cultures, religions, mental or physical abilities, heritages, age, gender, sexual orientations, gender identities as well other characteristics which are present in the employees of any organization. Diversity is much broader theme which exists to take care of every human characteristic which differs among themselves along with outside groups which all belong to. These characteristics are very much present for diverse individuals as well as people groups (Iverson 2000). If we want to talk about how much it is critical for any manager to manage Company diversity, it is very much important to understand as this affects their performance, motivation levels, success ratio, as well as individual interactions among others. Company structures as well as practices which present barriers to any dimensions of diversity should be examined, challenged, & removed by manager so that Company success isn’t stopped. For any successful organisation, it is very important that its culture takes care of a wide range of multiple differences which include their work experience, parental status, education & related background, geographical pointers, & anything related to work force diversity (Willcoxson & Millett 2000).

Organisational Culture is defined as a collection of shared yardsticks that guide interpretation & action in Companies by defining appropriate behavior for various situations. At the same time although a company may have their “own individualistic as well as unique culture”, in larger Companies, there is always an element of diverse or sometimes Diverse individual cultures which can co-exist because of Diverse characteristics which are present in the management team. The Company culture also can have its negative as well as positive aspects which can affect the overall work force diversity paradigm (Pless & Maak 2004).

When we talk about how much work force diversity is critical for managers, it has been quoted by Academicians that International experience has given way that effective management of work force diversity in the existing Company workplace will create several opportunities for business to grow. If Managers make up Good policies which will enhance worker motivation, their individual job satisfaction, ideas along with innovation & creativity, this all will for necessary ingredients for a health Company culture in a competitive business environment (Stoner & Russell-Chaplin 1997). . Additionally, this Company culture will reduce worker stress, absenteeism as well as substantially bring down worker turnover. As quoted by Day (2007), Retention is quite beneficial for any organization which needs to constantly recruit staff for replacement of its outgoing staff. There are specific details of the policies which can be characterized by the following:

  • Work force Compliance as well as representation- Management should focus on specifically achieving a desired work force which has a diverse demographic profile having characteristics such as race, gender & ethnicity.
  • Harmony among work force in the workplace Management should focus on achieving respect as well as harmony in work force relationships across racial, gender, ethnic & cultural groups.
  • Inclusive & diverse work environment – Management should focuses on creating an embracing Company culture which has a broad mixture of diversity; environment which leverages as well as values worker skills, their abilities, work experience & their individual contributions for all of the company’s talent. This will ensure that opportunities are given to diverse work force to reach to their full potential.
  • Strategic business integration In this, Management should focuses on improving the integration between work force diversity management practices which vary throughout the company internally as well as externally, which includes company’s vendors, suppliers, customers, communities, new business ventures, new products/services, mergers & acquisitions, etc (Iverson 2000).t has been also found that business policies which are in relation with positive action & equality always appear to improve the company’s performance. There is always a relationship which exists between work force diversity which is present in top team membership & overall company performance. There are variety of factors which are very much critical for the success of equality & diversity initiatives. These factors include:having top management support & commitment from high profile leaders of the organisation which will demonstrate the importance of work force equality as well as diversity and the integration of equality & diversity into business objectives through inclusion in the setting of individual and group objectives, rewards & recognition measures (Kundu 2003).
  • start necessary trainings so as to develop skills & competence to promote equality as well as diversity & to gain work force understanding & support for promoting such initiatives.

Management Diversity Organization Assignment Help

More significantly & over time, there are various results parameters which will enhance the company’s performance which includes: having access to new work force pools as well as markets, their abilities to attract high calibre applicants, enhance their existing corporate reputation as well as service levels along with customer satisfaction. Effectively when correct policies & procedures are in place, the results are shown in gains in productivity & innovation levels of the company (Hoobler, Basadur & Lemmon 2007). However this will be the deciding factor in the failure and success of the companies in the future. If they cannot avail the opportunities which are presented by the diversity of its people like enhancement in innovation as well as improved creativity potential, they will not be in a strong position to move up in the economic ladder. Hence, Work force equality as well as diversity strategies are now be considered an integral part of any company’s strategy as there is always a quantifiable as well as positive impact from equality & diversity strategies on every company’s productivity, innovation & employee turnover (Hoobler, Basadur & Lemmon 2007).

Managers’ Role

 Managers have a critical role for transforming the company culture as this will more closely acknowledge the values of Company’s diverse work force. The skills needed in the managers are:

  • They should have an understanding as well as acceptance for managing work force diversity related concepts
  • They should have recognition that work force diversity needs to be threaded through every aspect of organizational culture
  • They should have self-awareness, so that they can understand the organizations own culture, identity, biases, prejudices, & stereotypes
  • They should also be willing to challenge & change institutional practices that present barriers to Diverse groups

Companies that fail to make specific changes in organisational culture for more successfully use as well as retain employees which are hailing from diverse backgrounds can easily expect that they will suffer a huge competitive disadvantage when it is compared to its competitors who do the same. On the other hand, Companies which are quite quick to create an organisational environment where every one of their employees can thrive & succeed will in the end gain a sustainable competitive cost advantage over the earlier talked ones which are over nonresponsive or slowly responding companies (Hoobler, Basadur & Lemmon 2007).

When we talk about managing work force diversity, this means that all the managers need to understand that there can be differences in people’s opinion & they should recognize these differences as very much valuable. All of this will enhance good management practices as this will preventing discrimination as well as promoting inclusiveness in the organizational environment. Also, Good management in itself can not necessarily help to work effectively and efficiently with a diverse work force. It is very much difficult to make out where all diversity plays in a specific area of management (Hicks-Clarke & Iles 2000).

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